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Publication Listing for the MeSH term electron beam. Found 4 abstracts

Price RA, Ayyangar KM. IORT apparatus design improvement through the evaluation of electron spectral distributions using Monte Carlo methods. Medical Physics. 2000 Jan;27(1):215-20.
Das IJ, McGee KP, Cheng CW. Electron-Beam Characteristics at Extended Treatment Distances. Medical Physics. 1995 Oct;22(10):1667-74.
Das IJ, Bushe HS. Backscattering and Transmission through a High-Z Interface as a Measure of Electron-Beam Energy. Medical Physics. 1994 Feb;21(2):315-9.
Das IJ, Harrington JC, Akber SF, Tomer AF, Murray JC, Cheng CW. Dosimetric Problems at Low Monitor Unit Settings for Scanned and Scattering Foil Electron-Beams. Medical Physics. 1994 Jun;21(6):821-6.
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