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Chen XM, Cvetkovic D, Ma CM, Chen LL. Quantitative study of focused ultrasound enhanced doxorubicin delivery to prostate tumor in vivo with MRI guidance. Medical Physics. 2012 May;39(5):2780-6.
Foreman JE, Chang WC, Palkar PS, Zhu BK, Borland MG, Williams JL, Kramer LR, Clapper ML, Gonzalez FJ, Peters JM. Functional Characterization of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-beta/delta Expression in Colon Cancer. Molecular Carcinogenesis. 2011 Nov;50(11):884-900.   PMCID: PMC3482838[Available on 2012/11/1]
Sheng ZJ, Sun WP, Smith E, Cohen C, Sheng Z, Xu XX. Restoration of positioning control following Disabled-2 expression in ovarian and breast tumor cells. Oncogene. 2000 Oct 05;19(42):4847-54.
Battista S, Fidanza V, Fedele M, Klein-Szanto AJ, Outwater E, Brunner H, Santoro M, Croce CM, Fusco A. The expression of a truncated HMGI-C gene induces gigantism associated with lipomatosis. Cancer Research. 1999 Oct;59(19):4793-7.
Krisak L, Strich R, Winters RS, Hall P, Mallory MJ, Kreitzer D, Tuan RS, Winter E. Smk1, a Developmentally-Regulated Map Kinase, Is Required for Spore Wall Assembly in Saccharomyces-Cerevisiae. Genes & development. 1994 Sep 15;8(18):2151-61.
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