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Wen KY, Miller SM, Stanton AL, Fleisher L, Morra ME, Jorge A, Diefenbach MA, Ropka ME, Marcus AC. The development and preliminary testing of a multimedia patient-provider survivorship communication module for breast cancer survivors. Patient education and counseling. 2012 Aug;88(2):344-9.   PMCID: PMC3419388
Van Cleave JH, Egleston BL, Bourbonniere M, McCorkle R. Combining Extant Datasets with Differing Outcome Measures Across Studies of Older Adults after Cancer Surgery. Research in Gerontological Nursing. 2011 Jan;4(1):36-46.   PMCID: PMC3263316
Wang C, Gallo RE, Fleisher L, Miller SM. Literacy Assessment of Family Health History Tools for Public Health Prevention. Public Health Genomics. 2011 Jan;14(4-5):222-37.   PMCID: PMC2891255
Cohn WF, Ropka ME, Pelletier SL, Barrett JR, Kinzie MB, Harrison MB, Liu Z, Miesfeldt S, Tucker AL, Worrall BB, Gibson J, Mullins IM, Elward KS, Franko J, Guterbock TM, Knaus WA. Health Heritage (c), a Web-Based Tool for the Collection and Assessment of Family Health History: Initial User Experience and Analytic Validity. Public Health Genomics. 2010 Jan;13(7-8):477-91.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Manne S, Jacobsen PB, Ming ME, Winkel G, Dessureault S, Lessin SR. Tailored Versus Generic Interventions for Skin Cancer Risk Reduction for Family Members of Melanoma Patients. Health Psychology. 2010 Nov;29(6):583-93.   PMCID: PMC3058834
Agrawal M, Grady C, Fairclough DL, Meropol NJ, Maynard K, Emanuel EJ. Patients' decision-making process regarding participation in phase I oncology research. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY. 2006 Sep;24(27):4479-84.
Apicella C, Peacock SJ, Andrews L, Tucker K, Bankier A, Daly MB, Hopper JL. Determinants of preferences for genetic counselling in Jewish women. FAMILIAL CANCER. 2006 Jan;5(2):159-67.
Fang CY, Tseng M, Daly MB. Correlates of soy food consumption at increased risk for breast cancer in women. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2005 Oct;105(10):1552-8.
Katz SJ, Lantz PM, Janz NK, Fagcrlin A, Schwartz K, Liu LH, Deapen D, Salem B, Lakhani I, Morrow M. Patient involvement in surgery treatment decisions for breast cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 2005 Aug 20;23(24):5526-33.
Katz ML, Ruzek SB, Miller SM, Legos P. Gender differences in patients needs and concerns to diagnostic tests for possible cancer. Journal of Cancer Education. 2004 Jan;19(4):227-31.
Diefenbach MA, Miller SM, Daly MB. Specific worry about breast cancer predicts mammography use in women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. Health Psychology. 1999 Sep;18(5):532-6.
Dunbrack RL. Comparative modeling of CASP3 targets using PSI-BLAST and SCWRL. Proteins-Structure Function and Genetics. 1999 Jan;:81-7.
Miller SM, Buzaglo JS, Simms SL, Green V, Bales C, Mangan CE, Sedlacek TV. Monitoring styles in women at risk for cervical cancer: Implications for the framing of health-relevant messages. Annals of Behavioral Medicine. 1999 Jan;21(1):27-34.
Miller SM, Fang CY, Manne SL, Engstrom PF, Daly MB. Decision making about prophylactic oophorectomy among at-risk women: Psychological influences and implications. Gynecologic Oncology. 1999 Dec;75(3):406-12.
Shoda Y, Mischel W, Miller SM, Diefenbach M, Daly MB, Engstrom PF. Psychological interventions and genetic testing: Facilitating informed decisions about BRCA1/2 cancer susceptibility. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. 1998 Mar;5(1):3-17.
Miller SM, Siejak KK, Schroeder CM, Lerman C, Hernandez E, Helm CW. Enhancing adherence following abnormal pap smears among low- income minority women: A preventive telephone counseling strategy. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1997 May 21;89(10):703-8.
Lerman C, Schwartz MD, Miller SM, Daly M, Sands C, Rimer BK. A randomized trial of breast cancer risk counseling: Interacting effects of counseling, educational level, and coping style. Health Psychology. 1996 Mar;15(2):75-83.
Schwartz MD, Lerman C, Miller SM, Daly M, Masny A. Coping Disposition, Perceived Risk, and Psychological Distress among Women at Increased Risk for Ovarian-Cancer. Health Psychology. 1995 May;14(3):232-5.
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information women coping style breast cancer psychological distress cancer risk Oncology colorectal-cancer behavior model randomized trial distress style family communication informed-consent stress intervention BRCA1 Family health history united-states family history history adherence coping clinical-trials impact susceptibility efficacy breast-cancer decision-making colposcopy prevention coping styles 2007 corkle r-urol nurs-v27-p65 enrollment public-health BRCA2 family members diseases dependent rotamer library young-women hereditary breast 1989 corkle r-cancer-v64-p1375 nutrition motivation care general-practice Primary care breast cancer risk health survey sf-36 hawaii lung-cancer Ashkenazi database diet intentions ovarian-cancer breast self-examination prevention practices mammography adherence conservation therapy prophylactic oophorectomy patterns attitudes high risk SCWRL medicine 1997 ang ch-phys med rehabil sta-v11-p397 perceptions self-examination homology modeling morbidity home care acceptance asian-americans protective behavior health hormone replacement older women mortality preferences genetic testing formula satisfaction cutaneous melanoma melanoma patients Genetics & Heredity breast-cancer risk conserving surgery familial breast-cancer metaanalysis needs threat primary-care cancer worry tool ovarian clinical-practice readability therapy primary-care physicians blunting functional status posttraumatic-stress-disorder questionnaire genetics risk-assessment-tool workgroup brca1 degree relatives common-sense Health Document complexity cervical intraepithelial neoplasia sun protection age Genetic literacy 1994 horney ca-medical care-v32-p40 increased risk framework genetic counselling Epigenetic history population proteins mammography ethics literacy carcinoma individuals alignment treatment alternatives health psychology follow-up 2002 ng s-users manual e unpub 1998 corkle r-users manual symptom PSI-BLAST client preferences counseling prostate familial ovarian-cancer oral-contraceptive use physicians genetics Family genetic screening-web tool Health history frequency questionnaire barriers monitoring vs doctors
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