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Publication Listing for the MeSH term human t-cells. Found 5 abstracts

Tchou J, Wang LC, Selven B, Zhang HT, Conejo-Garcia J, Borghaei H, Kalos M, Vondeheide RH, Albelda SM, June CH, Zhang PJ. Mesothelin, a novel immunotherapy target for triple negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. 2012 Jun;133(2):799-804.
Tikhmyanova N, Little JL, Golemis EA. CAS proteins in normal and pathological cell growth control. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences. 2010 Apr;67(7):1025-48.   PMCID: PMC2836406 (Available on 2011/4/1)
Scallon BJ, Snyder LA, Anderson GM, Chen QM, Yan L, Weiner LM, Nakada MT. A review of antibody therapeutics and antibody-related technologies for oncology. JOURNAL OF IMMUNOTHERAPY. 2006 Jul;29(4):351-64.
Giantonio BJ, Alpaugh RK, Schultz J, McAleer C, Newton DW, Shannon B, Guedez Y, Kotb M, Vitek L, Persson R, Gunnarsson PO, Kalland T, Dohlsten M, Persson B, Weiner LM. Superantigen-based immunotherapy: A phase I trial of PNU- 214565, a monoclonal antibody staphylococcal enterotoxin a recombinant fusion protein, in advanced pancreatic and colorectal cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1997 May;15(5):1994-2007.
Shpitz B, Chambers CA, Singhal AB, Hozumi N, Fernandes BJ, Roifman CM, Weiner LM, Roder JC, Gallinger S. High-Level Functional Engraftment of Severe Combined Immunodeficient Mice with Human Peripheral-Blood Lymphocytes Following Pretreatment with Radiation and Anti-Asialo G(M1). Journal of Immunological Methods. 1994 Feb 28;169(1):1-15.
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