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Publication Listing for the MeSH term monoclonal-antibodies. Found 17 abstracts

Grier JT, Forbes LR, Monaco-Shawver L, Oshinsky J, Atkinson TP, Moody C, Pandey R, Campbell KS, Orange JS. Human immunodeficiency-causing mutation defines CD16 in spontaneous NK cell cytotoxicity. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2012 Oct;122(10):3769-80.   PMCID: PMC3461929
Wikman M, Steffen AC, Gunneriusson E, Tolmachev V, Adams GP, Carlsson J, Stahl S. Selection and characterization of HER2/neu-binding affibody ligands. Protein Engineering Design & Selection. 2004 May;17(5):455-62.
Phillips JJ, Chua MM, Rall GF, Weiss SR. Murine coronavirus spike glycoprotein mediates degree of viral spread, inflammation, and virus-induced immunopathology in the central nervous system. Virology. 2002 Sep 15;301(1):109-20.
Knox SJ, Goris ML, Tempero M, Weiden PL, Gentner L, Breitz H, Adams GP, Axworthy D, Gaffigan S, Bryan K, Fisher DR, Colcher D, Horak ID, Weiner LM. Phase II trial of yttrium-90-DOTA-biotin pretargeted by NR-LU- 10 antibody/streptavidin in patients with metastatic colon cancer. Clinical Cancer Research. 2000 Feb;6(2):406-14.
Adams GP, Schier R. Generating improved single-chain Fv molecules for tumor targeting. Journal of Immunological Methods. 1999 Dec 10;231(1-2):249-60.
Gui M, Wiest DL, Li J, Kappes D, Hardy RR, Hayakawa K. Peripheral CD4(+) T cell maturation recognized by increased expression of Thy-1/CD90 bearing the 6C10 carbohydrate epitope. Journal of Immunology. 1999 Nov;163(9):4796-804.
Trop S, Steff AM, Denis F, Wiest DL, Hugo P. The connecting peptide domain of pT alpha dictates weak association of the pre-T cell receptor with the TCR zeta subunit. European Journal of Immunology. 1999 Jul;29(7):2187-96.
Adams GP. Improving the tumor specificity and retention of antibody-based molecules. In Vivo. 1998 Jan;12(1):11-21.
Adams GP, Schier R, Marshall K, Wolf EJ, McCall AM, Marks JD, Weiner LM. Increased affinity leads to improved selective tumor delivery of single-chain Fv antibodies. Cancer Research. 1998 Feb;58(3):485-90.
Pugh JC, Guo JT, Aldrich C, Rall G, Kajino K, Tennant B, England JM, Mason WS. Aberrant expression of a cytokeratin in a subset of hepatocytes during chronic WHV infection. Virology. 1998 Sep 15;249(1):68-79.
Schier R, Bye J, Apell G, McCall A, Adams GP, Malmqvist M, Weiner LM, Marks JD. Isolation of high-affinity monomeric human Anti-c-erbB-2 single chain Fv using affinity-driven selection. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1996 Jan 12;255(1):28-43.
Adams GP, McCartney JE, Wolf EJ, Eisenberg J, Huston JS, Bookman MA, Moldofsky P, Stafford WF, Houston LL, Weiner LM. Enhanced Tumor Specificity of 741f8-1(Sfv')(2), an Anti-C-Erbb- 2 Single-Chain Fv Dimer, Mediated by Stable Radioiodine Conjugation. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 1995 Dec;36(12):2276-81.
Monos DS, Czanky E, Ono SJ, Radka SF, Kappes D, Strominger JL. L-Cells Expressing Dq Molecules of the Dr3 and Dr4 Haplotypes - Reactivity Patterns with Mabs. Immunogenetics. 1995 Jul;42(3):172-80.
Nakajima PB, Menetski JP, Roth DB, Gellert M, Bosma MJ. V-D-J Rearrangements at the T-Cell Receptor Delta-Locus in Mouse Thymocytes of the Alpha-Beta Lineage. Immunity. 1995 Nov;3(5):609-21.
Adams GP, McCartney JE, Tai MS, Oppermann H, Huston JS, Stafford WF, Bookman MA, Fand I, Houston LL, Weiner LM. Highly Specific in-Vivo Tumor Targeting by Monovalent and Divalent Forms of 741f8 Anti-C-Erbb-2 Single-Chain Fv. Cancer Research. 1993 Sep;53(17):4026-34.
Lidor YJ, Obriant KC, Xu FJ, Hamilton TC, Ozols RF, Bast RC. Alkylating-Agents and Immunotoxins Exert Synergistic Cytotoxic Activity against Ovarian-Cancer Cells - Mechanism of Action. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1993 Nov;92(5):2440-7.
Ruggeri B, Zhang SY, Caamano J, Dirado M, Flynn SD, Kleinszanto AJ. Human Pancreatic Carcinomas and Cell-Lines Reveal Frequent and Multiple Alterations in the P53 and Rb-1 Tumor-Suppressor Genes. Oncogene. 1992 Aug;7(8):1503-11.
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monoclonal-antibodies mice escherichia-coli gene activation affinity antigen receptor beta-chain phage display transgenic mice thymocytes by-passing immunization breast-cancer carcinoma signal transport transduction single-chain fv phage fragments expression protein cells resistance chemotherapy display library staphylococcal protein-a ii histocompatibility antigens phage antibody libraries thymic selection binding chain constant-region bacterial receptor domain in-vitro binding-site barrier HER2 affibody-ligand-phage display-selection single chain neu mutations her-2 cdna clones p-iodobenzoate receptor glutathione gamma-delta drug synergy survival lethal infection chicken hepatoma- binding-proteins tyrosine genomic organization tumor targeting scid mice cancer-therapy immunological synapse immunoglobulin forms xenografts human keratin-18 maturation mouse hepatitis-virus adhesion molecules growth-factor-ii variable domains cd4+8+ thymocytes human cd2 chain shuffling biodistribution cancer glycosyl- proteins affinity human-antibodies parsimonious mutagenesis erbb-2 equilibrium libraries nucleotide-sequence escape mutants chain genes alpha-chain properties ligand-binding v(d)j recombination immunoglobulin hla-dr4 haplotypes lung-cancer Fv filamentous phage ovarian-cancer single chain Fv surface natural-killer-cells polyposis-coli taq dna-polymerase combinatorial libraries antibody gamma biochemistry forms human prostate carcinoma c- pre-T cell receptor lung dependent diabetes-mellitus c-erbB-2 ribosome display conjugation strain-jhm v-gene libraries valence molecular evolution mouse lymphocytes-t radioiodination hla-dr immature phosphatidylinositol immune- glycoprotein binding- thymocyte response buthionine sulfoximine nude- lines tumor localization ovarian neoplasms radioimmunotherapy synthetic liver lymphocytes-t hepatitis-virus carriers amplification transformation T lymphocyte cd3 complex fc-receptor radiolabeling t-cell response demyelination single-chain fv molecules phage display libraries neurotropic coronavirus radionuclides protein tyrosine kinases rearrangements mutagenesis single-chain Fv (scFv) woodchuck hepatitis hepatocellular-carcinoma 1992 kenzie rs-cancer research-v52-p6318
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