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Kry SF, Feygelman V, Balter P, Knoos T, Ma CC, Snyder M, Tonner B, Vassiliev ON. AAPM Task Group 329: Reference dose specification for dose calculations: dose-to-water or dose-to-muscle?. Med Phys. 2019 Dec 28;.
Bell P, Wang LL, Lebherz C, Flieder DB, Bove MS, Wu D, Gao GP, Wilson JM, Wivel NA. No evidence for tumorigenesis of AAV vectors in a large-scale study in mice. Molecular Therapy. 2005 Aug;12(2):299-306.
Yang DH, Moss EG. Temporally regulated expression of Lin-28 in diverse tissues. Gene Expression Patterns. 2003 Dec;3(6):719-26.
Pachuk CJ, Ciccarelli RB, Samuel M, Bayer ME, Troutman RD, Zurawski DV, Schauer JI, Higgins TJ, Weiner DB, Sosnoski DM, Zurawski VR, Satishchandran C. Characterization of a new class of DNA delivery complexes formed by the local anesthetic bupivacaine. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Biomembranes. 2000 Sep 29;1468(1-2):20-30.
Murphy-Boesch J, Jiang H, Stoyanova R, Brown TR. Quantification of phosphorus metabolites from chemical shift imaging spectra with corrections for point spread effects and B-1 inhomogeneity. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 1998 Mar;39(3):429-38.
Schultheiss TM, Burch JB, Lassar AB. A role for bone morphogenetic proteins in the induction of cardiac myogenesis. Genes & development. 1997 Feb 15;11(4):451-62.
Wang BL, Golemis EA, Kruh GD. ArgBP2, a multiple Src homology 3 domain-containing, Arg/Abl- interacting protein, is phosphorylated in v-Abl-transformed cells and localized in stress fibers and cardiocyte Z-disks. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1997 Jul 11;272(28):17542-50.
Altomare DA, Guo K, Cheng JQ, Sonoda G, Walsh K, Testa JR. Cloning, Chromosomal Localization and Expression Analysis of the Mouse Akt2 Oncogene. Oncogene. 1995 Sep 21;11(6):1055-60.
Graham RA, Taylor AH, Brown TR. A Method for Calculating the Distribution of Ph in Tissues and a New Source of Ph Error from the P-31-Nmr Spectrum. American Journal of Physiology. 1994 Feb;266(2):R638-R645.
Litvin J, Montgomery MO, Goldhamer DJ, Emerson CP, Bader DM. Identification of DNA-Binding Protein(S) in the Developing Heart. Developmental Biology. 1993 Apr;156(2):409-17.
Davis DL, Burch JB. Isolation of a Chicken Hmg2 Cdna Clone and Evidence for an Hmg2-Specific 3'-Untranslated Region. Gene. 1992 Apr 15;113(2):251-6.
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muscle homology mouse differentiation gene invivo morris hepatoma viral vectors CAENORHABDITIS-ELEGANS heterochronic gene surface-coil nmr embryo ventral mesoderm phosphorus metabolites tyrosine kinase loop-helix proteins calibration DNA complex serotype-5 molecular-cloning skeletal- chromosomal proteins dna-binding motif heart liver ontogeny quantitation cycle human-brain activation p-31 to-noise ratio encodes high-mobility group proteins in-vivo cells DNA delivery homeobox-containing gene magnetic resonance spectroscopy signal- genes medium gene mapping gene-therapy recombinant adenoassociated virus nuclear-magnetic-resonance bronchial epithelium induction noggin regeneration messenger-rnas tumors lin 28 site-specific integration subfamily protein- quantification human calf region transduction embryonic induction KeyWords Plus: spectroscopy nuclear magnetic-resonance degeneration c-abl genetic immunization cancer expression developing chicken heart fluorescence insitu hybridization bone morphogenetic proteins nucleotide-sequence intestinal epithelium Nkx-25 cellular-transformation temperature p-31-nuclear magnetic resonance crk kinase myod dorsal mesoderm spemann organizer regulatory factors myosin-i intracellular ph actin-binding protein reference chain acid protein metabolism nmr-spectroscopy mesoderm formation hepatoma retinoic acid recombinant dna developmental timing nonhistone myosin heavy-chain chemical shift imaging RNA-binding protein oncogene local anesthetic bupivacaine water myosin heavy- lin-28 gene-product high-energy phosphates nmr xenopus-laevis developing heart
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