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Morliere P, Maziere JC, Santus R, Smith CD, Prinsep MR, Stobbe CC, Fenning MC, Golberg JL, Chapman JD. Tolyporphin: A natural product from cyanobacteria with potent photosensitizing activity against tumor cells in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Research. 1998 Aug 15;58(16):3571-8.
Chapman JD, Coia LR, Stobbe CC, Engelhardt EL, Fenning MC, Schneider RF. Prediction of tumour hypoxia and radioresistance with nuclear medicine markers. British Journal of Cancer. 1996 Jul;74:S204-S208.
Urtasun RC, Paliament MB, McEwan AJ, Mercer JR, Mannan RH, Wiebe LI, Morin C, Chapman JD. Measurement of hypoxia in human tumours by non-invasive SPECT imaging of iodoazomycin arabinoside. British Journal of Cancer. 1996 Jul;74:S209-S212.
Silverton SF, Mesaros S, Markham GD, Malinski T. Osteoclast Radical Interactions - Nadph Causes Pulsatile Release of No and Stimulates Superoxide Production. Endocrinology. 1995 Nov;136(11):5244-7.
Fenning MC, Brown DQ, Chapman JD. Photodosimetry of Interstitial Light Delivery to Solid Tumors. Medical Physics. 1994 Jul;21(7):1149-56.
Joseph P, Jaiswal AK. Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase(1) (Dt Diaphorase) Specifically Prevents the Formation of Benzo a Pyrene Quinone-DNA Adducts Generated by Cytochrome P4501a1 and P450 Reductase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1994 Aug 30;91(18):8413-7.
Yao KS, Clayton M, Odwyer PJ. Interaction of Heat and Hypoxia in Modulating Transcription of Dt Diaphorase in Human Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells. Cell Growth & Differentiation. 1994 Feb;5(2):125-31.
Pelton JJ, Kowalyshyn MJ, Keller SM. Intrathoracic Organ Injury Associated with Photodynamic Therapy. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery. 1992 Jun;103(6):1218-23.
Santus R, Stobbe CC, McPhee MS, Chapman JD. Protection against Light-Activated Photofrin-Ii Killing of Tumor-Cells by Nitroimidazoles. Radiation Research. 1992 Apr;130(1):31-7.
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