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Ginzburg S, Uzzo R, Al-Saleem T, Dulaimi E, Walton J, Corcoran A, Plimack E, Mehrazin R, Tomaszewski J, Viterbo R, Chen DY, Greenberg R, Smaldone M, Kutikov A. Coexisting Hybrid Malignancy in a Solitary Sporadic Solid Benign Renal Mass: Implications for Treating Patients Following Renal Biopsy. Journal of Urology. 2014 Feb;191(2):296-300.   PMCID: PMC4083459
Clements T, Messer JC, Terrell JD, Herman MP, Ng CK, Scherr DS, Scoll B, Boorjian SA, Uzzo RG, Wille M, Eggener SE, Lucas SM, Lotan Y, Shariat SF, Raman JD. High-Grade Ureteroscopic Biopsy Is Associated with Advanced Pathology of Upper-Tract Urothelial Carcinoma Tumors at Definitive Surgical Resection. Journal of endourology. 2012 Apr;26(4):398-402.
Dawood S, Ueno NT, Valero V, Woodward WA, Buchholz TA, Hortobagyi GN, Gonzalez-Angulo AM, Cristofanilli M. Identifying factors that impact survival among women with inflammatory breast cancer. Annals of Oncology. 2012 Apr;23(4):870-5.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Klayton T, Price R, Buyyounouski MK, Sobczak M, Greenberg R, Li JS, Keller L, Sopka D, Kutikov A, Horwitz EM. Prostate Bed Motion During Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy Treatment. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2012 Sep;84(1):130-6.   PMCID: PMC3285397
Runge JJ, Curcillo PG, King SA, Podolsky ER, Holt DE, Davidson J, Agnello KA. Initial Application of Reduced Port Surgery Using the Single Port Access Technique for Laparoscopic Canine Ovariectomy. Veterinary Surgery. 2012 Oct;41(7):803-6.
Stitzenberg KB, Wong YN, Nielsen ME, Egleston BL, Uzzo RG. Trends in radical prostatectomy: centralization, robotics, and access to urologic cancer care. Cancer. 2012 Jan;118(1):54-62.   PMCID: PMC184376
Gumbs AA, Rivera AM, Milone L, Hoffman JP. Laparoscopic Pancreatoduodenectomy: A Review of 285 Published Cases. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2011 May;18(5):1335-41.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Heath EI, Blumenschein GR, Cohen RB, LoRusso PM, LoConte NK, Kim ST, Ruiz-Garcia A, Chao RC, Wilding G. Sunitinib in combination with paclitaxel plus carboplatin in patients with advanced solid tumors: phase I study results. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology. 2011 Sep;68(3):703-12.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Regine WF, Winter KA, Abrams R, Safran H, Hoffman JP, Konski A, Benson AB, Macdonald JS, Rich TA, Willett CG. Fluorouracil-based Chemoradiation with Either Gemcitabine or Fluorouracil Chemotherapy after Resection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma: 5-Year Analysis of the US Intergroup/RTOG 9704 Phase III Trial. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2011 May;18(5):1319-26.   PMCID: NIHMS323431 [approved 10-18-12]
Simhan J, Smaldone MC, Tsai KJ, Canter DJ, Li TY, Kutikov A, Viterbo R, Chen DY, Greenberg RE, Uzzo RG. Objective Measures of Renal Mass Anatomic Complexity Predict Rates of Major Complications Following Partial Nephrectomy. European Urology. 2011 Oct;60(4):724-30.   PMCID: PMC3319121
Streiff MB, Bockenstedt PL, Cataland SR, Chesney C, Eby C, Fanikos J, Fogarty PF, Gao SW, Garcia-Aguilar J, Goldhaber SZ, Hassoun H, Hendrie P, Holmstrom B, Jones KA, Kuderer N, Lee JT, Millenson MM, Neff AT, Ortel TL, Smith JL, Yee GC, Zakarija A, Nccn Clinical Practice Guidelines. Venous Thromboembolic Disease. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2011 Jul;9(7):714-77.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Alderman AK, Collins ED, Schott A, Hughes ME, Ottesen RA, Theriault RL, Wong YN, Weeks JC, Niland JC, Edge SB. The Impact of Breast Reconstruction on the Delivery of Chemotherapy. Cancer. 2010 Apr;116(7):1791-800.   PMCID: PMC2847068 [Available on 2011/4/1]
