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Gallo JM. Pharmacokinetics: Model structure and transport systems (Reprinted from Transport Processes in Pharmaceutical Systems, pg 55-86, 2000). Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs. 2001 Jan;18(3):235-66.
Frei E, Ara G, Teicher B, Bunnell C, Richardson P, Wheeler C, Tew K, Elias A. Double high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue (HD-SCR) in patients with breast cancer - effect of sequence. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 2000 Mar;45(3):239-46.
Chan AW, Kukolj G, Skalka AM, Bremel RD. Timing of DNA integration, transgenic mosaicism, and pronuclear microinjection. Molecular Reproduction and Development. 1999 Apr;52(4):406-13.
Gude RP, Binda MM, Presas HL, Klein-Szanto AJ, Bonfil RD. Studies on the mechanisms responsible for inhibition of experimental metastasis of B16-F10 murine melanoma by pentoxifylline. Journal of Biomedical Science. 1999 Mar;6(2):133-41.
Matsuda T, Terashima I, Matsumoto Y, Yabushita H, Matsui S, Shibutani S. Effective utilization of N-2-ethyl-2 '-deoxyguanosine triphosphate during DNA synthesis catalyzed by mammalian replicative DNA polymerases. Biochemistry. 1999 Jan 19;38(3):929-35.
Schaller S, Grandemange S, Shpakovski GV, Golemis EA, Kedinger C, Vigneron M. Interactions between the full complement of human RNA polymerase II subunits. Febs Letters. 1999 Nov 19;461(3):253-7.
Biade S, Sobol RW, Wilson SH, Matsumoto Y. Impairment of proliferating cell nuclear antigen-dependent apurinic/apyrimidinic site repair on linear DNA. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1998 Jan 09;273(2):898-902.
Bookman MA, Malmstrom H, Bolis G, Gordon A, Lissoni A, Krebs JB, Fields SZ. Topotecan for the treatment of advanced epithelial ovarian cancer: An open-label phase II study in patients treated after prior chemotherapy that contained cisplatin or carboplatin and paclitaxel. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1998 Oct;16(10):3345-52.
Katz RA, Gravuer K, Skalka AM. A preferred target DNA structure for retroviral integrase in vitro. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1998 Sep 11;273(37):24190-5.
Keller SM, Ryan LM, Coia LR, Dang P, Vaught DJ, Diggs C, Weiner LM, Benson AB. High dose chemoradiotherapy followed by esophagectomy for adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction - Results of a phase II study of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group. Cancer. 1998 Nov;83(9):1908-16.
Morliere P, Maziere JC, Santus R, Smith CD, Prinsep MR, Stobbe CC, Fenning MC, Golberg JL, Chapman JD. Tolyporphin: A natural product from cyanobacteria with potent photosensitizing activity against tumor cells in vitro and in vivo. Cancer Research. 1998 Aug 15;58(16):3571-8.
Guo JT, Pugh JC. Monoclonal antibodies to a 55-kilodalton protein present in duck liver inhibit infection of primary duck hepatocytes with duck hepatitis B virus. Journal of Virology. 1997 Jun;71(6):4829-31.
Hu YF, Lynch HT, Russo IH, Russo J, Zalipsky U. Environmental chemical carcinogens induce transformation of breast epithelial cells from women with familial history of breast cancer. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal. 1997 Jul;33(7):495-8.
Hu YF, Russo IH, Ao X, Russo J. Mammary-derived growth inhibitor (MDGI) cloned from human breast epithelial cells is expressed in fully differentiated lobular structures. International Journal of Oncology. 1997 Jul;11(1):5-11.
Ladner SK, Otto MJ, Barker CS, Zaifert K, Wang GH, Guo JT, Seeger C, King RW. Inducible expression of human hepatitis B virus (HBV) in stably transfected hepatoblastoma cells: A novel system for screening potential inhibitors of HBV replication. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 1997 Aug;41(8):1715-20.
Aiyar A, Hindmarsh P, Skalka AM, Leis J. Concerted integration of linear retroviral DNA by the avian sarcoma virus integrase in vitro: Dependence on both long terminal repeat termini. Journal of Virology. 1996 Jun;70(6):3571-80.
Bujacz G, Jaskolski M, Alexandratos J, Wlodawer A, Merkel G, Katz RA, Skalka AM. The catalytic domain of avian sarcoma virus integrase: Conformation of the active-site residues in the presence of divalent cations. Structure (London, England : 1993). 1996 Jan 15;4(1):89-96.
GercelTaylor C, Hoffman JP, Taylor DD, Owens KJ, Eisenberg BL. Interleukin-2 activation of cytotoxic cells in postmastectomy seroma. Journal of Surgical Research. 1996 Feb 15;61(1):89-96.
Hu JM, Seeger C. Hsp90 is required for the activity of a hepatitis B virus reverse transcriptase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1996 Feb 06;93(3):1060-4.
Katz RA, Merkel G, Skalka AM. Targeting of retroviral integrase by fusion to a heterologous DNA binding domain: In vitro activities and incorporation of a fusion protein into viral particles. Virology. 1996 Mar;217(1):178-90.
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invitro protein identification escherichia-coli viral-dna in-vitro expression gene carcinoma integration genome recombination v(d)j recombination resistance amplification acid integrase binding hiv-1 topoisomerase-i c overexpression trial invasiveness in situ hybridization cruciform structures particles envelope protein combination alkylating-agents infusion compartmental analysis lobular differentiation bone-marrow support partition-coefficients rna yeast nuclear transfer protein expression x-rays site selection squamous-cell carcinoma transcription specificity gene-expression progression virus x-protein antigens dairy-cattle induction line dimerization mammary-derived growth inhibitor transgene melphalan breast-cancer receptors nucleoside analogs disposition microscopy signal human-immunodeficiency-virus cancer derivatives porphyrins brain temperature surface-antigen solid tumors supercoiled dna ethacrynic- ASV murine leukemia-virus deletion alkylating agents Homo sapiens bone-marrow cells state ovarian-cancer B16-F10 gland adenocarcinoma drug platinum oncogene conservation therapy sequence plasma-membranes avian hepadnavirus sequences molecular cloning carcinoma cells surgery mitomycin- cultured human-fibroblasts ribonuclease-h encapsidation cyclin d1 lymphocytes glycoprotein retroviral integration RNA polymerase II cloning hydroxydeoxyguanosine lines lymphoma polymerase-beta esophageal neoplasm hiv inhibitor cell culture assay purification green fluorescent protein breast cancer fatty-acid-binding peripheral lymphocytes oxygen lexa therapy angiogenesis modality therapy complementation glutathione damage residues thiotepa esophagogastric junction 8- crystal-structure base-excision-repair region photodynamic therapy reporter bcl-2 expression resectable adenocarcinoma blocking requirement invivo complementation in pentoxifylline cloned viral-dna recombinant interleukin-2 proteins cell-adhesion cell- chemoradiation bovine embryos rat radiotherapy medical oncology
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