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Haldane A, Flynn WF, He P, Vijayan RS, Levy RM. Structural propensities of kinase family proteins from a Potts model of residue co-variation. Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society. 2016 Aug;25(8):1378-84.   PMCID: PMC4972195
Limon JJ, So L, Jellbauer S, Chiu H, Corado J, Sykes SM, Raffatellu M, Fruman DA. mTOR kinase inhibitors promote antibody class switching via mTORC2 inhibition. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Nov 25;111(47):E5076-85.   PMCID: 4250172
McCullough SD, Duncan KE, Swanton SM, Dailey LA, Diaz-Sanchez D, Devlin RB. Ozone induces a proinflammatory response in primary human bronchial epithelial cells through mitogen-activated protein kinase activation without nuclear factor-kappaB activation. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol. 2014 Sep;51(3):426-35.
Hough C, Radu M, Dore JJ. TGF-Beta Induced Erk Phosphorylation of Smad Linker Region Regulates Smad Signaling. PLoS One. 2012 Aug;7(8):e42513.   PMCID: PMC3412844
Husain H, Psyrri A, Markovic A, Rampias T, Pectasides E, Wang H, Slebos R, Yarbrough WG, Burtness B, Chung CH. Nuclear epidermal growth factor receptor and p16 expression in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. The Laryngoscope. 2012 Dec;122(12):2762-8.   PMCID: PMC3574977
Skarbnik AP, Smith MR. Brentuximab vedotin in anaplastic large cell lymphoma. Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy. 2012 May;12(5):633-9.   PMCID: *
von Mehren M, Rankin C, Goldblum JR, Demetri GD, Bramwell V, Ryan CW, Borden E. Phase 2 Southwest Oncology Group-directed intergroup trial (S0505) of sorafenib in advanced soft tissue sarcomas. Cancer. 2012 Feb;118(3):770-6.   PMCID: PMC3576704
Huang J, Zhang L, Greshock J, Colligon TA, Wang Y, Ward R, Katsaros D, Lassus H, Butzow R, Godwin AK, Testa JR, Nathanson KL, Gimotty PA, Coukos G, Weber BL, Degenhardt Y. Frequent Genetic Abnormalities of the PI3K/AKT Pathway in Primary Ovarian Cancer Predict Patient Outcome. Genes Chromosomes & Cancer. 2011 Aug;50(8):606-18.   PMCID: PMC3110626
Hu ZZ, Kagan BL, Ariazi EA, Rosenthal DS, Zhang LH, Li JV, Huang HZ, Wu C, Jordan VC, Riegel AT, Wellstein A. Proteomic Analysis of Pathways Involved in Estrogen-Induced Growth and Apoptosis of Breast Cancer Cells. PLoS One. 2011 Jun;6(6):e20410.   PMCID: PMC3124472
Sparano JA, Goldstein LJ, Childs BH, Shak S, Brassard D, Badve S, Baehner FL, Bugarini R, Rowley S, Perez EA, Shulman LN, Martino S, Davidson NE, Kenny PA, Sledge GW, Gray R. Relationship between Quantitative GRB7 RNA Expression and Recurrence after Adjuvant Anthracycline Chemotherapy in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Clinical Cancer Research. 2011 Nov;17(22):7194-203.   PMCID: PMC3570203
Singh MK, Izumchenko E, Klein-Szanto AJ, Egleston BL, Wolfson M, Golemis EA. Enhanced Genetic Instability and Dasatinib Sensitivity in Mammary Tumor Cells Lacking NEDD9. Cancer Research. 2010 Nov;70(21):8907-16.   PMCID: PMC2970659
Pirruccello M, Sondermann H, Pelton JG, Pellicena P, Hoelz A, Chernoff J, Wemmer DE, Kuriyan J. A dimeric kinase assembly underlying autophosphorylation in the p21 activated kinases. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. 2006 Aug;361(2):312-26.
Robb VA, Astrinidis A, Henske EP. Frequent of ribosomal protein S6 hyperphosphorylation in lymphangioleiomyomatosis-associated angiomyolipomas. MODERN PATHOLOGY. 2006 Jun;19(6):839-46.