Chen LL, Paskalev K, Xu X, Zhu J, Wang L, Price RA, Hu W, Feigenberg SJ, Horwitz EM, Pollack A, Ma CM. Rectal dose variation during the course of image-guided radiation therapy of prostate cancer. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 2010 May;95(2):198-202.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Farma JM, Ammori JB, Zager JS, Marzban SS, Bui MM, Bichakjian CK, Johnson TM, Lowe L, Sabel MS, Wong SL, Letson GD, Messina JL, Cimmino VM, Sondak VK. Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans: How Wide Should We Resect?. Annals of Surgical Oncology. 2010 Aug;17(8):2112-8.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Hegde SR, Iffrig K, Li TY, Downey S, Heller SJ, Tokar JL, Haluszka O. Double-balloon enteroscopy in the elderly: safety, findings, and diagnostic and therapeutic success. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2010 May;71(6):983-9.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Morgan D, Upchurch B, Draganov P, Binmoeller KF, Haluszka O, Jonnalagadda S, Okolo P, Grimm I, Judah J, Tokar J, Chiorean M. Spiral enteroscopy: prospective U.S. multicenter study in patients with small-bowel disorders. Gastrointestinal endoscopy. 2010 Nov;72(5):992-8.   PMCID: NIHMS308164
Turaka A, Li TY, Sharma NK, Li LN, Nicolaou N, Mehra R, Burtness B, Cohen RB, Lango MN, Horwitz EM, Ridge JA, Feigenberg SJ. Increased Recurrences Using Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy in the Postoperative Setting. American Journal of Clinical Oncology-Cancer Clinical Trials. 2010 Dec;33(6):599-603.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Andrews SF, Horwitz EM, Feigenberg SJ, Eisenberg DF, Hanlon AL, Uzzo RG, Pollack A. Does a delay in external beam radiation therapy after tissue diagnosis affect outcome for men with prostate carcinoma?. Cancer. 2005 Jul 15;104(2):299-304.
Nguyen CL, Scott WJ, Young NA, Rader T, Giles LR, Goldberg M. Radiofrequency ablation of primary lung cancer. Chest. 2005 Nov;128(5):3507-11.
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experience cancer imrt radiotherapy surgery impact head complications tumors surveillance carcinoma cell carcinoma patterns radical prostatectomy management adjuvant chemotherapy radiation-therapy accuracy neck-cancer radiation randomized controlled-trial spa(tm) cholecystectomy upper gastrointestinal endoscopy patient outcomes Nephrometry Prostate IMRT IMRT prostatectomy stage III anticoagulation mohs micrographic surgery capsule endoscopy iii randomized trial risks radical endourological management budd-chiari-syndrome patterns of failure percutaneous biopsy controlled-trial re-optimization assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy pancreatic-cancer needle core biopsy small-bowel diseases oxyphilic surgical volumes bile-duct renal cell aged 85 years subgroups cohort deep venous 2008 iorean eg-v26-p2008 Partial nephrectomy upper hospital volume escalation androgen suppression metastasectomy endoscopic management vena-cava filters pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy pulmonary embolism curative resection reconstruction metabolism treatment parotid-gland thromboembolism cost NCCN Guidelines subtypes yield centralization Sunitinib conformal radiotherapy gland Antiangiogenesis adenocarcinoma radiation therapy prostate carcinoma-treatment delay failure feasibility 2000 rtney j-hlth services outcom-v1-p173 epidemiology deep-vein dose-response pancreaticoduodenectomy learning-curve Complications international normalized ratio NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines Chemotherapy chronic kidney-disease toxicity warfarin thrombosis morbidity prostate cancer NSCLC identification Rectal dose retropubic pathology Nasopharyngeal carcinoma heparin system quality-of-life blind trial prophylaxis multidisciplinary Replanning urinary-tract cell lung-cancer inflammatory breast cancer pathology lung cancer-lung-radiology intervention-surgery normal contralateral kidneys features growth-factor chemotherapy transitional-cell carcinoma therapy duodenopancreatectomy program target localization breast cancer breast reconstruction-chemotherapy-NCCN cytology single institution double-balloon enteroscopy interval survival approach Radiotherapy errors localization 1984 guirk ma-inquiry-the journal of health care organization provision and financing-v21-p84 Intensity-modulated radiotherapy immediate reconstruction venous competing Solid tumor Course of treatment Phase I outcomes acute pulmonary-embolism head and neck cancers Motion Localization-Postprostatectomy-Tracking bevacizumab resection time
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