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Jaiswal AK, Bell DW, Radjendirane V, Testa JR. Localization of human NQO1 gene to chromosome 16q22 and NQO2- 6p25 and associated polymorphisms. Pharmacogenetics. 1999 Jun;9(3):413-8.
Joseph P, Jaiswal AK. NAD(P)H : Quinone oxidoreductase 1 reduces the mutagenicity of DNA caused by NADPH : P450 reductase-activated metabolites of benzo(a)pyrene quinones. British Journal of Cancer. 1998 Mar;77(5):709-19.
Clapper ML, Szarka CE, Pfeiffer GR, Graham TA, Balshem AM, Litwin S, Goosenberg EB, Frucht H, Engstrom PF. Preclinical and clinical evaluation of broccoli supplements as inducers of glutathione S-transferase activity. Clinical Cancer Research. 1997 Jan;3(1):25-30.
Wu KB, Knox R, Sun XZ, Joseph P, Jaiswal AK, Zhang D, Deng PS, Chen S. Catalytic properties of NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase-2 (NQO2), a dihydronicotinamide riboside dependent oxidoreductase. Archives of biochemistry and biophysics. 1997 Nov 15;347(2):221-8.
Joseph P, Xu YH, Jaiswal AK. Non-enzymatic and enzymatic activation of mitomycin C: Identification of a unique cytosolic activity. International journal of cancer. 1996 Jan 17;65(2):263-71.
Odwyer PJ, Szarka CE, Yao KS, Halbherr TC, Pfeiffer GR, Green F, Gallo JM, Brennan J, Frucht H, Goosenberg EB, Hamilton TC, Litwin S, Balshem AM, Engstrom PF, Clapper ML. Modulation of gene expression in subjects at risk for colorectal cancer by the chemopreventive dithiolethione oltipraz. Journal of Clinical Investigation. 1996 Sep;98(5):1210-7.
Xie T, Jaiswal AK. AP-2-mediated regulation of human NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase(1) (NQO(1)) gene expression. Biochemical pharmacology. 1996 Mar 22;51(6):771-8.
Jaiswal AK. Human Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase(2) - Gene Structure, Activity, and Tissue-Specific Expression. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1994 May 20;269(20):14502-8.
Joseph P, Jaiswal AK, Stobbe CC, Chapman JD. The Role of Specific Reductases in the Intracellular Activation and Binding of 2-Nitroimidazoles. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 May 15;29(2):351-5.
Joseph P, Sharma MC, Jaiswal AK. Inhibition of Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase(1) in Ethacrynic Acid-Resistant Human Colon-Carcinoma Cells. Biochemical pharmacology. 1994 Jun;47(11):2011-5.
Li Y, Jaiswal AK. Human Antioxidant-Response-Element-Mediated Regulation of Type- 1 Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase Gene-Expression - Effect of Sulfhydryl Modifying Agents. European Journal of Biochemistry. 1994 Nov 15;226(1):31-9.
Belinsky M, Jaiswal AK. Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase(1) (Dt-Diaphorase) Expression in Normal and Tumor-Tissues. Cancer and Metastasis Reviews. 1993 Jun;12(2):103-17.
Ciaccio PJ, Stuart JE, Tew KD. Overproduction of a 37.5-Kda Cytosolic Protein Structurally Related to Prostaglandin-F Synthase in Ethacrynic Acid- Resistant Human Colon Cells. Molecular Pharmacology. 1993 Jun;43(6):845-53.
Li Y, Jaiswal AK. Regulation of Human Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase Gene - Role of Ap1 Binding-Site Contained within Human Antioxidant Response Element. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1992 Jul 25;267(21):15097-104.
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MeSH cloud from publications including the MeSH term dt-diaphorase

dt-diaphorase quinone reductase ya-subunit gene nad(p)h cancer sequence nqo1 gene reductase carcinogenesis liver mutagenicity responsive element inhibition cdna inducible expression aromatic-compounds planar susceptibility glutathione s-transferases induction expression enzymes regulation transcriptional regulation controlling inducible expression phenolic antioxidants NQO1 carcinogens benzopyrene nad(p)h-menadione oxidoreductase cytotoxicity tissues controlling cells resistance chemotherapy brussels-sprouts reduction dioxin salmonella tester strains NQO2 acceptor oxidoreductase p450 reductase transcription factor ap-2 binding planar aromatic- transcription mitomycin-c chromosome planar aromatic-compounds mutations methyl-1 benzo(a)pyrene-3 glutathione colon carcinoma transcriptional P450 reductase gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase tumors localization elements adducts mouse-liver region amino-acid-sequence cabbage cyto-toxicity gene expression quinones dna-binding activity s-transferase-mu isothiocyanate oxidoreductase gene hypoxic mammalian-cells tumor tissues quinone oxidoreductase(1) gene aryl-hydrocarbon hydroxylase 6-quinone electrophile-responsive element enzyme colorectal-cancer nadph-cytochrome-p-450 reductase drug resistance amino-acid- markers rat AP-2 lung-cancer RFLP locus controlling inducible metabolism messenger-rna glutathione transferases ethacrynic acid agent escherichia-coli DT-diaphorase quinone oxidoreductase d synthetase 2-nitroimidazole rat- colon- polymerase chain-reaction d-t diaphorase regulatory elements prospects cancer chemotherapy selective chemotherapy chemical normal and mouse hypoxic misonidazole dna nitroimidazole expression and induction NAD(P)H : quinone oxidoreductase 1 nitroreductases cos-1 cells lines bovine lung compounds 5-(2-pyrazinyl)-4- oxidoreductase cAMP induction 2-dithiol-3-thione oltipraz oxidative stress quinone mu oltipraz invitro chemoprevention
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