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Publication Listing for the MeSH term pain. Found 12 abstracts

Ellis JL, Higgins AM, Simhan J. Pain management strategies in penile implantation. Asian journal of andrology. 2020 Jan;22(1):34-8.   PMCID: PMC6958975
Zimmaro LA, Carson JW, Olsen MK, Sanders LL, Keefe FJ, Porter LS. Greater Mindfulness Associated With Lower Pain, Fatigue, and Psychological Distress in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Psychooncology. 2019 Sep 11;.
Riddle DL, Slover JD, Ang DC, Bair MJ, Kroenke K, Perera RA, Dumenci L. Opioid use prior to knee arthroplasty in patients who catastrophize about their pain: preoperative data from a multisite randomized clinical trial. Journal of pain research. 2018 Aug;11:1549-57.   PMCID: PMC6109658
Kinczewski L. Microwave Ablation for Palliation of Bone Metastases. Clinical journal of oncology nursing. 2016 Jun;20(3):249-52.
Mortimer JE, Barsevick AM, Bennett CL, Berger AM, Cleeland C, DeVader SR, Escalante C, Gilreath J, Hurria A, Mendoza TR, Rugo HS. Studying Cancer-Related Fatigue: Report of the NCCN Scientific Research Committee. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2010 Dec;8(12):1331-9.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Sprangers MA, Sloan JA, Veenhoven R, Cleeland CS, Halyard MY, Abertnethy AR, Baas F, Barsevick AM, Bartels M, Boomsma DI, Chauhan C, Dueck AC, Frost MH, Hall P, Klepstad P, Martin NG, Miaskowski C, Mosing M, Movsas B, Van Noorden CJ, Patrick DL, Pedersen NL, Ropka ME, Shi QL, Shinozaki G, Singh JA, Yang P, Zwinderman AH. The Establishment of the GENEQOL Consortium to Investigate the Genetic Disposition of Patient-Reported Quality-of-Life Outcomes. Twin Research and Human Genetics. 2009 Jun;12(3):301-11.   PMCID: PMC 2824176
Barsevick AM, Dudley WN, Beck SL. Cancer-related fatigue, depressive symptoms, and functional status. Nursing research. 2006 Sep;55(5):366-72.
Barsevick AM, Whitmer K, Nail LM, Beck SL, Dudley WN. Symptom cluster research: Conceptual, design, measurement, and analysis issues. JOURNAL OF PAIN AND SYMPTOM MANAGEMENT. 2006 Jan;31(1):85-95.
Kedziera P, Harris DK. End-of-life care: Hospice or home?. Cancer Practice. 1998 May;6(3):188-90.
Hudes GR, Kosierowski R, Greenberg R, Ramsey HE, Fox SC, Ozols RF, McAleer CA, Giantonio BJ. Phase II study of topotecan in metastatic hormone-refractory prostate cancer. Investigational New Drugs. 1995 Jan;13(3):235-40.
Levy MH. Living with Cancer - Hospice - Palliative Care. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1993 Aug 18;85(16):1283-7.
Pelton JJ, Fish DJ, Keller SM. Epidural Narcotic Analgesia after Thoracotomy. Southern Medical Journal. 1993 Oct;86(10):1106-9.
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