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Rokman A, Baffoe-Bonnie AB, Gillanders E, Fredriksson H, Autio V, Ikonen T, Gibbs KD, Jones MP, Gildea D, Freas-Lutz D, Markey C, Matikainen MP, Koivisto PA, Tammela TL, Kallioniemi OP, Trent J, Bailey-Wilson JE, Schleutker J. Hereditary prostate cancer in Finland: fine-mapping validates 3p26 as a major predisposition locus. Human Genetics. 2005 Jan;116(1-2):43-50.
Ahaghotu C, Baffoe-Bonnie A, Kittles R, Pettaway C, Powell I, Royal C, Wang H, Vijayakumar S, Bennett J, Hoke G, Mason T, Bailey-Wilson J, Boykin W, Berg K, Carpten J, Weinrich S, Trent J, Dunston G, Collins F. Clinical characteristics of African-American men with hereditary prostate cancer: the AAHPC study. Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 2004 Jan;7(2):165-9.
Beskow LM, Botkin JR, Daly M, Juengst ET, Lehmann LS, Merz JF, Pentz R, Press NA, Ross LF, Sugarman J, Susswein LR, Terry SF, Austin MA, Burke W. Ethical issues in identifying and recruiting participants for familial genetic research. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A. 2004 Nov;130A(4):424-31.
Dharmaraj S, Li YY, Robitaille JM, Silva E, Zhu DP, Mitchell TN, Maltby LP, Baffoe-Bonnie AB, Maumenee IH. A novel locus for Leber congenital amaurosis maps to chromosome 6q. American journal of human genetics. 2000 Jan;66(1):319-26.
Bonney GE. Ascertainment corrections based on smaller family units. American journal of human genetics. 1998 Oct;63(4):1202-15.
Lidral AC, Murray JC, Buetow KH, Basart AM, Schearer H, Shiang R, Naval A, Layda E, Magee K, Magee W. Studies of the candidate genes TGFB2, MSX1, TGFA, and TGFB3 in the etiology of cleft lip and palate in the Philippines. Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal. 1997 Jan;34(1):1-6.
Berman DB, WagnerCostalas J, Schultz DC, Lynch HT, Daly M, Godwin AK. Two distinct origins of a common BRCA 1 mutation in breast- ovarian cancer families: A genetic study of 15 185delAG- mutation kindreds. American journal of human genetics. 1996 Jun;58(6):1166-76.
Rogatko A, Rebbeck T, Zacks S. Risk Prediction with Linked Markers - Pedigree Analysis. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 1995 Oct 23;59(1):24-32.
Godwin AK, Vanderveer L, Schultz DC, Lynch HT, Altomare DA, Buetow KH, Daly M, Getts LA, Masny A, Rosenblum N, Hogan M, Ozols RF, Hamilton TC. A Common Region of Deletion on Chromosome 17q in Both Sporadic and Familial Epithelial Ovarian-Tumors Distal to Brcai. American journal of human genetics. 1994 Oct;55(4):666-77.
Testa JR, Zhou JY, Bell DW, Yen TJ. Chromosomal Localization of the Genes Encoding the Kinetochore Proteins Cenpe and Cenpf to Human-Chromosomes 4q24- Q25 and 1q32- Q41 Respectively, by Fluorescence in-Situ Hybridization. Genomics. 1994 Oct;23(3):691-3.
Borecki IB, Bonney GE, Rice T, Bouchard C, Rao DC. Influence of Genotype-Dependent Effects of Covariates on the Outcome of Segregation Analysis of the Body-Mass Index. American journal of human genetics. 1993 Sep;53(3):676-87.
Farrall M, Buetow KH, Murray JC. Resolving an Apparent Paradox Concerning the Role of Tgfa in Cl/P. American journal of human genetics. 1993 Feb;52(2):434-6.
Hino O, Testa JR, Buetow KH, Taguchi T, Zhou JY, Bremer M, Bruzel A, Yeung R, Levan G, Levan KK, Knudson AG, Tartof KD. Universal Mapping Probes and the Origin of Human Chromosome-3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Jan 15;90(2):730-4.
Sassani R, Bartlett SP, Feng HS, Goldnersauve A, Haq AK, Buetow KH, Gasser DL. Association between Alleles of the Transforming Growth Factor- Alpha Locus and the Occurrence of Cleft-Lip. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 1993 Mar;45(5):565-9.
Shiang R, Lidral AC, Ardinger HH, Buetow KH, Romitti PA, Munger RG, Murray JC. Association of Transforming Growth-Factor Alpha-Gene Polymorphisms with Nonsyndromic Cleft-Palate Only (Cpo). American journal of human genetics. 1993 Oct;53(4):836-43.
Barnhill RL, Roush GC, Titusernstoff L, Ernstoff MS, Duray PH, Kirkwood JM. Comparison of Nonfamilial and Familial Melanoma. Dermatology. 1992 Jan;184(1):2-7.
Mills KA, Buetow KH, Xu Y, Weber JL, Altherr MR, Wasmuth JJ, Murray JC. Genetic and Physical Maps of Human Chromosome-4 Based on Dinucleotide Repeats. Genomics. 1992 Oct;14(2):209-19.
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linkage locus sequences regressive models genetic-variation risk growth-factor-alpha inheritance human genome factor susceptibility locus markers complex segregation analysis traits families cleft lip palate association polymorphisms construction breast-cancer carolina macular dystrophy hybridization dinucleotide repeat polymorphism fundus-flavimaculatus germline mutations stargardt-disease heterogeneity carcinomas resolution tandem bayesian estimation sample mcdr1 medical-privacy informed-consent primary-care TGFA disease gene abcr frequent loss rna rflps huntington disease gene cl spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia commingling analysis chromosome mutations receptor analysis linkage disequilibrium dysplastic nevus syndrome allelic loss pedigree data survival cone-rod tfga localization radical prostatectomy cystic-fibrosis no evidence TGFB3 lip quebec family melanocytic naevi nonfamilial precursor lesions population gene expression pathological features precision of risk insitu hybridization family Philippines genome-wide scan cleft-lip tgf-alpha low-grade disease vanderwoude synteny p53 gene likelihood counseling p heterozygosity research recruitment family-based research-ethics-genetics-cancer assignment MSX1 regional fat distribution large pedigrees albumin hereditary dysplastic melanocytic nevus polymerase chain-reaction segregation analysis unwinding activity egf cutaneous malignant-melanoma positional cloning sampling problem dystrophy stickler syndrome mouse prone families melanoma dna polymorphism TGFB2 serum strategies genetic-analysis cleft palate recessive retinitis-pigmentosa obesity receptor gene chorioretinal atrophy pbcra hpc1 trial
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