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Publication Listing for the MeSH term p-glycoprotein expression. Found 5 abstracts

Johnson RA, Shepard EM, Scotto KW. Differential regulation of MDR1 transcription by the p53 family members - Role of the DNA binding domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2005 Apr 08;280(14):13213-9.
Dexter DW, Reddy RK, Geles KG, Bansal S, Myint MA, Rogakto A, Leighton JC, Goldstein LJ. Quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction measured expression of MDR1 and MRP in primary breast carcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research. 1998 Jun;4(6):1533-42.
Goldstein LJ. MDR1 gene expression in solid tumours. European Journal of Cancer. 1996 Jun;32A(6):1039-50.
Kruh GD, Gaughan KT, Godwin A, Chan A. Expression Pattern of Mrp in Human Tissues and Adult Solid Tumor-Cell Lines. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1995 Aug 16;87(16):1256-8.
Goldstein LJ, Pastan I, Gottesman MM. Multidrug Resistance in Human Cancer. Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology. 1992 May;12(3):243-53.
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