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Publication Listing for the MeSH term pc [Prevention and Control]. Found 11 abstracts

Jorenby DE, Scott WJ, Fiore MC. Treating tobacco use and dependence: an evidence-based clinical practice guideline for tobacco cessation. Chest. 2002 Jan;121(3):932-41.
Weaver C. Breast cancer breakthroughs. Nursing Management. 2002 Nov;33(11):27-34.
Martin VR. Guide to womens health. Listen for the "whispering disease" [published in multiple journals]. Nursing Management. 2000 Apr;31(4):30-1.
Schnoll RA, Harlow LL, Brower L. Spirituality, demographic and disease factors, and adjustment to cancer. Cancer Practice. 2000 Nov;8(6):298-304.
Weaver C. Life after breast cancer surgery. Nursing. 2000 Oct;30(10 part 1):Hosp Nurs: 32hn1-2.
Pendleton D. Cancer in America: an overview of cancer trends: what would you do?. Professional Medical Assistant. 1997 Sep;30(5):23-8.
Benincasa TA, King ES, Rimer BK, Bloom HS, Balshem A, James J, Engstrom PF. Results of an office-based training program in clinical breast examination for primary care physicians. Journal of Cancer Education. 1996 Jan;11(1):25-31.
Hanks GE, Scardino PT. Current controversy: does screening for prostate cancer make sense?. Scientific American. 1996 Sep;275(3):114-5.
Martin V. Ovarian cancer: an update on new directions in screening and treatment. Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Nursing. 1996 Jan;6(3):9-11.
Ottery FD. Cancer cachexia: prevention, early diagnosis, and management [corrected] [published erratum appears in CANCER PRACT 1994 Jul-Aug;2(4):263]. Cancer Practice. 1994 Mar;2(2):123-31.
Sticklin LA, Walkenstein M. Vena cava filters: a nursing perspective. Oncology Nursing Forum. 1993 Apr;20(3):507-15.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term pc [Prevention and Control]

pc [Prevention and Control] Female Breast Neoplasms di [Diagnosis] Continuing (Credit) Education dt [Drug Therapy] th [Therapy] Inpatients Neoplasms Ovarian Neoplasms Women's Health Cancer Patients Research Instruments United States Funding Source Oncologic Nursing Male Adult Cancer Screening Tumor Antigens Lisrel Palpation Prostatic Neoplasms Substance Dependence ss [Symptoms] Paclitaxel et [Etiology] Delayed Treatment Complications Cross Sectional Studies P-Value Megestrol ad [Administration and Dosage] Psychological Adaptation nu [Nursing] Physician-Patient Relations Motivation Algorithms Religion and Religions Prostheses and Implants Outpatients Smoking Cessation Programs Radiotherapy Thrombolytic Therapy Support Groups Convenience Sample Cachexia Nutritional Support Thrombosis Nursing Assessment Staff Development ed [Education] fg [Familial and Genetic] pf [Psychosocial Factors] Drug Combinations Antineoplastic Agents us [Ultrasonography] Chi Square Test Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test Tobacco Social Adjustment Anatomic Models mt [Methods] Primary Health Care ev [Evaluation] Venae Cavae Postoperative Complications Mastectomy Pennsylvania Postoperative Care Course Evaluation ct [Contraindications] Psychological Stress Carboplatin tu [Therapeutic use] an [Analysis] Pulmonary Embolism Physicians Quality of Life Descriptive Statistics Behavioral Objectives Observational Methods Patient Discharge Education Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale Information Resources Nonexperimental Studies Treatment Outcomes Clinical Competence Men's Health Risk Factors Evaluation Research su [Surgery] Middle Age Hormone Therapy Teaching Methods og [Organizations] Pretest-Posttest Design Repeated Measures Oncologic Care Life Purpose Cisplatin Cancer Chemotherapy pp [Physiopathology] Surgical Equipment and Supplies Interrater Reliability Prostate-Specific Antigen Lymphedema Sex Factors ep [Epidemiology] Spirituality Neoplasm Staging st [Standards] ae [Adverse Effects] Curriculum Smoking Random Sample Medical Education-Continuing Disease Duration United States Department of Health and Human Services
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