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Frei E, Ara G, Teicher B, Bunnell C, Richardson P, Wheeler C, Tew K, Elias A. Double high-dose chemotherapy with stem cell rescue (HD-SCR) in patients with breast cancer - effect of sequence. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 2000 Mar;45(3):239-46.
Tew KD. Is there a role for glyoxalase I inhibitors as antitumor drugs?. Drug Resist Updat. 2000 Oct;3(5):263-4.
Calvert P, Yao KS, Hamilton TC, O'Dwyer PJ. Clinical studies of reversal of drug resistance based on glutathione. Chemico-Biological Interactions. 1998 Apr 24;112:213-24.
Gate L, Schultz M, Walsh E, Dhalluin S, Ba GN, Tapiero H, Tew KD. Impact of dietary supplement of Crassostrea gigas extract (JCOE) on glutathione levels and glutathione S-transferase activity in rat tissues. In Vivo. 1998 May;12(3):299-303.
Tapiero H, Gate L, Dhalluin S, Ba GN, Soupramanien V, Kouyate J, Tew KD. The antioxidant effects of Crassostrea gigas extract (JCOE) in human volunteers. In Vivo. 1998 May;12(3):305-9.
Johnson SW, Laub PB, Beesley JS, Ozols RF, Hamilton TC. Increased platinum-DNA damage tolerance is associated with cisplatin resistance and cross-resistance to various chemotherapeutic agents in unrelated human ovarian cancer cell lines. Cancer Research. 1997 Mar;57(5):850-6.
KupczykSubotkowska L, Siahaan TJ, Basile AS, Friedman HS, Higgins PE, Song D, Gallo JM. Modulation of melphalan resistance in glioma cells with a peripheral benzodiazepine receptor ligand melphalan conjugate. Journal of medicinal chemistry. 1997 May 23;40(11):1726-30.
Odwyer PJ, Perez RP, Yao KS, Godwin AK, Hamilton TC. Increased DT-diaphorase expression and cross-resistance to mitomycin C in a series of cisplatin-resistant human ovarian cancer cell lines. Biochemical pharmacology. 1996 Jul 12;52(1):21-7.
Odwyer PJ, Szarka CE, Yao KS, Halbherr TC, Pfeiffer GR, Green F, Gallo JM, Brennan J, Frucht H, Goosenberg EB, Hamilton TC, Litwin S, Balshem AM, Engstrom PF, Clapper ML. Modulation of gene expression in subjects at risk for colorectal cancer by the chemopreventive dithiolethione oltipraz. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1996 Sep;98(5):1210-7.
Tapiero H, Tew KD. Increased glutathione expression in cells induced by Crassostera gigas extract (JCOE). Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 1996 Jan;50(3-4):149-53.
Perez RP, Johnson SW, Handel LM, Odwyer PJ, Hamilton TC. Determinants of Cisplatin Sensitivity in Normal Versus Spontaneously Transformed Rat Ovarian Surface Epithelial-Cells. Gynecologic Oncology. 1995 Sep;58(3):312-8.
Szwergold BS, Lal S, Taylor AH, Kappler F, Su BY, Brown TR. P-31-Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Evidence of an Activated Hexose-Monophosphate Shunt in Hyperglycemic Rat Lenses in-Vivo. Diabetes. 1995 Jul;44(7):810-5.
Yao KS, Godwin AK, Johnson SW, Ozols RF, Odwyer PJ, Hamilton TC. Evidence for Altered Regulation of Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Synthetase Gene-Expression among Cisplatin-Sensitive and Cisplatin-Resistant Human Ovarian-Cancer Cell-Lines. Cancer Research. 1995 Oct;55(19):4367-74.
Johnson SW, Swiggard PA, Handel LM, Brennan JM, Godwin AK, Ozols RF, Hamilton TC. Relationship between Platinum-DNA Adduct Formation and Removal and Cisplatin Cytotoxicity in Cisplatin-Sensitive and Cisplatin-Resistant Human Ovarian-Cancer Cells. Cancer Research. 1994 Nov 15;54(22):5911-6.
