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Publication Listing for the MeSH term misonidazole. Found 10 abstracts

Chapman JD, Coia LR, Stobbe CC, Engelhardt EL, Fenning MC, Schneider RF. Prediction of tumour hypoxia and radioresistance with nuclear medicine markers. British Journal of Cancer. 1996 Jul;74:S204-S208.
Lee DJ, Cosmatos D, Marcial VA, Fu KK, Rotman M, Cooper JS, Ortiz HG, Beitler JJ, Abrams RA, Curran WJ, Coleman CN, Wasserman TH. Results of an Rtog Phase-Iii Trial (Rtog-85-27) Comparing Radiotherapy Plus Etanidazole with Radiotherapy Alone for Locally Advanced Head and Neck Carcinomas. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1995 Jun 15;32(3):567-76.
Joseph P, Jaiswal AK, Stobbe CC, Chapman JD. The Role of Specific Reductases in the Intracellular Activation and Binding of 2-Nitroimidazoles. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 May 15;29(2):351-5.
Dabrow MB, Katz H, Odwyer PJ, Afshar C, Glusker JP. Molecular Dimensions and Properties of N- 1-(2-Hydroxyethyl)-2- Nitro-1h-Imidazol-1-Yl Acetamide(Sr2508). Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 1993 Apr;302(1):259-64.
Groshar D, McEwan AJ, Parliament MB, Urtasun RC, Golberg LE, Hoskinson M, Mercer JR, Mannan RH, Wiebe LI, Chapman JD. Imaging Tumor Hypoxia and Tumor Perfusion. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 1993 Jun;34(6):885-8.
Odwyer PJ, Lacreta FP, Walczak J, Cox T, Litwin S, Hoffman JP, Zimny M, Comis RL. Phase-I Pharmacokinetic Biochemical-Study of the Nitroimadazole Hypoxic Cell Sensitizer Sr2508 (Etanidazole) in Combination with Cyclophosphamide. British Journal of Cancer. 1993 Oct;68(4):756-66.
Odwyer PJ, Panting L, Lacreta FP, Clapper ML. Sr2508 (Etanidazole) Pharmacokinetics and Biochemical Effects in Tumor and Normal-Tissues of Scid Mice Bearing Ht-29 Human Colon Adenocarcinoma. Biochemical pharmacology. 1993 Oct 05;46(7):1251-6.
Curran WJ, Scott CB, Horton J, Nelson JS, Weinstein AS, Nelson DF, Fischbach AJ, Chang CH, Rotman M, Asbell SO, Powlis WD. Does Extent of Surgery Influence Outcome for Astrocytoma with Atypical or Anaplastic Foci (Aaf) - a Report from 3 Radiation- Therapy-Oncology-Group (Rtog) Trials. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 1992 Mar;12(3):219-27.
Santus R, Stobbe CC, McPhee MS, Chapman JD. Protection against Light-Activated Photofrin-Ii Killing of Tumor-Cells by Nitroimidazoles. Radiation Research. 1992 Apr;130(1):31-7.
Chapman JD, McPhee MS, Walz N, Chetner MP, Stobbe CC, Soderlind K, Arnfield M, Meeker BE, Trimble L, Allen PS. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and sensitizer-adduct measurements of photodynamic therapy-induced ischemia in solid tumors. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1991 Jan;83(22):1650-9.
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