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Publication Listing for the MeSH term non-hodgkins-lymphoma. Found 18 abstracts

Cook JR, Goldman B, Tubbs RR, Rimsza L, Leblanc M, Stiff P, Fisher R. Clinical Significance of MYC Expression and/or "High-grade" Morphology in Non-Burkitt, Diffuse Aggressive B-cell Lymphomas A SWOG S9704 Correlative Study. American Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2014 Apr;38(4):494-501.   PMCID: PMC 3955880
Abel GA, Vanderplas A, Rodriguez MA, Crosby AL, Czuczman MS, Niland JC, Gordon LI, Millenson M, Zelenetz AD, Friedberg JW, LaCasce AS. High rates of surveillance imaging for treated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: findings from a large national database. Leukemia & lymphoma. 2012 Jun;53(6):1113-6.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Coccia PF, Altman J, Bhatia S, Borinstein SC, Flynn J, George S, Goldsby R, Hayashi R, Huang MS, Johnson RH, Beaupin LK, Link MP, Oeffinger KC, Orr KM, Pappo AS, Reed D, Spraker HL, Thomas DA, von Mehren M, Wechsler DS, Whelan KF, Zebrack BJ. Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2012 Sep;10(9):1112-50.   PMCID: Not NIH Funded
Hurria A, Browner IS, Cohen HJ, Denlinger CS, deShazo M, Extermann M, Ganti AK, Holland JC, Holmes HM, Karlekar MB, Keating NL, McKoy J, Medeiros BC, Mrozek E, O'Connor T, Petersdorf SH, Rugo HS, Silliman RA, Tew WP, Walter LC, Weir AB, Wildes T. Senior Adult Oncology. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2012 Feb;10(2):162-209.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Kumar A, Vanderplas A, LaCasce AS, Rodriguez MA, Crosby AL, Lepisto E, Czuczman MS, Nademanee A, Niland J, Gordon LI, Millenson M, Zelenetz AD, Friedberg JW, Abel GA. Lack of benefit of central nervous system prophylaxis for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the rituximab era. Cancer. 2012 Jun;118(11):2944-51.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Skarbnik AP, Smith MR. Brentuximab vedotin in anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. 2012 May;12(5):633-9.   PMCID: *
Vadakara J, Pro B. Targeting CD30 in Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. Current Hematologic Malignancy Reports. 2012 Dec;7(4):285-91.   PMCID: Not NIH fund
Crawford J, Allen J, Armitage J, Blayney DW, Cataland SR, Heaney ML, Htoy S, Hudock S, Kloth DD, Kuter DJ, Lyman GH, McMahon B, Steensma DP, Vadhan-Raj S, Westervelt P, Westmoreland M. Myeloid Growth Factors. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2011 Aug;9(8):914-+.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Gulec SA, Cohen SJ, Pennington KL, Zuckier LS, Hauke RJ, Horne H, Wegener WA, Teoh N, Gold DV, Sharkey RM, Goldenberg DM. Treatment of Advanced Pancreatic Carcinoma with Y-90-Clivatuzumab Tetraxetan: A Phase I Single-Dose Escalation Trial. Clinical Cancer Research. 2011 Jun;17(12):4091-100.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Lazarus HM, Zhang MJ, Carreras J, Hayes-Lattin BM, Ataergin AS, Bitran JD, Bolwell BJ, Freytes CO, Gale RP, Goldstein SC, Hale GA, Inwards DJ, Klumpp TR, Marks DI, Maziarz RT, McCarthy PL, Pavlovsky S, Rizzo JD, Shea TC, Schouten HC, Slavin S, Winter JN, van Besien K, Vose JM, Hari PN. A Comparison of HLA-Identical Sibling Allogeneic versus Autologous Transplantation for Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma: A Report from the CIBMTR. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation. 2010 Jan;16(1):35-45.   PMCID: PMC2929576
Adams GP, Weiner LM. Monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer. Nature Biotechnology. 2005 Sep;23(9):1147-57.
Robinson MK, Weiner LM, Adams GP. Improving monoclonal antibodies for cancer therapy. Drug Development Research. 2004 Mar;61(3):172-87.
Smith MR, Jin F, Joshi I. Enhanced efficacy of therapy with antisense BCL-2 oligonucleotides plus anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody in scid mouse/human lymphoma xenografts. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 2004 Dec;3(12):1693-9.
Young NA, Al-Saleem T. Diagnosis of lymphoma by fine-needle aspiration cytology using the revised European-American classification of lymphoid neoplasms. Cancer cytopathology. 1999 Dec 25;87(6):325-45.
