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Publication Listing for the MeSH term glycosylation. Found 7 abstracts

Kopitz J, Xiao Q, Ludwig AK, Romero A, Michalak M, Sherman SE, Zhou X, Dazen C, Vertesy S, Kaltner H, Klein ML, Gabius HJ, Percec V. Reaction of a Programmable Glycan Presentation of Glycodendrimersomes and Cells with Engineered Human Lectins To Show the Sugar Functionality of the Cell Surface. Angewandte Chemie (International ed in English). 2017 Nov 13;56(46):14677-81.
Miller J, Doss M, McQuillen R, Shaller CC, Tolner B, Yu JQ, Chester K, Robinson MK. Impact of expression system on the function of the C6.5 diabody PET radiotracer. Tumor Biology. 2012 Jun;33(3):617-27.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Comunale MA, Mattu TS, Lowman MA, Evans AA, London WT, Semmes OJ, Ward M, Drake R, Romano PR, Steel LF, Block TM, Mehta A. Comparative proteomic analysis of de-N-glycosylated serum from hepatitis B carriers reveals polypeptides that correlate with disease status. Proteomics. 2004 Mar;4(3):826-38.
Block TM, Lu XY, Mehta AS, Blumberg BS, Tennant B, Ebling M, Korba B, Lansky DM, Jacob GS, Dwek RA. Treatment of chronic hepadnavirus infection in a woodchuck animal model with an inhibitor of protein folding and trafficking. Nature medicine. 1998 May;4(5):610-4.
Kappler F, Su BY, Szwergold BS, Randall WC, Brown TR. Identification of galactitol 2-phosphate and galactitol 3- phosphate in the lens of galactose-fed rats. Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental. 1995 Dec;44(12):1527-31.
Rosemblat S, Durhampierre D, Gardner JM, Nakatsu Y, Brilliant MH, Orlow SJ. Identification of a Melanosomal Membrane-Protein Encoded by the Pink-Eyed Dilution (Type-Ii Oculocutaneous Albinism) Gene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1994 Dec 06;91(25):12071-5.
Lal S, Szwergold BS, Kappler F, Brown T. Detection of Fructose-3-Phosphokinase Activity in Intact Mammalian Lenses by P-31 Nmr-Spectroscopy. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1993 Apr 15;268(11):7763-7.
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