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Ge YL, Grossman RI, Babb JS, Rabin ML, Mannon LJ, Kolson DL. Age-related total gray matter and white matter changes in normal adult brain. Part II: Quantitative magnetization transfer ratio histogram analysis. American Journal of Neuroradiology. 2002 Sep;23(8):1334-41.
Negendank WG, Padavicshaller KA, Li CW, Murphyboesch J, Stoyanova R, Krigel RL, Schilder RJ, Smith MR, Brown TR. Metabolic Characterization of Human Non-Hodgkins-Lymphomas in- Vivo with the Use of Proton-Decoupled Phosphorus Magnetic- Resonance Spectroscopy. Cancer Research. 1995 Aug;55(15):3286-94.
Orel SG, Schnall MD, Powell CM, Hochman MG, Solin LJ, Fowble BL, Torosian MH, Rosato EF. Staging of Suspected Breast-Cancer - Effect of Mr-Imaging and Mr-Guided Biopsy. Radiology. 1995 Jul;196(1):115-22.
Corn BW, Yousem DM, Scott CB, Rotman M, Asbell SO, Nelson DF, Martin L, Curran WJ. White-Matter Changes Are Correlated Significantly with Radiation-Dose - Observations from a Randomized Dose-Escalation Trial for Malignant Glioma (Radiation-Therapy-Oncology-Group- 83-02). Cancer. 1994 Nov 15;74(10):2828-35.
McAllister JD, Ross GJ, Samaha AM. Retroaortic Renal-Vein with Tumor Thrombus - Mr Findings. Urologic Radiology. 1992 Jan;13(3):170-2.
Negendank WG, Brown TR, Evelhoch JL, Griffiths JR, Liotta LA, Margulis AR, Morrisett JD, Ross BD, Shtern F. Proceedings of a National Cancer Institute Workshop - Mr Spectroscopy and Tumor-Cell Biology. Radiology. 1992 Dec;185(3):875-83.
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