Al-Katib AM, Smith MR, Kamanda WS, Pettit GR, Hamdan M, Mohamed AN, Chelladurai B, Mohammad RM. Bryostatin 1 down-regulates mdr1 and potentiates vincristine cytotoxicity in diffuse large cell lymphoma xenografts. Clinical Cancer Research. 1998 May;4(5):1305-14.
Rodriguez-Alfageme C, Chen Z, Sonoda G, Testa JR, Damiani RD, Astrin SM. B cells malignantly transformed by human immunodeficiency virus are polyclonal. Virology. 1998 Dec 05;252(1):34-8.
Gordon LI, Andersen J, Habermann TM, Winter JN, Glick J, Schilder RJ, Cassileth P. Phase I trial of dose escalation with growth factor support in patients with previously untreated diffuse aggressive lymphomas: Determination of the Maximum-tolerated dose of ProMACE-CytaBOM. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1996 Apr;14(4):1275-81.
Longo DL, Duffey PL, Jaffe ES, Raffeld M, Hubbard SM, Fisher RI, Wittes RE, Devita VT, Young RC. Diffuse Small Noncleaved-Cell, Non-Burkitts Lymphoma in Adults - a High-Grade Lymphoma Responsive to Promace-Based Combination Chemotherapy. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1994 Oct;12(10):2153-9.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term non-hodgkins-lymphoma

non-hodgkins-lymphoma cancer follow-up elderly-patients features NCCN Guidelines acute relapse b-cell lymphoma aggressive lymphoma colony-stimulating factor chemotherapy NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines breast-cancer chronic lymphocytic-leukemia epstein-barr-virus expression standard regimen chop therapy lymphoma chop chemotherapy malignant-lymphoma 2002 rischilles e-v9-p203 older patient MYC binding-site barrier senior adult receptor cytodiagnosis gemcitabine CD30 Anaplastic large cell lymphoma-SGN-35-Brentuximab-Vedotin-MMAE-T-cell lymphoma ribosome-inactivating proteins bone-marrow transplantation histopathology antitumor-activity multiple-drug radiosensitization histiocytic lymphoma pet ALK ALCL-anaplastic large cell lymphoma-antibody-drug conjugate-brentuximab vedotin-CD30-MMAE-non-Hodgkin lymphoma-SGN-35-T-cell lymphoma phase-ii rituximab plus cyclophosphamide testicular-cancer intensity 1993 eilly se-journal of clinical oncology-v11-p2250 t(14-18) chromosomal translocation protein-kinase-c prognosis follicular lymphoma htlv-iii complete aspiration cytology 1987 arlson me-journal of chronic diseases-v40-p373 2008 mmcdevitt j-oncology-v22-p1060 phage-display technology randomized-trial united-states flow-cytometry mantle-cell lymphoma remission bispecific antibodies multidrug-resistance gene prednisone plus thalidomide vascular leak syndrome conditions kinase ibritumomab tiuxetan radioimmunotherapy elderly c-myc pathogenesis vincristine brentuximab vedotin sgn-35 classification chemotherapy plus bcl2 nonspecific animal toxicity human angiogenin intrathecal chemotherapy european adenocarcinoma long-term survivors inappropriate medication use fc-gamma-riii diagnostic imaging Diff use large B-cell lymphoma-health services research line wsu-fsccl immunoglobulin fusion transcript association childhood advanced colorectal-carcinoma 1995 bruin pc-leukemia-v9-p1620 induced febrile criteria advanced age glycoprotein monoclonal-antibody pam4 cancer treatment response lymphoblastic lymphoma aids reduced-intensity variants central nervous system prophylaxis diffuse large B-cell lymphoma-propensity score analysis-health services research monoclonal-antibody positron-emission-tomography non-Hodgkin lymphoma mini-nutritional assessment phase-ii trial fine-needle 1995 evallier b-v13-p1564 study-group dshnhl radioimmunotherapy group quality-of-life ki-1 lymphoma childhood-cancer-survivor human lymphocytes-b Allogeneic transplantation intermediate-grade anti-cd30 2008 mmcdevitt j-oncology-v22-p1058 collaborative british cohort controlled phase-iii cell lung-cancer small lymphocytic combination chemotherapy comprehensive geriatric assessment resistance assessment cell-lung-cancer children in-vitro dosimetry humanized anti-cd22 antibody immunohistochemistry t-lymphocytes doxorubicin growth-factor receptor 1991 llock bh-journal of pediatrics-v119-p725 comprehensive geriatric scid mice chronic health cns prophylaxis aggressive lymphomas chromosomal translocation high-dose chemotherapy Unrelated infection 1984 lman rs-journal of clinical oncology-v2-p1404 2008 pa m-j clin oncol s15-v26 myeloid growth
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