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Yan H, Toczylowski T, McCane J, Chen CY, Liao SR. Replication protein A promotes 5 ' -> 3 ' end processing during homology-dependent DNA double-strand break repair. Journal of Cell Biology. 2011 Jan;192(2):251-61.   PMCID: PMC3172182
Dominguez-Brauer C, Brauer PM, Chen YJ, Pimkina J, Raychaudhuri P. Tumor suppression by ARF Gatekeeper and caretaker. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex). 2010 Jan;9(1):86-9.   PMCID: *
Silvers RM, Smith JA, Schowalter M, Litwin S, Liang ZH, Geary K, Daniel R. Modification of Integration Site Preferences of an HIV-1-Based Vector by Expression of a Novel Synthetic Protein. Human gene therapy. 2010 Mar;21(3):337-49.   PMCID: PMC2865216
Fu J, Zhang JR, Jin F, Patchefsky J, Braunewell KH, Klein-Szanto AJ. Promoter Regulation of the Visinin-like Subfamily of Neuronal Calcium Sensor Proteins by Nuclear Respiratory Factor-1. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2009 Oct;284(40):27577-86.   PMCID: PMC2785686
Yang HN, Bocchetta M, Kroczynska B, Elmishad AG, Chen YB, Liu ZM, Bubici C, Mossman BT, Pass HI, Testa JR, Franzoso G, Carbone M. TNF-alpha inhibits asbestos-induced cytotoxicity via a NF-kappa B-dependent pathway, a possible mechanism for asbestos-induced oncogenesis. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 2006 Jul;103(27):10397-402.
Zayed H, McIvor RS, Wiest DL, Blazar BR. In vitro functional correction of the mutation responsible for murine severe combined immune deficiency by small fragment homologous replacement. Human gene therapy. 2006 Feb;17(2):158-66.
Daniel R, Marusich E, Argyris E, Zhao RY, Skalka AM, Pomerantz RJ. Caffeine inhibits human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transduction of nondividing cells. Journal of Virology. 2005 Feb;79(4):2058-65.
Kadariya Y, Nakatani K, Nishioka J, Fujikawa T, Kruger WD, Nobori T. Regulation of human methylthioadenosine phosphorylase gene by the CBF (CCAAT binding factor)/NF-Y (nuclear factor-Y). Biochemical Journal. 2005 Apr;387:175-83.
Razak ZR, Varkonyi RJ, Kulp-McEliece M, Caslini C, Testa JR, Murphy ME, Broccoli D. p53 differentially inhibits cell growth depending on the mechanism of telomere maintenance. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2004 Jul;24(13):5967-77.
Kampranis SC, Damianova R, Atallah M, Toby G, Kondi G, Tsichlis PN, Makris AM. A novel plant glutathione S-transferase/peroxidase suppresses Bax lethality in yeast. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2000 Sep 22;275(38):29207-16.
Vilenchik MM, Knudson AG. Inverse radiation dose-rate effects on somatic and germ-line mutations and DNA damage rates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2000 May 09;97(10):5381-6.
Chapman JD, Stobbe CC, Gales T, Das IJ, Zellmer DL, Biade S, Matsumoto Y. Condensed chromatin and cell inactivation by single-hit kinetics. Radiation Research. 1999 Apr;151(4):433-41.
Daniel R, Katz RA, Skalka AM. A role for DNA-PK in retroviral DNA integration. Science (New York, NY). 1999 Apr 23;284(5414):644-7.
Johnson SW, Ferry KV, Hamilton TC. Recent insights into platinum drug resistance in cancer. Drug Resistance Updates. 1998 Jan;1(4):243-54.
Matsumoto Y, Kim K, Katz DS, Feng JA. Catalytic center of DNA polymerase beta for excision of deoxyribose phosphate groups. Biochemistry. 1998 May 05;37(18):6456-64.
