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Publication Listing for the MeSH term growth-factor receptor. Found 33 abstracts

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Balsara BR, Pei JM, Mitsuuchi Y, Page R, Klein-Szanto A, Wang H, Unger M, Testa JR. Frequent activation of AKT in non-small cell lung carcinomas and preneoplastic bronchial lesions. Carcinogenesis. 2004 Nov;25(11):2053-9.
Cohen SJ, Meropol NJ. Drug development in pancreatic cancer - Finally, biology begets therapy. International Journal of Gastrointestinal Cancer. 2002 Jan;32(2-3):91-106.
Agus DB, Bunn PA, Franklin W, Garcia M, Ozols RF. HER-2/neu as a therapeutic target in non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, and ovarian cancer. Seminars in Oncology. 2000 Dec;27(6):53-63.
Miknyoczki SJ, Chang H, Klein-Szanto A, Dionne CA, Ruggeri BA. The Trk tyrosine kinase inhibitor CEP-701 (KT-5555) exhibits significant antitumor efficacy in preclinical xenograft models of human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Clinical Cancer Research. 1999 Aug;5(8):2205-12.
Weiner LM. Monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer. Seminars in Oncology. 1999 Oct;26(5):43-51.
Weiner LM. An overview of monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer. Seminars in Oncology. 1999 Aug;26(4):41-50.
Liu F, Sells MA, Chernoff J. Transformation suppression by protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B requires a functional SH3 ligand. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1998 Jan;18(1):250-9.
Bandyopadhyay D, Kusari A, Kenner KA, Liu F, Chernoff J, Gustafson TA, Kusari J. Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B complexes with the insulin receptor in vivo and is tyrosine-phosphorylated in the presence of insulin. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1997 Jan 17;272(3):1639-45.
Galisteo ML, Chernoff J, Su YC, Skolnik EY, Schlessinger J. The adaptor protein Nck links receptor tyrosine kinases with the serine-threonine kinase pak1. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1996 Aug 30;271(35):20997-1000.
Goldberg MR, Heimbrook DC, Russo P, Sarosdy MF, Greenberg RE, Giantonio BJ, Linehan WM, Walther M, Fisher HA, Messing E, Crawford ED, Oliff AI, Pastan IH. Phase-I Clinical-Study of the Recombinant Oncotoxin Tp40 in Superficial Bladder-Cancer. Clinical Cancer Research. 1995 Jan;1(1):57-61.
Flubacher MM, Bear SE, Tsichlis PN. Replacement of Interleukin-2 (Il-2)-Generated Mitogenic Signals by a Mink Cell Focus-Forming (Mcf) or Xenotropic Virus-Induced Il-9-Dependent Autocrine Loop - Implications for Mcf Virus- Induced Leukemogenesis. Journal of Virology. 1994 Dec;68(12):7709-16.
Deen DF, Chiarodo A, Grimm EA, Fike JR, Israel MA, Kun LE, Levin VA, Marton LJ, Packer RJ, Pegg AE, Rosenblum ML, Suit HD, Walker MD, Wikstrand CJ, Wilson CB, Wong AJ, Yung WK. Brain-Tumor Working Group-Report on the 9th International- Conference on Brain-Tumor Research and Therapy. Journal of Neuro-Oncology. 1993 Jan;16(3):243-72.
Greer JM, Koerner TA, Hayakawa K, Hardy RR, Kemp JD. The 3g11+ Antigen, a Marker for Murine Cd4+ Th1 Lymphocytes, Is a Ganglioside. Glycobiology. 1993 Aug;3(4):391-401.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term growth-factor receptor

growth-factor receptor phase-i trial ovarian-cancer breast monoclonal-antibody clinical-trial activation antigen expression phosphorylation neuroblastoma b-cell lymphoma binding colorectal-carcinoma immune-response identification overexpression glycosphingolipid vaccines gene amplification status molecular-cloning advanced colorectal-cancer oocytes Her-2 hyperfractionated radiation-therapy epithelial-cells mice cell-lines prognostic-significance brain tumor therapy v-src human-breast hptlc cytotoxicity recurrent t-lymphocyte FTI chemotherapy immunostaining bacteroides- factor-i specificity neu plasmid adapter proteins ras alpha lymphoma lines signal- mutations papillomavirus-e5 transforming protein brain tumor research p53 xenopus gliomas mouse monoclonal-antibody colony-stimulating factor induction multivariate-analysis direct polyamines cell central nervous-system tumors human tyrosine EGFR pancreatic cancer tumor invasion cdc42 gene-transfer akt endo-beta- transduction src homology-2 domains domains apoptosis xenograft models kinase domain sh3 pseudomonas exotoxin infection alpha-difluoromethylornithine glioblastoma-multiforme cancer farnesyl-protein transferase enhanced expression prognostic importance focal adhesion kinase carcinoma kinase galactosidase VEGF protein-kinase b tumor-cells signaling pathway murine leukemia-virus c-myc factor scatter factor stimulating protein p130(cas) kinetics mediated modulation phosphotyrosine phosphatase matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors malignant gliomas transitional-cell-carcinoma poor-prognosis matrix-metalloproteinase inhibitor structural characterization monoclonal antibody association human-platelets protein-kinase-c xenopus oocytes targeted therapy t-cell subsets phase-i-ii cancer cells fragilis management human-placenta radiation-therapy in-situ hybridization radiation necrosis tyrosine kinase inhibitor first-line therapy site escherichia-freundii
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