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Publication Listing for the MeSH term drosophila-melanogaster. Found 8 abstracts

Huang J, Huang L, Chen YJ, Austin E, Devor CE, Roegiers F, Hong Y. Differential regulation of adherens junction dynamics during apical-basal polarization. Journal of cell science. 2011 Dec;124(23):4001-13.   PMCID: PMC3244983
Mourikis P, Lake RJ, Firnhaber CB, DeDecker BS. Modifiers of notch transcriptional activity identified by genome-wide RNAi - art. no. 107. BMC Developmental Biology. 2010 Oct;10:107.   PMCID: PMC2976970
Balding DJ, Carothers AD, Marchini JL, Cardon LR, Vetta A, Griffiths B, Weir BS, Hill WG, Goldstein D, Strimmer K, Myers S, Beaumont MA, Glasbey CA, Mayer CD, Richardson S, Marshall C, Durrett R, Nielsen R, Visscher PM, Knott SA, Haley CS, Ball RD, Hackett CA, Holmes S, Husmeier D, Jansen RC, ter Braak CJ, Maliepaard CA, Boer MP, Joyce P, Li N, Stephens M, Marcoulides GA, Drezner Z, Mardia K, McVean G, Meng XL, Ochs MF, Pagel M, Sha N, Vannucci M, Sillanpaa MJ, Sisson S, Yandell BS, Jin CF, Satagopan JM, Gaffney PJ, Zeng ZB, Broman KW, Speed TP, Fearnhead P, Donnelly P, Larget B, Simon DL, Kadane JB, Nicholson G, Smith AV, Jonsson F, Gustafsson O, Stefansson K, Parmigiani G, Garrett ES, Anbazhagan R, Gabrielson E. Discussion on the meeting on 'Statistical modelling and analysis of genetic data'. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B-Statistical Methodology. 2002 Jan;64:737-75.
Kelley DE, Stokes DG, Perry RP. CHD1 interacts with SSRP1 and depends on both its chromodomain and its ATPase/helicase-like domain for proper association with chromatin. Chromosoma. 1999 Apr;108(1):10-25.
Thrashbingham CA, Salazar H, Freed JJ, Greenberg RE, Tartof KD. Genomic Alterations and Instabilities in Renal-Cell Carcinomas and Their Relationship to Tumor Pathology. Cancer Research. 1995 Dec 15;55(24):6189-95.
Locke J, Tartof KD. Molecular Analysis of Cubitus Interruptus (Ci) Mutations Suggests an Explanation for the Unusual Ci Position Effects. Molecular & General Genetics. 1994 Apr 27;243(2):234-43.
Burch JB, Davis DL, Haas NB. Chicken Repeat-1 Elements Contain a Pol-Like Open Reading Frame and Belong to the Non-Long Terminal Repeat Class of Retrotransposons. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1993 Sep;90(17):8199-203.
Porter S, Larue L, Mintz B. Mosaicism of Tyrosinase-Locus Transcription and Chromatin Structure in Dark Vs Light Melanocyte Clones of Homozygous Chinchilla-Mottled Mice. Developmental Genetics. 1991 Jan;12(6):393-402.
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