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Publication Listing for the MeSH term metaphase. Found 5 abstracts

Sonobe H, Takeuchi T, Liag SB, Taguchi T, Yuri K, Shimizu K, Iwata J, Furihata M, Ohtsuki Y, Testa JR. A new human synovial sarcoma cell line, HS-SY-3, with a truncated form of hybrid SYT/SSX1 gene. International journal of cancer. 1999 Jul 30;82(3):459-64.
Kallio M, Mustalahti T, Yen TJ, Lahdetie J. Immunolocalization of alpha-tubulin, gamma-tubulin, and CENP-E in male rat and male mouse meiotic divisions: Pathway of meiosis I spindle formation in mammalian spermatocytes. Developmental Biology. 1998 Mar;195(1):29-37.
Cooke CA, Schaar B, Yen TJ, Earnshaw WC. Localization of CENP-E in the fibrous corona and outer plate of mammalian kinetochores from prometaphase through anaphase. Chromosoma. 1997 Dec;106(7):446-55.
Yen TJ, Schaar BT. Kinetochore function: Molecular motors, switches and gates. Current opinion in cell biology. 1996 Jun;8(3):381-8.
Rattner JB, Rao A, Fritzler MJ, Valencia DW, Yen TJ. Cenp-F Is A .Ca 400 Kda Kinetochore Protein That Exhibits a Cell-Cycle Dependent Localization. Cell Motility and the Cytoskeleton. 1993 Jan;26(3):214-26.
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