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Publication Listing for the MeSH term genetic-analysis. Found 5 abstracts

Lobo A, Naso A, Arheart K, Kruger WD, Abou-Ghazala T, Alsous F, Nahlawi M, Gupta A, Moustapha A, van Lente F, Jacobsen DW, Robinson K. Reduction of homocysteine levels in coronary artery disease by low-dose folic acid combined with vitamins B-6 and B-12. American Journal of Cardiology. 1999 Mar 15;83(6):821-5.
Murray JC, Buetow KH, Weber JL, Ludwigsen S, Scherpbierheddema T, Manion F, Quillen J, Sheffield VC, Sunden S, Duyk GM, Weissenbach J, Gyapay G, Dib C, Morrissette J, Lathrop GM, Vignal A, White R, Matsunami N, Gerken S, Melis R, Albertsen H, Plaetke R, Odelberg S, Ward D, Dausset J, Cohen D, Cann H. A Comprehensive Human Linkage with Centimorgan Density. Science (New York, NY). 1994 Sep 30;265(5181):2049-54.
Borecki IB, Bonney GE, Rice T, Bouchard C, Rao DC. Influence of Genotype-Dependent Effects of Covariates on the Outcome of Segregation Analysis of the Body-Mass Index. American journal of human genetics. 1993 Sep;53(3):676-87.
Carter CL, Hu N, Wu M, Lin PZ, Murigande C, Bonney GE. Segregation Analysis of Esophageal Cancer in 221 High-Risk Chinese Families. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1992 May 20;84(10):771-6.
Demenais FM, Laing AE, Bonney GE. Numerical Comparisons of 2 Formulations of the Logistic Regressive Models with the Mixed Model in Segregation Analysis of Discrete Traits. Genetic epidemiology. 1992 Jan;9(6):419-35.
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