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Publication Listing for the MeSH term molecules. Found 12 abstracts

Shen LJ, Sigal LJ, Boes M, Rock KL. Important role of cathepsin S in generating peptides for TAP-independent MHC class I crosspresentation in vivo. Immunity. 2004 Aug;21(2):155-65.
Burdin N, Brossay L, Degano M, Iijima H, Gui M, Wilson IA, Kronenberg M. Structural requirements for antigen presentation by mouse CD1. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2000 Aug 29;97(18):10156-61.
Campbell KS, Colonna M. DAP12: a key accessory protein for relaying signals by Natural Killer cell receptors. International Journal of Biochemistry & Cell Biology. 1999 Jun;31(6):631-6.
Schaller S, Grandemange S, Shpakovski GV, Golemis EA, Kedinger C, Vigneron M. Interactions between the full complement of human RNA polymerase II subunits. Febs Letters. 1999 Nov 19;461(3):253-7.
Yang NC, Zhang SL, Lang MJ, Goodman S, Durnell C, Fleming GR, Carrell HL, Garavito RM. Photoinduced electron transfers through sigma bonds in solution. In: Electron Transfer-from Isolated Molecules to Biomolecules, Pt 1. 1999. p. 645-66.
Alpaugh RK, Weiner LM, Persson R, Persson B. Overview of clinical trials employing antibody-targeted superantigens. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews. 1998 Apr 06;31(1-2):143-52.
Burdin N, Brossay L, Koezuka Y, Smiley ST, Grusby MJ, Gui M, Taniguchi M, Hayakawa K, Kronenberg M. Selective ability of mouse CD1 to present glycolipids: alpha- Galactosylceramide specifically stimulates V alpha 14(+) NK T lymphocytes. Journal of Immunology. 1998 Oct;161(7):3271-81.
Gwin JL, GercelTaylor C, Taylor DD, Eisenberg B. Role of LFA-3, ICAM-1, and MHC class I on the of human tumor cells to LAK cells. Journal of Surgical Research. 1996 Jan;60(1):129-36.
Kariv I, Hardy RR, Hayakawa K. Altered Major Histocompatibility Complex Restriction in the Nk1.1(+)Ly-6c(Hi) Autoreactive Cd4(+) T-Cell Subset from Class Ii-Deficient Mice. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 1994 Dec;180(6):2419-24.
Rubin LA, Amos CI, Wade JA, Martin JR, Bale SJ, Little AH, Gladman DD, Bonney GE, Rubenstein JD, Siminovitch KA. Investigating the Genetic-Basis for Ankylosing-Spondylitis - Linkage Studies with the Major Histocompatibility Complex Region. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 1994 Aug;37(8):1212-20.
Fu TB, Taylor J. The Rnas of Hepatitis-Delta Virus Are Copied by Rna Polymerase- Ii in Nuclear Homogenates. Journal of Virology. 1993 Dec;67(12):6965-72.
Reichmanfried M, Bosma MJ, Hardy RR. B-Lineage Cells in Mu-Transgenic Scid Mice Proliferate in Response to Il-7 but Fail to Show Evidence of Immunoglobulin Light Chain Gene Rearrangement. International Immunology. 1993 Mar;5(3):303-10.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term molecules

molecules expression lymphocytes transcription initiation susceptibility complex cell recognition dna rpb4 precursors cd8(-) dendritic cells antigenomic rna advanced RNA polymerase II antigen circular rna tyrosine kinase cutting edge fusion protein t-cell receptor biological response modifiers invitro nk t-cells mice class-ii hla-b27 listeria-monocytogenes lysis lod scores flow cytometry staphylococcal enterotoxin A recognition yeast binding ly-49d monoclonal- signal transduction exogenous antigen gene family combined immune-deficiency receptor PNU-214565 lipoglycan antigens virus x-protein tcr ig rearrangement ligation donor-acceptor systems exciplexes inheritance ITAM induction toxic-shock syndrome transgene bacterial superantigens cytotoxic t-cells nk11+ binding-sites immunoglobulin-e production staphylococcal-enterotoxin-a scid mice glycolipids crystal-structure selection ZAP-70 transduction repertoire cleavage microscopy complementation in 3- protein tyrosine phosphorylation infection cancer il-4 pcr invariant chain anthracenes genome replication Syk Natural Killer cell temperature family distance bone-marrow tuber viroid replication antigen-presenting cells v(d)j recombination cross-presentation ig disease alpha-beta+ thymocytes subunit interactions human-melanoma cells antigen expression Homo sapiens alpha-galactosylceramide nk cells ifn-gamma dimensional structure activated killer-cells antibody stress survival presentation pathway human colon-carcinoma inhibition adhesion b-cell development cd4+ degradation monoclonal antibody association mediated cytotoxicity DAP12 differentiation mouse haplotypes hla-dr activating receptors
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