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Fratamico PM, Wang SY, Yan XH, Zhang W, Li YS. Differential Gene Expression of E. coli O157:H7 in Ground Beef Extract Compared to Tryptic Soy Broth. Journal of Food Science. 2011 Jan;76(1):M79-M87.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Sorokina EM, Chernoff J. Rho-GTPases: New members, new pathways. Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2005 Feb;94(2):225-31.
Blumberg BS. The NASA astrobiology institute: Early history and organization. Astrobiology. 2003 Jan;3(3):463-70.
Gitterman DP, Weiner BJ, Domino ME, McKethan AN, Enthoven AC. The rise and fall of a Kaiser Permanente expansion region. Milbank Quarterly. 2003 Jan;81(4):567-601.
Dickstein R, Hu XJ, Yang J, Ba L, Coque L, Kim DJ, Cook DR, Yeung AT. Differential expression of tandemly duplicated Enod8 genes in Medicago. Plant Science. 2002 Aug;163(2):333-43.
Li F, Adam L, Vadlamudi RK, Zhou HY, Sen S, Chernoff J, Mandal M, Kumar R. p21-activated kinase 1 interacts with and phosphorylates histone H3 in breast cancer cells. EMBO reports. 2002 Aug;3(8):767-73.
Sheng ZJ, Sun WP, Smith E, Cohen C, Sheng Z, Xu XX. Restoration of positioning control following Disabled-2 expression in ovarian and breast tumor cells. Oncogene. 2000 Oct 05;19(42):4847-54.
Kallio M, Mustalahti T, Yen TJ, Lahdetie J. Immunolocalization of alpha-tubulin, gamma-tubulin, and CENP-E in male rat and male mouse meiotic divisions: Pathway of meiosis I spindle formation in mammalian spermatocytes. Developmental Biology. 1998 Mar;195(1):29-37.
Pajak L, Jin F, Xiao GH, Soonpaa MH, Field LJ, Yeung RS. Sustained cardiomyocyte DNA synthesis in whole embryo cultures lacking the TSC2 gene product. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 1997 Sep;42(3):H1619-H1627.
Bichko VV, Taylor JM. Redistribution of the delta antigens in cells replicating the genome of hepatitis delta virus. Journal of Virology. 1996 Nov;70(11):8064-70.
Shinjo F, Hardy RR, Jongstra J. Monoclonal Anti-Lambda-5 Antibody Fs1 Identifies a 130 Kda Protein Associated with Lambda-5 and V(Pre-B) on the Surface of Early Pre-B-Cell Lines. International Immunology. 1994 Mar;6(3):393-9.
Stadler HS, Padanilam BJ, Buetow K, Murray JC, Solursh M. Identification and Genetic-Mapping of a Homeobox Gene to the 4p16.1 Region of Human Chromosome-4. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1992 Dec;89(23):11579-83.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term organization

organization expression identification gene suppression complex cells localization protein family renal-carcinoma tuberin North Carolina breakdown hybridization adenovirus-infected cells molecule oocytes Medicago truncatula Ras pathway purification protein-kinase Rho GTPases-Cdc42-Rac-cytoskeleton-effectors-transcription homolog metaphase activation precursor cells terminal differentiation nodule development chromosomes cell positioning Prepaid Group Practice craniofacial mitosis root-nodule development hepatocytes mitotic spindles Medicago sativa molecular biology o157h7 pak1 superfamily chromosomal passengers legislation & jurisprudence Health Care Sector centrosome receptor Health Maintenance Organizations progression gene rearrangement peripheral membrane-protein actin o157-h7 downstream golgi-apparatus biotechnology organization & eker rat model NASA Astrobiology Institute kinesin-like protein astrobiology rna- history growth Organizational Models oligonucleotide cdc42 extracellular matrix arabidopsis immunoglobulin light chain dna-sequence microtubule nucleation membrane apoptosis lambda-5 vpreb disruption meliloti alfalfa tuberous-sclerosis cancer United States transmission microbial survival cytoplasmic domain State Health Plans brain drosophila Organizational Case Studies antennapedia surface expression tumor suppressors Organizational Innovation meat safety early stage cardiac regeneration mouse bone-marrow woodchuck escherichia-coli antioncogenes cardiac tumor heterozygosity nitrogen fixation single-stranded conformational polymorphism Eker rat binding activity administration model recombination mu-heavy-chains Politics integrin fs1 allelic polymorphisms mitotic spindle truncatula loss b-cell differentiation homeodomain basement E coli O157:H7 collaboration brefeldin-a kinase pathway disabled-2 Economic Competition degenerate & administration stress
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