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Publication Listing for the MeSH term pancreatic cancer. Found 19 abstracts

Reichert M, Bakir B, Moreira L, Pitarresi JR, Feldmann K, Simon L, Suzuki K, Maddipati R, Rhim AD, Schlitter AM, Kriegsmann M, Weichert W, Wirth M, Schuck K, Schneider G, Saur D, Reynolds AB, Klein-Szanto AJ, Pehlivanoglu B, Memis B, Adsay NV, Rustgi AK. Regulation of Epithelial Plasticity Determines Metastatic Organotropism in Pancreatic Cancer. Developmental cell. 2018 Jun 18;45(6):696-711e8.   PMCID: PMC6011231
Ross KC, Chin KF, Kim D, Marion CD, Yen TJ, Bhattacharjee V. Methotrexate sensitizes drug-resistant metastatic melanoma cells to BRAF V600E inhibitors dabrafenib and encorafenib. Oncotarget. 2018 Mar 02;9(17):13324-36.   PMCID: PMC5862581
Bobrov E, Skobeleva N, Restifo D, Beglyarova N, Cai KQ, Handorf E, Campbell K, Proia DA, Khazak V, Golemis EA, Astsaturov I. Targeted delivery of chemotherapy using HSP90 inhibitor drug conjugates is highly active against pancreatic cancer models. Oncotarget. 2017 Jan 17;8(3):4399-409.   PMCID: PMC5354841
Lev A, Lulla AR, Wagner J, Ralff MD, Kiehl JB, Zhou Y, Benes CH, Prabhu VV, Oster W, Astsaturov I, Dicker DT, El-Deiry WS. Anti-pancreatic cancer activity of ONC212 involves the unfolded protein response (UPR) and is reduced by IGF1-R and GRP78/BIP. Oncotarget. 2017 Oct;8(47):81776-93.   PMCID: PMC5669847
Vijayvergia N, Cohen SJ. Personalized medicine in sporadic pancreatic cancer without homologous recombination-deficiency: are we any closer?. Journal of gastrointestinal oncology. 2016 Oct;7(5):727-37.   PMCID: PMC5056260
O'Neil BH, Scott AJ, Ma WW, Cohen SJ, Aisner DL, Menter AR, Tejani MA, Cho JK, Granfortuna J, Coveler L, Olowokure OO, Baranda JC, Cusnir M, Phillip P, Boles J, Nazemzadeh R, Rarick M, Cohen DJ, Radford J, Fehrenbacher L, Bajaj R, Bathini V, Fanta P, Berlin J, McRee AJ, Maguire R, Wilhelm F, Maniar M, Jimeno A, Gomes CL, Messersmith WA. A phase II/III randomized study to compare the efficacy and safety of rigosertib plus gemcitabine versus gemcitabine alone in patients with previously untreated metastatic pancreatic cancerdagger. Ann Oncol. 2015 Sep;26(9):1923-9.   PMCID: 4551155
Bhattacharjee V, Zhou Y, Yen T. A synthetic lethal screen identifies the Vitamin D receptor as a novel gemcitabine sensitizer in pancreatic cancer cells. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex). 2014 Jan;13(24):3839-56.   PMCID: 4615005
Landry J, Catalano PJ, Staley C, Harris W, Hoffman J, Talamonti M, Xu N, Cooper H, Benson AB. Randomized Phase II Study of Gemcitabine Plus Radiotherapy Versus Gemcitabine, 5-Fluorouracil, and Cisplatin Followed by Radiotherapy and 5-Fluorouracil for Patients With Locally Advanced, Potentially Resectable Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. Journal of surgical oncology. 2010 Jun;101(7):587-92.   PMCID: NIHMS351520
Robinson MK, Alpaugh RK, Borghaei H. Naptumomab estafenatox: a new immunoconjugate. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. 2010 Feb;10(2):273-9.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Meyers MO, Meszoely IM, Hoffman JP, Watson JC, Ross E, Eisenberg BL. Is reporting of recurrence data important in pancreatic cancer?. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2004 Mar;11(3):304-9.
Cohen SJ, Meropol NJ. Drug development in pancreatic cancer - Finally, biology begets therapy. International Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer. 2002 Jan;32(2-3):91-106.
Katz A, Hanlon A, Lanciano R, Hoffman J, Coia L. Prognostic value of CA 19-9 levels in patients with carcinoma of the pancreas treated with radiotherapy. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1998 May;41(2):393-6.
Ruggeri BA, Huang LY, Wood M, Cheng JQ, Testa JR. Amplification and overexpression of the AKT2 oncogene in a subset of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas. Molecular Carcinogenesis. 1998 Feb;21(2):81-6.
