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George P, Siegbahn PE, Glusker JP, Bock CW. The dehydration step in the enzyme-coenzyme-B-12 catalyzed diol dehydrase reaction of 1,2-dihydroxyethane utilizing a hydrogen- bonded carboxylic acid group as an additional cofactor: A computational study. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1999 Sep 02;103(35):7531-41.
Katz AK, Glusker JP, Markham GD, Bock CW. Deprotonation of water in the presence of carboxylate and magnesium ions. Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 1998 Aug 13;102(33):6342-50.
Markham GD, Trachtman M, Bock CL, Bock CW. The binding of water to the carboxylate group in R-CO2- (R = H, CH3, NH2, OH, and F): an ab initio molecular orbital study. Journal of Molecular Structure-Theochem. 1998 Dec 18;455(2-3):239-56.
Trachtman M, Markham GD, Glusker JP, George P, Bock CW. Interactions of metal ions with water: Ab initio molecular orbital studies of structure, bonding enthalpies, vibrational frequencies and charge distributions. 1. Monohydrates. Inorganic chemistry. 1998 Aug 24;37(17):4421-31.
George P, Glusker JP, Bock CW. An ab initio computational molecular orbital study of radical, protonated radical (radical cation), and carbocation species that have been proposed in mechanisms for the transfer process in the enzyme coenzyme B-12-catalyzed dehydration of 1,2- dihydroxyethane. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1997 Jul 30;119(30):7065-74.
George P, Bock CW, Glusker JP. Fission of the epoxide ring in 6,8-dioxabicyclo 5.1.0 octa-2,4- diene (epoxyoxepin) and in 8-oxabicyclo 5.1.0 octa-2,4-diene: An ab initio molecular orbital study. Journal of Molecular Structure. 1996 Feb 20;376:425-35.
Markham GD, Bock CW. The interaction of water with sulfonium ions and the effects of hydration on the energetics of methyl group transfer: An ab initio molecular orbital study of the hydration of (CH3)(3) S+ and (CH3)(2) S+CH2CO2. Structural Chemistry. 1996 Aug;7(4):281-300.
George P, Bock CW, Glusker JP, Greenberg A, Gallagher JD. Thermal Rearrangements of Bicyclo 5.1.0 Octa-2,4-Diene and Its 8-Oxa, 6-Oxa, and 6,8-Dioxa Derivatives - an Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Study. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1995 Jul 14;60(14):4385-94.
Bock CW, George P, Greenberg A, Glusker JP. An Ab-Initio Computational Molecular-Orbital Study of the Conformers of Muconaldehyde, and the Possible Role of 2-Formyl- 2h-Pyran in Bringing - About the Conversion of a (Z,Z)- Muconaldehyde Structure into an (E,Z)-Muconaldehyde Structure. Chemical Research in Toxicology. 1994 Jul;7(4):534-43.
Bock CW, Kaufman A, Glusker JP. Coordination of Water to Magnesium Cations. Inorganic chemistry. 1994 Feb 02;33(3):419-27.
Bock CW, George P, Glusker JP. Ab-Initio Molecular-Orbital Studies on C2h5o+ and C2h4fo+ - Oxonium Ion, Carbocation, Protonated Aldehyde, and Related Transition-State Structures. Journal of Organic Chemistry. 1993 Oct 08;58(21):5816-25.
Bock CW, Glusker JP. Organization of Water around a Beryllium Cation. Inorganic chemistry. 1993 Mar 31;32(7):1242-50.
Greenberg A, Bock CW, George P, Glusker JP. Energetics of the Metabolic Production of (E,E)-Muconaldehyde from Benzene Via the Intermediates 2,3-Epoxyoxepin and (Z,Z)- Muconaldehyde and (E,Z)-Muconaldehyde - Ab-Initio Molecular- Orbital Calculations. Chemical Research in Toxicology. 1993 Sep;6(5):701-10.
Markham GD, Bock CW. Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfonium Ions - an Abinitio Molecular-Orbital Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 1993 May 27;97(21):5562-9.
George P, Bock CW, Glusker JP. Protonation of Monosubstituted Oxiranes - a Computational Molecular-Orbital Study of Oxonium Ion Versus Carbonium-Ion Formation. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 1992 Apr 30;96(9):3702-8.
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