Fletcher L, Cerniglia GJ, Yen TJ, Muschel RJ. Live cell imaging reveals distinct roles in cell cycle regulation for Nek2A and Nek2B. Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta-Molecular Cell Research. 2005 Jun 30;1744(2):89-92.
Wei BL, Arora VK, Raney A, Kuo LS, Xiao GH, O'Neill E, Testa JR, Foster JL, Garcia JV. Activation of p21-activated kinase 2 by human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef induces merlin phosphorylation. Journal of Virology. 2005 Dec;79(23):14976-80.
Xiao GH, Gallagher R, Shetler J, Skele K, Altomare DA, Pestell RG, Jhanwar S, Testa JR. The NF2 tumor suppressor gene product, merlin, inhibits cell proliferation and cell cycle progression by repressing cyclin D1 expression. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2005 Mar;25(6):2384-94.
Agus DB, Bunn PA, Franklin W, Garcia M, Ozols RF. HER-2/neu as a therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer. Seminars in Oncology. 2000 Dec;27(6):53-63.
Dadke SS, Li HC, Kusari AB, Begum N, Kusari J. Elevated expression and activity of protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B in skeletal muscle of insulin-resistant type II diabetic Goto-Kakizaki rats. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. 2000 Aug 11;274(3):583-9.
Zhang SY, Liu SC, Johnson DG, Klein-Szanto AJ. E2F-1 gene transfer enhances invasiveness of human head and neck carcimona cell lines. Cancer Research. 2000 Nov;60(21):5972-6.
Adler V, Yin ZM, Fuchs SY, Benezra M, Rosario L, Tew KD, Pincus MR, Sardana M, Henderson CJ, Wolf CR, Davis RJ, Ronai Z. Regulation of JNK signaling by GSTp. Embo Journal. 1999 Mar;18(5):1321-34.
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kinase activation expression growth receptor phosphorylation identification cancer differentiation tyrosine disease ras chemistry gene survival tyrosine kinase inhibitor p70 S6 kinase antagonists & inhibitors transcription factor e2f-1 renal angiomyolipomas mice Enzyme Inhibitors grade microinjection non-hodgkins-lymphoma irradiation biology dna-repair in-vivo tsc2 neurofibromatosis type-2 p21-activated kinase insulin receptor mutations beta-subunit myc protein stability gene-expression aurora-a nf2 Rheb Oncogene Proteins v-abl adipocytes Respiratory Mucosa mitotic delay centrosome-multinucleation-Nek2 multivariate-analysis ALK ALCL-anaplastic large cell lymphoma-antibody-drug conjugate-brentuximab vedotin-CD30-MMAE-non-Hodgkin lymphoma-SGN-35-T-cell lymphoma breast-cancer human P21 activated kinase prognosis sh3 domain factor receptor kinase-activity Inflammation Enzymologic Gene Expression Regulation apoptosis tuberous sclerosis phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase xenograft models tumorigenesis Biochemistry & Molecular Biology tuberous sclerosis complex family peptide solid tumors Air Pollutants protein hef1 c-myc hemangiopericytoma c-jun metabolism Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 14 class switching substrate recognition basal-like subtype angiosarcoma Enzyme Activation antihormonal therapy merlin Potts model pulmonary lymphangioleiomyomatosis poor-prognosis stress kinase polymerase chain-reaction association rapamycin rheb MAP Kinase Signaling System childhood p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases conformational preference oropharyngeal cancer xenopus oocytes 1995 bruin pc-leukemia-v9-p1620 glioblastoma Molecular Models uv lymphangioleiomyomatosis aids retinoblastoma protein NF-kappa B Amino Acid Motifs phosphorylase-kinase Pathology Ozone pathology drug-resistance Secondary Protein Structure inhibitor amplification gene amplification status ki-1 lymphoma 1000 bchy a-clin canc res-v16-p5351 B lymphocyte liposarcoma sunitinib transgenic nf2 tumor-suppressor Kinetics 1B signaling prognostic-significance human-breast complex translocation features nef mitosis growth-factor NMR nck copy number therapy in-vitro Protein Databases leiomyosarcoma nuclear EGFR Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma-p16 airway ii receptor cytology Cultured Cells nuclear receptor coactivator adapter protein stimulates ap-1 activity solitary fibrous tumor growth-factor receptor t-cell-activation egfr tumors Thermodynamics
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