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Publication Listing for the MeSH term diabetic rats. Found 3 abstracts

Ranganathan S, Ciaccio PJ, Walsh ES, Tew KD. Genomic sequence of human glyoxalase-I: analysis of promoter activity and its regulation. Gene. 1999 Nov 15;240(1):149-55.
Kappler F, Su BY, Szwergold BS, Randall WC, Brown TR. Identification of galactitol 2-phosphate and galactitol 3- phosphate in the lens of galactose-fed rats. Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental. 1995 Dec;44(12):1527-31.
Szwergold BS, Lal S, Taylor AH, Kappler F, Su BY, Brown TR. P-31-Nuclear Magnetic-Resonance Evidence of an Activated Hexose-Monophosphate Shunt in Hyperglycemic Rat Lenses in-Vivo. Diabetes. 1995 Jul;44(7):810-5.
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