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Publication Listing for the MeSH term prostatic neoplasms. Found 18 abstracts

Ralph N, Ng SK, Zajdlewicz L, Lepore SJ, Heathcote P, Kneebone A, Dunn JC, Chambers SK. Ten-year quality of life outcomes in men with prostate cancer. Psychooncology. 2020 Nov 03;29(2):444-9.
Botejue M, Abbott D, Danella J, Fonshell C, Ginzburg S, Guzzo TJ, Lanchoney T, Marlowe B, Raman JD, Smaldone M, Tomaszewski JJ, Trabulsi EJ, Uzzo RG, Reese AC. Active Surveillance as Initial Management of Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer: Data from the PURC. J Urol. 2019 May;201(5):929-36.
Chang BL, Hughes L, Chen DY, Gross L, Ruth K, Giri VN. Validation of association of genetic variants at 10q with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels in men at high risk for prostate cancer. BJU international. 2014 May;113(5B):E150-E156.   PMCID: PMC 3830710
Martin JM, Handorf EA, Kutikov A, Uzzo RG, Bekelman JE, Horwitz EM, Smaldone MC. The rise and fall of prostate brachytherapy: use of brachytherapy for the treatment of localized prostate cancer in the National Cancer Data Base. Cancer. 2014 Jul 15;120(14):2114-21.   PMCID: 4429530
Tomaszewski JJ, Richman EL, Sadetsky N, O'Keefe DS, Carroll PR, Davies BJ, Chan JM. Impact of folate intake on prostate cancer recurrence following definitive therapy: data from CaPSURE. J Urol. 2014 Apr;191(4):971-6.   PMCID: PMC5480381
Giri VN, Ruth K, Hughes L, Uzzo RG, Chen DY, Boorjian SA, Viterbo R, Rebbeck TR. Racial differences in prediction of time to prostate cancer diagnosis in a prospective screening cohort of high-risk men: effect of TMPRSS2 Met160Val. BJU international. 2011 Feb;107(3):466-70.   PMCID: PMC3052292
Boorjian SA, Karnes RJ, Crispen PL, Rangel LJ, Bergstralh EJ, Blute ML. Radiation Therapy After Radical Prostatectomy: Impact on Metastasis and Survival. Journal of Urology. 2009 Dec;182(6):2708-14.
Feigenberg SJ, Hanlon AL, Horwitz EM, Uzzo RG, Eisenberg DF, Pollack A. What pretreatment prostate-specific antigen level warrants long-term androgen deprivation?. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2005 Mar 15;61(4):1003-10.
Horwitz EM, Thames HD, Kuban DA, Levy LB, Kupelian PA, Martinez AA, Michalski JM, Pisansky TM, Sandler HM, Shipley WU, Zelefsky MJ, Hanks GE, Zietman AL. Definitions of biochemical failure that best predict clinical failure in patients with prostate cancer treated with external beam radiation alone: A multi-institutional pooled analysis. Journal of Urology. 2005 Mar;173(3):797-802.
Tseng M, Breslow RA, Graubard BI, Ziegler RG. Dairy, calcium, and vitamin D intakes and prostate cancer risk in the national health and nutrition examination epidemiologic follow-up study cohort. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2005 May;81(5):1147-54.
Pollack A, Hanlon AL, Horwitz EM, Feigenberg SJ, Uzzo RG, Hanks GE. Prostate cancer radiotherapy dose response: An update of the fox chase experience. Journal of Urology. 2004 Mar;171(3):1132-6.
Horwitz EM, Hanlon AL, Pinover WH, Hanks GE. Is there a role for short-term hormone use in the treatment of nonmetastatic prostate cancer?. Radiation Oncology Investigations. 1999 Jan;7(4):249-59.
Movsas B, Hanlon AL, Teshima T, Hanks GE. Analyzing predictive models following definitive radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma. Cancer. 1997 Sep 15;80(6):1093-102.
Lee WR, Hanlon AL, Hanks GE. Prostate specific antigen nadir following external beam radiation therapy for clinically localized prostate cancer: The relationship between nadir level and disease-free survival. Journal of Urology. 1996 Aug;156(2):450-3.
Corn BW, Hanks GE, Lee WR, Bonin SR, Hudes G, Schultheiss T. Prostate-Specific Antigen Density Is Not an Independent Predictor of Response for Prostate-Cancer Treated by Conformal Radiotherapy. Journal of Urology. 1995 Jun;153(6):1855-9.
Hanks GE, Lee WR, Schultheiss TE. Clinical and Biochemical-Evidence of Control of Prostate-Cancer at 5 Years after External-Beam Radiation. Journal of Urology. 1995 Aug;154(2):456-9.
Hanks GE, Hanlon A, Schultheiss T, Corn B, Shipley WU, Lee WR. Early Prostate-Cancer - the National Results of Radiation Treatment from the Patterns of Care and Radiation-Therapy Oncology Group Studies with Prospects for Improvement with Conformal Radiation and Adjuvant Androgen Deprivation. Journal of Urology. 1994 Nov;152(5):1775-80.
Shipley WU, Zietman AL, Hanks GE, Coen JJ, Caplan RJ, Won M, Zagars GK, Asbell SO. Treatment Related Sequelae Following External-Beam Radiation for Prostate-Cancer - a Review with an Update in Patients with Stages T1 and T2 Tumor. Journal of Urology. 1994 Nov;152(5):1799-805.
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