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Koch C, Schwing AM, Herrmann E, Borner M, Diaz-Rubio E, Dotan E, Feliu J, Okita N, Souglakos J, Arkenau HT, Porschen R, Koopman M, Punt CJ, de Gramont A, Tournigand C, Zeuzem S, Trojan J. Bevacizumab-based first-line chemotherapy in elderly patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: An individual patient data based meta-analysis. Oncotarget. 2018 Feb 13;9(12):10272-83.   PMCID: PMC5828201
Hurria A, Browner IS, Cohen HJ, Denlinger CS, deShazo M, Extermann M, Ganti AK, Holland JC, Holmes HM, Karlekar MB, Keating NL, McKoy J, Medeiros BC, Mrozek E, O'Connor T, Petersdorf SH, Rugo HS, Silliman RA, Tew WP, Walter LC, Weir AB, Wildes T. Senior Adult Oncology. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. 2012 Feb;10(2):162-209.   PMCID: not NIH funded
Mandelblatt JS, Hadley J, Kerner JF, Schulman KA, Gold K, Dunmore-Griffith J, Edge S, Guadagnoli E, Lynch JJ, Meropol NJ, Weeks JC, Winn R. Patterns of breast carcinoma treatment in older women - Patient preference and clinical and physician influences. Cancer. 2000 Aug;89(3):561-73.
McCorkle R, Strumpf NE, Nuamah IF, Adler DC, Cooley ME, Jepson C, Lusk EJ, Torosian M. A specialized home care intervention improves survival among older post-surgical cancer patients. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2000 Dec;48(12):1707-13.
Hanks GE, Hanlon A, Owen JB, Schultheiss TE. Patterns of Radiation Treatment of Elderly Patients with Prostate-Cancer. Cancer. 1994 Oct;74(7):2174-7.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term elderly

elderly treatment care survival 1993 eilly se-journal of clinical oncology-v11-p2250 age comprehensive geriatric Merck-Serono received research funding (for the institution) from Roche-Amgen advanced age 1994 eson bd-journal of clinical oncology-v12-p2216 prostate cancer Roche and lecturing and advisory fees from Falk-Sanofi and Lillly ED-R elderly patients cancer treatment radiation radiation-therapy advanced mini-nutritional assessment 1987 arlson me-journal of chronic diseases-v40-p373 2008 mmcdevitt j-oncology-v22-p1060 Merck Serono and AstraZeneca and advisory fees from Roche-Amgen-Bayer-Sanofi breast carcinoma Lilly and Roche The other authors declare no conflicts of Merck Serono 1984 lman rs-journal of clinical oncology-v2-p1404 cancer interests quality-of-life 2008 pa m-j clin oncol s15-v26 acute bevacizumab prednisone plus thalidomide first-line chemotherapy post-surgery Bayer advisor for Roche Hellas JF received advisory fees from Amgen-Roche metastatic colorectal-cancer 1992 ristman k-jama-journal of the american medical association-v268-p57 Sanofi and Roche and acted as medical received research grants from Amgen conserving surgery 2008 mmcdevitt j-oncology-v22-p1058 Sanofi and Syrtex RP received research grants from German Cancer Society Lilly follow-up non-hodgkins-lymphoma symptoms older patient specialized home care comprehensive geriatric assessment Bayer Oncomed-Pfizer and Biocompatibles JT received advisory fees from Amgen NCCN Guidelines cell-lung-cancer assessment therapy treatment choice senior adult practice nurse Servier and Genomica ED received research support to the institution from MSD inappropriate medication use 2009 cleary naj-j clin oncol-v27-p4010 patterns of care colony-stimulating factor stage metastatic colorectal cancer Teijin Pharma Novartis Pharma-Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and Taiho Pharma JS NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines cancer-patients myeloid-leukemia
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