Odwyer PJ, Yao KS, Ford P, Godwin AK, Clayton M. Effects of Hypoxia on Detoxicating Enzyme-Activity and Expression in Ht29 Colon Adenocarcinoma Cells. Cancer Research. 1994 Jun 15;54(12):3082-7.
Brennan JM, Odwyer PJ, Ozols RF, Lacreta FP. High-Performance Liquid-Chromatographic Determination of the S- Diastereoisomers and R-Diastereoisomers of L-Buthionine (Sr)- Sulfoximine in Human Plasma and Urine. Journal of Chromatography-Biomedical Applications. 1993 Oct 22;620(1):121-8.
Johnson SW, Ozols RF, Hamilton TC. Mechanisms of Drug-Resistance in Ovarian-Cancer. Cancer. 1993 Jan 15;71(2):644-9.
Lidor YJ, Obriant KC, Xu FJ, Hamilton TC, Ozols RF, Bast RC. Alkylating-Agents and Immunotoxins Exert Synergistic Cytotoxic Activity against Ovarian-Cancer Cells - Mechanism of Action. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1993 Nov;92(5):2440-7.
Odwyer PJ, Lacreta FP, Walczak J, Cox T, Litwin S, Hoffman JP, Zimny M, Comis RL. Phase-I Pharmacokinetic Biochemical-Study of the Nitroimadazole Hypoxic Cell Sensitizer Sr2508 (Etanidazole) in Combination with Cyclophosphamide. British Journal of Cancer. 1993 Oct;68(4):756-66.
Ranganathan S, Tew KD. Analysis of glyoxalase-I from normal and tumor tissue from human colon. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Basis of Disease. 1993 Jan;1182(3):311-6.
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glutathione melphalan lines depletion resistance cytotoxicity repair expression chemotherapy carcinoma buthionine sulfoximine reductase cyto-toxicity glutathione transferase human carcinoma cells cis- drug-resistance enzymes mechanism tumor sulfoximine cancer cisplatin alkylating agents rat transport ovarian cancer activation DT-diaphorase gene Crassostrea gigas cisplatin resistance binding-sites phosphate-metabolism resistant high brain-tumors adduct formation electrophiles complexes colon intact rabbit lens antioxidants derivatization chemosensitization ethacrynic- lung-cancer acid sensitization susceptibility ovarian-cancer rhabdomyosarcoma xenograft interstrand cross-links european case-control melphalan cyto-toxicity brush-border membranes sequence polymerase chain-reaction blood-flow toxicity mammalian lens mouse carcinogenesis identification ovarian neoplasms drug-resistant glutathione-associated enzymes potent hypotaurine radiosensitizer sr-2508 cancer-cells invitro oltipraz alkylating-agents monoclonal-antibodies intracellular glutathione Crassostera gigas anticancer drugs vitro induced apoptosis therapy buthionine s-transferase homeostasis l1210 leukemia-cells colon carcinoma drug synergy cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) recurrent gliomas gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase drug accumulation localization carcinoma cell-lines thiotepa diabetic rats dna-binding gene expression acquired-resistance in s-transferase-mu diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) accumulation aldose reductase inhibitor mitomycin C drug resistance colon tumor tumor-cells increase glyoxalase I tumor marker glucose l-phenylalanine mustard pooled analysis colon- polyol pathway ribozyme glutathione depletion misonidazole enhanced dna-repair cancer-treatment 5-(2-pyrazinyl)-4- antioxidant 2-dithiol-3-thione oltipraz ad-libitum vivo mice enhanced dna- chemoprevention combination alkylating-agents assay glutathione-S-transferase immunoconjugates dna-repair bone-marrow support plasma transcription cis-diamminedichloroplatinum(ii) accumulation enhancement methyl-1 anticancer agents gene-expression dt-diaphorase taurine gene- induction cancer cell-lines
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