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del Blanco B, Garcia-Mariscal A, Wiest DL, Hernandez-Munain C. Tcra Enhancer Activation by Inducible Transcription Factors Downstream of Pre-TCR Signaling. Journal of Immunology. 2012 Apr;188(7):3278-93.   PMCID: NOT nih FUNDED
Lefebvre JM, Haks MC, Carleton MO, Rhodes M, Sinnathamby G, Simon MC, Eisenlohr LC, Garrett-Sinha LA, Wiest DL. Enforced expression of Spi-B reverses T lineage commitment and blocks beta-selection. Journal of Immunology. 2005 May 15;174(10):6184-94.
Pan B, Yao KS, Monia BP, Dean NM, McKay RA, Hamilton TC, O'Dwyer PJ. Reversal of cisplatin resistance in human ovarian cancer cell lines by a c-jun antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (ISIS 10582): evidence for the role of transcription factor overexpression in determining resistant phenotype. Biochemical pharmacology. 2002 May;63(9):1699-707.
Afshar CE, Katz AK, Carrell HL, Amin S, Desai D, Glusker JP. Three-dimensional structure of anti-5,6-dimethylchrysene-1,2- dihydrodiol-3,4-epoxide: a diol epoxide with a bay region methyl group. Carcinogenesis. 1999 Aug;20(8):1549-53.
Murphy M, Ahn J, Walker KK, Hoffman WH, Evans RM, Levine AJ, George DL. Transcriptional repression by wild-type p53 utilizes histone deacetylases, mediated by interaction with mSin3a. Genes & development. 1999 Oct;13(19):2490-501.
Serebriiskii I, Khazak V, Golemis EA. A two-hybrid dual bait system to discriminate specificity of protein interactions. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1999 Jun 11;274(24):17080-7.
Asante-Appiah E, Merkel G, Skalka AM. Purification of untagged retroviral integrases by immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography. Protein Expression and Purification. 1998 Feb;12(1):105-10.
Asante-Appiah E, Seeholzer SH, Skalka AM. Structural determinants of metal-induced conformational changes in HIV-1 integrase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1998 Dec 25;273(52):35078-87.
Petermann R, Mossier BM, Aryee DN, Khazak V, Golemis EA, Kovar H. Oncogenic EWS-Fli1 interacts with hsRPB7, a subunit of human RNA polymerase II. Oncogene. 1998 Aug 06;17(5):603-10.
Bain G, Maandag EC, Riele H, Feeney AJ, Sheehy A, Schlissel M, Shinton SA, Hardy RR, Murre C. Both E12 and E47 allow commitment to the B cell lineage. Immunity. 1997 Feb;6(2):145-54.
Davis DL, Burch JB. The chicken vitellogenin II gene is flanked by a GATA factor- dependent estrogen response unit. Molecular Endocrinology. 1996 Aug;10(8):937-44.
Li YS, Wasserman R, Hayakawa K, Hardy RR. Identification of the earliest B lineage stage in mouse bone marrow. Immunity. 1996 Dec;5(6):527-35.
Andrake MD, Skalka AM. Multimerization Determinants Reside in Both the Catalytic Core and C-Terminus of Avian-Sarcoma Virus Integrase. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Dec 08;270(49):29299-306.
Bujacz G, Jaskoski M, Alexandratos J, Wlodawer A, Merkel G, Katz RA, Skalka AM. High-Resolution Structure of the Catalytic Domain of Avian- Sarcoma Virus Integrase. Journal of Molecular Biology. 1995 Oct 20;253(2):333-46.
Estojak J, Brent R, Golemis EA. Correlation of 2-Hybrid Affinity Data with in-Vitro Measurements. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 1995 Oct;15(10):5820-9.
Khazak V, Sadhale PP, Woychik NA, Brent R, Golemis EA. Human Rna-Polymerase-Ii Subunit Hsrpb7 Functions in Yeast and Influences Stress Survival and Cell Morphology. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 1995 Jul;6(7):759-75.
Muller B, Bizubbender D, Andrake MD, Jones KS, Skalka AM. Monoclonal-Antibodies against Rous-Sarcoma Virus Integrase Protein Exert Differential-Effects on Integrase Function in- Vitro. Journal of Virology. 1995 Sep;69(9):5631-9.
Yao KS, Godwin AK, Johnson SW, Ozols RF, Odwyer PJ, Hamilton TC. Evidence for Altered Regulation of Gamma-Glutamylcysteine Synthetase Gene-Expression among Cisplatin-Sensitive and Cisplatin-Resistant Human Ovarian-Cancer Cell-Lines. Cancer Research. 1995 Oct;55(19):4367-74.
Jaiswal AK. Antioxidant Response Element. Biochemical pharmacology. 1994 Aug 03;48(3):439-44.
Katz RA, Mack JP, Merkel G, Kulkosky J, Zheng G, Leis J, Skalka AM. Requirement for a Conserved Serine in Both Processing and Joining Activities of Retroviral Integrase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1992 Aug;89(15):6741-5.
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dna-binding gene protein integrase escherichia-coli activation domains protein-kinase hiv-1 multimerization retroviral repressor crystal-structure transformation in-vitro sequence catalytic domain human-immunodeficiency-virus binding protein saccharomyces-cerevisiae expression differentiation hiv-1 integrase invitro sequences identification viral-dna diffraction 3-hybrid system mice induction by antioxidants and retroviral integrase activity differential myxoid liposarcoma cytotoxicity p53 protein cyclosporine-a embryonic stem-cells genes encoding detoxifying enzymes mediated expression recognition yeast xenobiotics transcription glutathione-s-transferase signal transduction mutations planar aromatic-compounds avian-sarcoma gene-expression macromolecular structures immunoglobulin heavy-chain recombinant proteins 3-dimensional structure melphalan 5 alpha locus affinity protein-kinase-c cyto-toxicity transcription factors 5-methylchrysene apoptosis complexes thymocyte development antisense enhancer apoptosis induction ovalbumin chromosome-translocation murine leukemia-virus ews c-myc cell-cycle arrest antioxidant response element ovarian cancer normal and tumor tissues enzymes transcriptional regulation growth arrest ap-1 transcription factor-tfiib allelic exclusion phase 2-hybrid system immunoglobulin heavy recombination multiwavelength anomalous pol sigma factors gene-product surrogate light-chain ISIS 10582 ribonuclease-h 6-dimethylchrysene finger domains deficient mice thymocyte aids hematopoietic transcription factors type-1 1993 chasseval r-european journal of immunology-v23-p1294 drug-resistant two-hybrid-system ya-subunit gene structure comparison mouse skin escherichia- photo-cross-linking x-ray hematopoietic precursor cells sarcoma virus integrase 2011 lblanco b-genetics res int site-specific recombination filamentous growth controlling inducible expression fos jun c-Jun lexa t-cell development functional-characterization far upstream rag-1-deficient mice glutathione receptor-alpha-gene pre-tcr protein phosphatase residues mammalian-cells factor-binding sites adducts yeast transcriptional activators max dendritic cell-development transcriptional repression integration transcription factor gata-1 gene-transcription e2a protein-protein interactions nad(p)h-quinone drug resistance rapid method increase pu1 regulates expression phosphatase viral- regulation adapter protein slp-76
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