Stevenson JP, Scher RM, Kosierowski R, Fox SC, Simmonds M, Yao KS, Green F, Broom C, Fields SZ, Krebs JB, O'Dwyer PJ. Phase II trial of topotecan as a 21-day continuous infusion in patients with advanced or metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. European Journal of Cancer. 1998 Aug;34(9):1358-62.
Huang LG, Lang D, Geradts J, Obara T, KleinSzanto AJ, Lynch HT, Ruggeri BA. Molecular and immunochemical analyses of RB1 and cyclin D1 in human ductal pancreatic carcinomas and cell lines. Molecular Carcinogenesis. 1996 Feb;15(2):85-95.
Scher RM, Kosierowski R, Lusch C, Alexander R, Fox S, Redei I, Green F, Raskay B, Amfoh K, Engstrom PF, Odwyer PJ. Phase II trial of topotecan in advanced or metastatic adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. Investigational New Drugs. 1995 Jan;13(4):347-54.
Coia L, Hoffman J, Scher R, Weese J, Solin L, Weiner L, Eisenberg B, Paul A, Hanks G. Preoperative Chemoradiation for Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas and Duodenum. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 Aug 30;30(1):161-7.
Weiner LM, Harvey E, Padavicshaller K, Willson JK, Walsh C, Lacreta F, Khazaeli MB, Kirkwood JM, Haller DG. Phase-Ii Multicenter Evaluation of Prolonged Murine Monoclonal- Antibody 17-1a Therapy in Pancreatic-Carcinoma. Journal of Immunotherapy. 1993 Feb;13(2):110-6.
Rosvold E, Schilder R, Walczak J, Difino SM, Flynn PJ, Banerjee TK, Heim WJ, Engstrom PF, Ozols RF, Odwyer PJ. Phase-Ii Trial of Pala in Combination with 5-Fluorouracil in Advanced Pancreatic-Cancer. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 1992 Feb;29(4):305-8.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer cancer carcinoma 5-fluorouracil chemotherapy colony-stimulating factor immunohistochemistry antigen cells tumor-cells inhibitor infusion gemcitabine topotecan expression monoclonal-antibody malignant-melanoma trial vaccines Non homologous recombinant deficiency i clinical-trials proliferation utility advanced colorectal-cancer personalized therapy signaling proteins Her-2 mAbs monoclonal antibodies activation phase-i trial RANDOMIZED CONTROLLED TRIAL Vitamin D receptor twice-weekly gemcitabine Sn-38 dabrafenib DNA Double-strand break DNA DSB renal cell carcinoma transcription preoperative chemoradiation pancreaticoduodenectomy mutations SEA Rad51 foci Ag1024 PHASE-II E-cadherin Vdr induction pancreatectomy altered expression clinical-trial continuous p120catenin isoform DUCTAL ADENOCARCINOMA receptors KeyWords Plus: siRNA screen bladder-cancer pala dose-escalation VVP and WO are employees and shareholders of Oncoceutics Inc No potential CHEMOTHERAPY survival treatment single-strand conformation polymorphism cancer- VEGF chemosensitization solid tumors patient-derived xenografts retinoblastoma susceptibility gene p120catenin lung-cancer immune-response Bxpc3 ampulla GEMCITABINE HSP90i drug conjugate matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors product gene amplification SURVIVAL Ras mimetic pancreaticoduodenectomy duodenal cancer phase-i conflicts of interest were disclosed by the other authors serum NSCLC cytokines PLK1 inhibitor radiation-therapy Onc201 CURATIVE RESECTION AKT2 oncogene superantigen camptothecin phase II Onc212 amplification protein-kinase-b and is fully compliant with NIH and institutional disclosure guidelines Inc carcinomas encorafenib dna topoisomerase-i patients Igf1-r gd3 ganglioside Science No potential conflicts of interest were disclosed by the other authors ca-19-9 intraoperative FTI ovarian therapy neu Vitamin D receptor VDR stalled replication fork cpt-11 growth-factor receptor overdose control tumor-therapy CARCINOMA full-dose gemcitabine retinoblastoma gene protein tumors rfb4(dsfv)-pe38 EGFR beam irradiation III rigosertib xenografts recurrence 5-FLUOROURACIL concurrent radiation renal-cell HDAC inhibitors naptumomab immunotoxin farnesyl-protein transferase frequent phase II study 5t4 oncofetal antigen cyclin D1 Immunofluorescence IF resection chemoradiation phase II trial radiotherapy protein p300 fluorouracil
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