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Schilder RJ, Brady WE, Lankes HA, Fiorica JV, Shahin MS, Zhou XC, Mannel RS, Pathak HB, Hu W, Alpaugh RK, Sood AK, Godwin AK. Phase II evaluation of dasatinib in the treatment of recurrent or persistent epithelial ovarian or primary peritoneal carcinoma: A Gynecologic Oncology Group study. Gynecologic Oncology. 2012 Oct;127(1):70-4.   PMCID: PMC 3748717
Singh MK, Cowell L, Seo S, O'Neill GM, Golemis EA. Molecular basis for HEFI/NEDD9/Cas-L action as a multifunctional co-ordinator of invasion, apoptosis and cell cycle. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics. 2007 Jan;48(1):54-72.
Pan ZZ, Bruening W, Godwin AK. Involvement of RHO GTPases and ERK in synuclein-gamma enhanced cancer cell motility. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ONCOLOGY. 2006 Nov;29(5):1201-5.
Wickborn C, Klein-Szanto AJ, Schlag PM, Braunewell KH. Correlation of visinin-like-protein-1 expression with clinicopathological features in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus. MOLECULAR CARCINOGENESIS. 2006 Aug;45(8):572-81.
Larue L, Bellacosa A. Epithelial-mesenchymal transition in development and cancer: role of phosphatidylinositol 3 ' kinase/AKT pathways. Oncogene. 2005 Nov;24(50):7443-54.
Lin X, Jung JN, Kang DC, Xu BS, Zaret KS, Zoghbi H. Prenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase is essential for the earliest stages of liver development in mice. Gastroenterology. 2002 Jul;123(1):345-51.
Gude RP, Binda MM, Presas HL, Klein-Szanto AJ, Bonfil RD. Studies on the mechanisms responsible for inhibition of experimental metastasis of B16-F10 murine melanoma by pentoxifylline. Journal of Biomedical Science. 1999 Mar;6(2):133-41.
Lah TT, Calaf G, Kalman E, Shinde BG, Somers R, Estrada S, Salero E, Russo J, Daskal I. Cathepsins D, B, and L in transformed human breast epithelial cells. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 1996 Jan;39(2):221-33.
Miknyoczki SJ, KleinSzanto AJ, Ruggeri BA. Neurotrophin-Trk receptor interactions in neoplasia: A possible role in interstitial and perineural invasion in ductal pancreatic cancer. Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis. 1996 Jan;7(1-2):89-100.
Devries TJ, Kitson JL, Silvers WK, Mintz B. Expression of Plasminogen Activators and Plasminogen-Activator Inhibitors in Cutaneous Melanomas of Transgenic Melanoma- Susceptible Mice. Cancer Research. 1995 Oct 15;55(20):4681-7.
Lah TT, Calaf G, Kalman E, Shinde BG, Russo J, Jarosz D, Zabrecky J, Somers R, Daskal I. Cathepsin-D, Cathepsin-B and Cathepsin-L in Breast-Carcinoma and in Transformed Human Breast Epithelial-Cells (Hbec). Biological Chemistry Hoppe-Seyler. 1995 Jun;376(6):357-63.
Calaf G, Russo J. Transformation of Human Breast Epithelial-Cells by Chemical Carcinogens. Carcinogenesis. 1993 Mar;14(3):483-92.
Mintz B, Silvers WK. Transgenic Mouse Model of Malignant Skin Melanoma. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Oct;90(19):8817-21.
Mintz B, Silvers WK, Kleinszanto AJ. Histopathogenesis of Malignant Skin Melanoma Induced in Genetically Susceptible Transgenic Mice. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Oct;90(19):8822-6.
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invasion metastasis cancer expression breast cancer cathepsin Oncology carcinogens mouse degradation carcinoma family tumorigenicity angiogenesis invasiveness urokinase-type malignant proliferation esophagus synuclein-gamma mice cell-lines PREIMPLANTATION EMBRYOS HIRSCHSPRUNG-DISEASE bms-354825 gtpases tissue mitosis resistance growth-factor ha-ras oncogene scaffolding adaptor cathepsin D RHO wound healing signal transduction ONCOGENIC TRANSFORMATION neurotrophin receptors k-252 melanocytic hyperplasia modulation esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) caveolin-1 E-cadherin hyperplasia induction MEDIATED TYROSINE E-CADHERIN EXPRESSION line HUMAN T-CELLS GROWTH-FACTOR-BETA endoplasmic-reticulum growth Ovarian Dasatinib-Cancer-SRC-Inhibition mesenchymal transition endoderm vilip-1 P190 TRANSGENIC multistep nature visinin-like protein-1 HEF1 HUMAN B-CELLS c-terminal methylation specification carboxyl methyltransferase blocking apoptosis tumorigenesis pentoxifylline invivo signal-transduction Biochemistry & Molecular Biology proteins gene TRANSCRIPTION DOCKING PROTEIN FAMILY MICE cell-adhesion stimulation nerves NEDD9 activated protein-kinase tumor suppressor gene bevacizumab migrating endothelial-cells cathepsin b kinase alpha-synuclein l c-ha-ras oncogene MOUSE tumor progression breast tgf-alpha invitro assay tumor-cells adeno carcinoma skin grafting visinin-like protein-1 (VILIP-1) increases human prostate pancreas protein ovarian cancer INTEGRIN-LINKED KINASE cystatins TUMOR-CELLS SMAD-INTERACTING PROTEIN-1 c-Ha-ras oncogene affinity ngf-receptor neural invasion ADAPTER PROTEIN B16-F10 src inhibition necrosis-factor-alpha GTPase L FACTOR SNAIL human neuroblastoma growth factors CRK-ASSOCIATED SUBSTRATE neoplasia CAS-L rat mammary-gland PI3K cell motility inhibitors distribution tumor fibroblasts nerve growth-factor epithelial lesions calcium human breast epithelial cells nerve growth factor CARCINOMA CELL-LINE melanocytes PHOSPHORYLATION ERK cathepsin B tumor promotion neoplastic transformation ulceration AKT tyrosine kinase transformation BREAST-CANCER CELLS neurotrophins invitro
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