Tong B, Grimes HL, Yang TY, Bear SE, Qin ZH, Du KY, El-Deiry WS, Tsichlis PN. The Gfi-1B proto-oncoprotein represses p21(WAF1) and inhibits myeloid cell differentiation. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1998 May;18(5):2462-73.
Vaisman A, Varchenko M, Umar A, Kunkel TA, Risinger JI, Barrett JC, Hamilton TC, Chaney SG. The role of hMLH1, hMSH3, and hMSH6 defects in cisplatin and oxaliplatin resistance: Correlation with replicative bypass of platinum-DNA adducts. Cancer Research. 1998 Aug 15;58(16):3579-85.
Wardenburg JB, Pappu R, Bu JY, Mayer B, Chernoff J, Straus D, Chan AC. Regulation of PAK activation and the T cell cytoskeleton by the linker protein SLP-76. Immunity. 1998 Nov;9(5):607-16.
Zellmer DL, Chapman JD, Stobbe CC, Xu F, Das IJ. Radiation fields backscattered from material interfaces: I. Biological effectiveness. Radiation Research. 1998 Oct;150(4):406-15.
Di Q, Summers J, Burch JB, Mason WS. Major differences between WHV and HBV in the regulation of transcription. Virology. 1997 Mar 03;229(1):25-35.
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mammalian-cells ionizing-radiation expression repair in-vivo cancer-cells saccharomyces-cerevisiae binding-protein lentiviral vector chinese-hamster cells gene-expression dna-damage transcriptional activation tumor-suppressor dna fragments acetyltransferase cftr sequences ca2+-sensor proteins transcription factor targeted disruption vpr induces apoptosis oxidative stress yeast rad52 protein genetic instability acids protein-kinase x-gene liver-specific microsatellite instability activity p21-activated kinase pak1 gamma- terminal rays ligase-iv cytokine release dna-repair embryonic stem-cells physical interaction early embryonic lethality egg extracts cyclin-dependent kinases x-rays squamous-cell carcinoma guanine-nucleotide exchange glutathione-s-transferase structure avian-sarcoma actin thymine glycol endonuclease-iii surface-antigen gene mitochondrial control l5178y cells track Research & Experimental Medicine dbl strand break repair cyto-toxicity pulmonary fibrosis brain-tumors sites apoptosis tumor-necrosis-factor receptor signal-transduction cancer cisplatin sensitivity homozygous deletions nonsense mutation ovarian-cancer cells proapoptotic protein bax transferases programmed cell-death murine leukemia-virus human mismatch repair c-myc hepatoma-cell lines tyrosine kinases immunodeficiency-virus type-1 carrier-ligand mutation polymerase-delta growth arrest wiskott-aldrich syndrome down-regulation mutant radiobiology recombination leukemic-cells pathway cell-cycle wild-type hydrogen-peroxide polymerization kinase-4 inhibitor gene metaphase chromosome response fusion proteins hepatitis-b virus drug-resistance tumor suppressor ARF-E2F4-XPC-DNA repair hepadnavirus insertion in- human lymphoblasts Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology nucleotide excision-repair epithelial-cells Genetics & Heredity gene correction survival curves fmr1 promoter mouse model adaptive response sensitive mutants human-lymphocytes vitro hiv-1 integration binding in-vitro chromatin immunoprecipitation CCAAT motif-5 '-deoxy-5 '-methylthioadenosine phosphorylase (MTAP)-luciferase-nuclear factor-Y (NF-Y)-promoter nondividing cells biogenesis fatty- p53 adapter protein holliday junctions t-lymphocytes residues purine metabolic enzyme preintegration complexes xenopus dna2 carcinoma cell-lines promyelocytic leukemia bodies vilip-1 dna mismatch repair crystal-structure increased sensitivity double-strand breaks inflammation cancer-mesothelioma inactivation virus pleural mesothelial cells antitumor- induced g2 delay dose-rate binding protein histone acetylation p53-independent zinc-finger protein intrachromosomal homologous recombination
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