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Publication Listing for the MeSH term protein-kinase. Found 19 abstracts

del Blanco B, Garcia-Mariscal A, Wiest DL, Hernandez-Munain C. Tcra Enhancer Activation by Inducible Transcription Factors Downstream of Pre-TCR Signaling. Journal of Immunology. 2012 Apr;188(7):3278-93.   PMCID: NOT nih FUNDED
Smith ER, Cai KQ, Smedberg JL, Ribeiro MM, Rula ME, Slater C, Godwin AK, Xu XX. Nuclear Entry of Activated MAPK Is Restricted in Primary Ovarian and Mammary Epithelial Cells. Plos One. 2010 Feb;5(2).   PMCID: PMC2823791
Van den Broeke C, Radu M, Chernoff J, Favoreel HW. An emerging role for p21-activated kinases (Paks) in viral infections. Trends in Cell Biology. 2010 Mar;20(3):160-9.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Jordan VC. Pak up your breast tumor - and grow!. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2006 May;98(10):657-9.
Daniel R, Marusich E, Argyris E, Zhao RY, Skalka AM, Pomerantz RJ. Caffeine inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transduction of nondividing cells. Journal of Virology. 2005 Feb;79(4):2058-65.
Testa JR, Tsichlis PN. AKT signaling in normal and malignant cells. Oncogene. 2005 Nov 14;24(50):7391-3.
Xiao A, Yin CY, Yang CY, Di Cristofano A, Pandolfi PP, Van Dyke T. Somatic induction of Pten loss in a preclinical astrocytoma model reveals major roles in disease progression and avenues for target discovery and validation. Cancer Research. 2005 Jun 15;65(12):5172-80.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Fletcher L, Cerniglia GJ, Nigg EA, Yen TJ, Muschel RJ. Inhibition of centrosome separation after DNA damage: A role for Nek2. Radiation Research. 2004 Aug;162(2):128-35.
Antonyak MA, Kenyon LC, Godwin AK, James DC, Emlet DR, Okamoto I, Tnani M, Holgado-Madruga M, Moscatello DK, Wong AJ. Elevated JNK activation contributes to the pathogenesis of human brain tumors. Oncogene. 2002 Aug;21(33):5038-46.
Li F, Adam L, Vadlamudi RK, Zhou HY, Sen S, Chernoff J, Mandal M, Kumar R. p21-activated kinase 1 interacts with and phosphorylates histone H3 in breast cancer cells. EMBO reports. 2002 Aug;3(8):767-73.
Pan B, Yao KS, Monia BP, Dean NM, McKay RA, Hamilton TC, O'Dwyer PJ. Reversal of cisplatin resistance in human ovarian cancer cell lines by a c-jun antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (ISIS 10582): evidence for the role of transcription factor overexpression in determining resistant phenotype. Biochemical pharmacology. 2002 May;63(9):1699-707.
Adam L, Vadlamudi R, Mandal M, Chernoff J, Kumar R. Regulation of microfilament reorganization and invasiveness of breast cancer cells by kinase dead p21-activated kinase-1. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2000 Apr 21;275(16):12041-50.
Sells MA, Boyd JT, Chernoff J. p21-activated kinase 1 (Pak1) regulates cell motility in mammalian fibroblasts. Journal of Cell Biology. 1999 May 17;145(4):837-49.
Mitsuuchi Y, Johnson SW, Moonblatt S, Testa JR. Translocation and activation of AKT2 in response to stimulation by insulin. Journal of cellular biochemistry. 1998 Sep 15;70(4):433-41.
Ceci JD, Patriotis CP, Tsatsanis C, Makris AM, Kovatch R, Swing DA, Jenkins NA, Tsichlis PN, Copeland NG. Tpl-2 is an oncogenic kinase that is activated by carboxy- terminal truncation. Genes & development. 1997 Mar 15;11(6):688-700.
Bagrodia S, Taylor SJ, Creasy CL, Chernoff J, Cerione RA. Identification of a Mouse P21(Cdc42/Rac) Activated Kinase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Sep 29;270(39):22731-7.
Creasy CL, Chernoff J. Cloning and characterization of a member of the MST subfamily of Ste20-like kinases. Gene. 1995 Dec 29;167(1-2):303-6.
Surosky RT, Strich R, Esposito RE. The Yeast Ume5 Gene Regulates the Stability of Meiotic Messenger-Rnas in Response to Glucose. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1994 May;14(5):3446-58.
Larue L, Dougherty N, Porter S, Mintz B. Spontaneous Malignant Transformation of Melanocytes Explanted from W(F)/W(F) Mice with a Kit Kinase-Domain Mutation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1992 Aug 15;89(16):7816-20.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term protein-kinase

protein-kinase phosphorylation expression gene-expression receptor signaling pathway activation dna-binding oncogene localization m transition mcf-7 cells rho gtpases delta enhancer pseudorabies virus rhesus macaques linkage map Cot proto-oncogene AKT2 hiv-1 nef organization constitutive activation molecular-cloning MAPK cascade targeted disruption vpr induces apoptosis inducible factor-i negative regulator centriole dynamics encodes cyclosporine-a binds messenger-rna decay cells aspergillus-nidulans melanoblasts mediated expression early embryonic lethality yeast nima-related kinase mitotic spindles jun kinase p21-activated kinase actin cytoskeleton phosphorylates signal transduction stem-loop high-efficiency transformation cell death saccharomyces-cerevisiae actin house mouse surface epithelium protooncogene molecular- heavy-chain kinase lhermitte-duclos-disease kinase c-zeta actin polymerization gene cloning growth mutant mice cell-cycle progression cyto-toxicity transgenic mice gfp-centrin apoptosis phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase antisense import PKB pathway kinase oncogene insulin motility rho-kinase glioblastoma cells myosin-i murine leukemia-virus brain tumor c-myc cell-cycle arrest c-jun antioxidant response element ovarian cancer fission yeast myotonic-dystrophy kinase signaling pathways ap-1 Oncology protein kinase human pancreatic-cancer programmed fibroblasts oncogene c-kit simian-immunodeficiency-virus chromosome segregation hepatitis-b-virus Tpl-2 oncogenesis insertion n-terminal kinase developing drosophila eye actin- estrogen-receptor-alpha ISIS 10582 growth factor receptor deficient mice thymocyte mitotic regulator EGF receptor cloning alpha-pak prostate-cancer MAPK 1993 chasseval r-european journal of immunology-v23-p1294 AKT drug-resistant transformed-cells cenp-f GTPases virus type-1 nef amplification transformation carcinomas epithelial-cells glioblastoma multiforme hormonal-therapy 2011 lblanco b-genetics res int mosaic gene expression epidermal growth-factor c-Jun translocation growth-factor mitosis binding pak1 in-vitro t-cell development chromosomal passengers transport adapter protein cellular serine kinase receptor-alpha-gene lentiviral vector smooth-muscle lung-carcinoma cells mammalian-cells spotting w locus factor-binding sites tyrosine
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