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Publication Listing for the MeSH term human genome. Found 9 abstracts

Favorov AV, Andreewski TV, Sudomoina MA, Favorova OO, Parmigiani G, Ochs MF. A Markov chain Monte Carlo technique for identification of combinations of allelic variants underlying complex diseases in humans. Genetics. 2005 Dec;171(4):2113-21.
Larson GP, Ding Y, Cheng LS, Lundberg C, Gagalang V, Rivas G, Geller L, Weitzel J, MacDonald D, Archambeau J, Slater J, Neuberg D, Daly MB, Angel I, Benson AB, Smith K, Kirkwood JM, O'Dwyer PJ, Raskay B, Sutphen R, Drew R, Stewart JA, Werndli J, Johnson D, Ruckdeschel JC, Elston RC, Krontiris TG. Genetic linkage of prostate cancer risk to the chromosome 3 region bearing FHIT. Cancer Research. 2005 Feb;65(3):805-14.
Gastier JM, Brody T, Pulido JC, Businga T, Sunden S, Hu XT, Maitra S, Buetow KH, Murray JC, Sheffield VC, Boguski M, Duyk GM, Hudson TJ. Development of a screening set for New (CAG/CTG)(n) dynamic mutations. Genomics. 1996 Feb 15;32(1):75-85.
Fan JB, Deyoung J, Lagace R, Lina RA, Xu ZD, Murray JC, Buetow KH, Weissenbach J, Goold RD, Cox DR, Myers RM. Isolation of Yeast Artificial Chromosome Clones from 54 Polymorphic Loci Mapped with High Odds on Human-Chromosome-4. Human molecular genetics. 1994 Feb;3(2):243-6.
Buetow KH, Duggan D, Yang BS, Ludwigsen S, Puck J, Porter J, Budarf M, Spielman R, Emanuel BS. A Microsatellite-Based Multipoint Index Map of Human- Chromosome-22. Genomics. 1993 Nov;18(2):329-39.
Hino O, Testa JR, Buetow KH, Taguchi T, Zhou JY, Bremer M, Bruzel A, Yeung R, Levan G, Levan KK, Knudson AG, Tartof KD. Universal Mapping Probes and the Origin of Human Chromosome-3. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Jan 15;90(2):730-4.
Loftus SK, Edwards SJ, Scherpbierheddema T, Buetow KH, Wasmuth JJ, Dixon MJ. A Combined Genetic and Radiation Hybrid Map Surrounding the Treacher-Collins Syndrome Locus on Chromosome-5q. Human molecular genetics. 1993 Nov;2(11):1785-92.
Mills KA, Buetow KH, Xu Y, Ritty TM, Mathews KD, Bodrug SE, Wijmenga C, Balazs I, Murray JC. Genetic and Physical Mapping on Chromosome-4 Narrows the Localization of the Gene for Facioscapulohumeral Muscular- Dystrophy (Fshd). American journal of human genetics. 1992 Aug;51(2):432-9.
Mills KA, Buetow KH, Xu Y, Weber JL, Altherr MR, Wasmuth JJ, Murray JC. Genetic and Physical Maps of Human Chromosome-4 Based on Dinucleotide Repeats. Genomics. 1992 Oct;14(2):209-19.
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