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Michaylira CZ, Wong GS, Miller CG, Gutierrez CM, Nakagawa H, Hammond R, Klein-Szanto AJ, Lee JS, Kim SB, Herlyn M, Diehl JA, Gimotty P, Rustgi AK. Periostin, a Cell Adhesion Molecule, Facilitates Invasion in the Tumor Microenvironment and Annotates a Novel Tumor-Invasive Signature in Esophageal Cancer. Cancer Research. 2010 Jul;70(13):5281-92.   PMCID: PMC3274349
Chang BL, Lange EM, Dimitrov L, Valis CJ, Gillanders EM, Lange LA, Wiley KE, Isaacs SD, Wiklund F, Baffoe-Bonnie A, Langefeld CD, Zheng SL, Matikainen MP, Ikonen T, Fredriksson H, Tammela T, Walsh PC, Bailey-Wilson JE, Schleutker J, Gronberg H, Cooney KA, Isaacs WB, Suh E, Trent JM, Xu JF. Two-locus genome-wide linkage scan for prostate cancer susceptibility genes with an interaction effect. HUMAN GENETICS. 2006 Feb;118(6):716-24.
Rosen DG, Cai KQ, Luthra R, Liu JS. Immunohistochemical staining of hMLH1 and hMSH2 reflects microsatellite instability status in ovarian carcinoma. MODERN PATHOLOGY. 2006 Nov;19(11):1414-20.
Sorokina EM, Chernoff J. Rho-GTPases: New members, new pathways. Journal of cellular biochemistry. 2005 Feb;94(2):225-31.
Pui JC, Allman D, Xu LW, DeRocco S, Karnell FG, Bakkour S, Lee JY, Kadesch T, Hardy RR, Aster JC, Pear WS. Notch1 expression in early lymphopoiesis influences B versus T lineage determination. Immunity. 1999 Sep;11(3):299-308.
Kim K, Biade S, Matsumoto Y. Involvement of flap endonuclease 1 in base excision DNA repair. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1998 Apr 10;273(15):8842-8.
Knudson AG. Hereditary cancer: Theme and variations. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1997 Oct;15(10):3280-7.
Sells MA, Chernoff J. Emerging from the PAK: The p21-activated protein kinase family. Trends in Cell Biology. 1997 Apr;7(4):162-7.
Berman DB, Costalas J, Schultz DC, Grana G, Daly M, Godwin AK. A common mutation in BRCA2 that predisposes to a variety of cancers is found in both Jewish Ashkenazi and non-Jewish individuals. Cancer Research. 1996 Aug;56(15):3409-14.
Law SF, Estojak J, Wang BL, Mysliwiec T, Kruh G, Golemis EA. Human enhancer of filamentation 1, a novel p130(cas)-like docking protein, associates with focal adhesion kinase and induces pseudohyphal growth in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1996 Jul;16(7):3327-37.
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