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Publication Listing for the MeSH term multidrug resistance. Found 6 abstracts

Carlson RW, O'Neill AM, Goldstein LJ, Sikic BI, Abramson N, Stewart JA, Davidson NE, Wood WC. A pilot phase II trial of valspodar modulation of multidrug resistance to paclitaxel in the treatment of metastatic carcinoma of the breast (E1195): A trial of the eastern cooperative oncology group. Cancer Investigation. 2006 Nov;24(7):677-81.
Prinsep MR, Patterson GM, Larsen LK, Smith CD. Tolyporphins J and K, two further porphinoid metabolites from the cyanobacterium Tolypothrix nodosa. Journal of Natural Products. 1998 Sep;61(9):1133-6.
Rappa G, Lorico A, Liu MC, Kruh GD, Cory AH, Cory JG, Sartorelli AC. Overexpression of the multidrug resistance genes mdr1, mdr3, and mrp in L1210 leukemia cells resistant to inhibitors of ribonucleotide reductase. Biochemical pharmacology. 1997 Sep 15;54(6):649-55.
Hamaguchi K, Godwin AK, Yakushiji M, O'Dwyer PJ, Ozols RF, Hamilton TC. Cross-resistance to diverse drugs is associated with primary cisplatin resistance in ovarian cancer cell lines. Cancer Research. 1993 Jan;53(21):5225-32.
Kruh GD, Goldstein LJ. Doxorubicin and multidrug resistance. Current Opinion in Oncology. 1993 Jan;5(6):1029-34.
Ozols RF. Advances in the Chemotherapy of Gynecologic Malignancies. Hematological Oncology. 1992 Jan;10(1):43-51.
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