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Publication Listing for the MeSH term multidrug-resistance. Found 17 abstracts

Huo HR, Magro PG, Pietsch EC, Patel BB, Scotto KW. Histone Methyltransferase MLL1 Regulates MDR1 Transcription and Chemoresistance. Cancer Research. 2010 Nov;70(21):8726-35.   PMCID: *
van Vlerken LE, Duan ZF, Little SR, Seiden MV, Amiji MM. Augmentation of Therapeutic Efficacy in Drug-Resistant Tumor Models Using Ceramide Coadministration in Temporal-Controlled Polymer-Blend Nanoparticle Delivery Systems. Aaps Journal. 2010 Jun;12(2):171-80.   PMCID: PMC2844507 [Available on 2011/2/9]
Liu H, Cheng D, Weichel AK, Osipo C, Wing LK, Chen B, Louis TE, Jordan VC. Cooperative effect of gefitinib and fumitremorgin c on cell growth and chemosensitivity in estrogen receptor alpha negative fulvestrant-resistant MCF-7 cells. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY. 2006 Nov;29(5):1237-46.
Szotek PP, Pieretti-Vanmarcke R, Masiakos PT, Dinulescut DM, Connolly D, Foster R, Dombkowski D, Preffer F, MacLaughlin DT, Donahoe PK. Ovarian cancer side population defines cells with stem cell-like characteristics and Mullerian Inhibiting Substance responsiveness. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 2006 Jul;103(30):11154-9.
Johnson RA, Shepard EM, Scotto KW. Differential regulation of MDR1 transcription by the p53 family members - Role of the DNA binding domain. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2005 Apr 08;280(14):13213-9.
Yao K, Gietema JA, Shida S, Selvakumaran M, Fonrose X, Haas NB, Testa J, O'Dwyer PJ. In vitro hypoxia-conditioned colon cancer cell lines derived from HCT116 and HT29 exhibit altered apoptosis susceptibility and a more angiogenic profile in vivo. British Journal of Cancer. 2005 Dec 12;93(12):1356-63.
Boonstra R, Timmer-Bosscha H, van Echten-Arends J, van der Kolk DM, van den Berg A, de Jong B, Tew KD, Poppema S, de Vries EG. Mitoxantrone resistance in a small cell lung cancer cell line is associated with ABCA2 upregulation. British Journal of Cancer. 2004 Jun;90(12):2411-7.
Fracasso PM, Goldstein LJ, de Alwis DP, Rader JS, Arquette MA, Goodner SA, Wright LP, Fears CL, Gazak RJ, Andre VA, Burgess MF, Slapak CA, Schellens JH. Phase I study of docetaxel in combination with the P-glycoprotein inhibitor, zosuquidar, in resistant malignancies. Clinical Cancer Research. 2004 Nov;10(21):7220-8.
Szakacs G, Annereau JP, Lababidi S, Shankavaram U, Arciello A, Bussey KJ, Reinhold W, Guo YP, Kruh GD, Reimers M, Weinstein JN, Gottesman MM. Predicting drug sensitivity and resistance: Profiling ABC transporter genes in cancer cells. Cancer cell. 2004 Aug;6(2):129-37.
Dexter DW, Reddy RK, Geles KG, Bansal S, Myint MA, Rogakto A, Leighton JC, Goldstein LJ. Quantitative reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction measured expression of MDR1 and MRP in primary breast carcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research. 1998 Jun;4(6):1533-42.
Shen HX, Schultz M, Kruh GD, Tew KD. Increased expression of DNA-dependent protein kinase confers resistance to adriamycin. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-General Subjects. 1998 Jul 23;1381(2):131-8.
Paul S, Breuninger LM, Kruh GD. ATP-dependent transport of lipophilic cytotoxic drugs by membrane vesicles prepared from MRP-overexpressing HL60/ADR cells. Biochemistry. 1996 Nov 05;35(44):14003-11.
Smith CD, Zhang XQ. Mechanism of action of cryptophycin - Interaction with the Vinca alkaloid domain of tubulin. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1996 Mar 15;271(11):6192-8.
Zhang XQ, Smith CD. Microtubule effects of welwistatin, a cyanobacterial indolinone that circumvents multiple drug resistance. Molecular Pharmacology. 1996 Feb;49(2):288-94.
Smith CD, Zilfou JT. Circumvention of P-Glycoprotein-Mediated Multiple-Drug Resistance by Phosphorylation Modulators Is Independent of Protein-Kinases. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Nov 24;270(47):28145-52.
Zilfou JT, Smith CD. Differential Interactions of Cytochalasins with P-Glycoprotein. Oncology Research. 1995 Jan;7(9):435-43.
Smith CD, Prinsep MR, Caplan FR, Moore RE, Patterson GM. Reversal of Multiple-Drug Resistance by Tolyporphin, a Novel Cyanobacterial Natural Product. Oncology Research. 1994 Jan;6(4-5):211-8.
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multidrug-resistance expression p-glycoprotein cancer gene transporter drug-resistance binding drug resistance tumor-cells lines analogs resistance-associated protein p53 vinblastine growth p-glycoprotein expression ovarian-cancer structural features cells cell-lines paclitaxel accumulation mdr breast-cancer estramustine assay wild-type p53 combination therapy fulvestrant-resistance in-vivo breast cancer-cells breast cancer-resistance protein 1 Ku 2 gene-expression gene- modulator DNA-PK hl60 cells tolyporphin molecular pharmacology zd1839 iressa feedback loop ph-sensitive system cyto-toxicity human ovarian-cancer microtubule assembly invitro intracellular ceramide modulation antimitotic agent apoptosis sdz psc 833 drug efflux capacity reversal hl-60 cells poly(beta-amino ester) nanoparticles temporal-controlled polymeric nanoparticle delivery tubulin colon cancer solid tumors staurosporine vincristine taxol database lines resistant messenger-rna hypoxia Oncology p73 family potent inhibitor kb cells p63 phorbol esters cell-cycle liver canalicular membrane patterns adriamycin chemosensitizers p63 isoforms polymerization glycoprotein polymorphism h3k4 methylation ku-autoantigen leukemia-cells targeted delivery cell lung-cancer protein family nf-y breast cancer resistance transporter abcg2 angiogenesis therapy cell-proliferation in-vitro cytochalasins Multidisciplinary Sciences transport postmenopausal women modulation selective inhibitor doxorubicin chromatin survival 4-dichlorobenzyl thiocyanate glucosylceramide EGFR membrane clinical-relevance mechanism carcinoma v(d)j recombination strand-break repair protein receptor antagonist multidrug chemosensitivity inhibition cassette pharmacology dynamic instability adriamycin resistance screen tumor-cell myeloid-leukemia drug disposition cancer stem cells agents pure antiestrogen trihydrochloride ly335979 hydrophobic drugs phosphorylation statistics tyrosine kinase inhibitor breast cancer resistant protein cisplatin overexpression trial cyclosporine acute lymphoblastic-leukemia dolastatin-10 drugs spontaneous tumors acute human-breast-cancer heterogeneity catalytic subunit colchicine-binding-site
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