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Publication Listing for the MeSH term cytoplasmic dynein. Found 6 abstracts

Garcia-Saez I, Yen T, Wade RH, Kozielski F. Crystal structure of the motor domain of the human kinetochore protein CENP-E. Journal of Molecular Biology. 2004 Jul;340(5):1107-16.
Starr DA, Saffery R, Li ZX, Simpson AE, Choo KH, Yen TJ, Goldberg ML. HZwint-1,a novel human kinetochore component that interacts with HZW10. Journal of cell science. 2000 Jun;113(11):1939-50.
Sugata N, Li SL, Earnshaw WC, Yen TJ, Yoda K, Masumoto H, Munekata E, Warburton PE, Todokoro K. Human CENP-H multimers colocalize with CENP-A and CENP-C at active centromere-kinetochore complexes. Human molecular genetics. 2000 Nov 22;9(19):2919-26.
Campbell KS, Cooper S, Dessing M, Yates S, Buder A. Interaction of p59(fyn) kinase with the dynein light chain, Tctex-1, and colocalization during cytokinesis. Journal of Immunology. 1998 Aug 15;161(4):1728-37.
Schaar BT, Chan GK, Maddox P, Salmon ED, Yen TJ. CENP-E function at kinetochores is essential for chromosome alignment. Journal of Cell Biology. 1997 Dec 15;139(6):1373-82.
Liao H, Winkfein RJ, Mack G, Rattner JB, Yen TJ. Cenp-F Is a Protein of the Nuclear Matrix That Assembles onto Kinetochores at Late G2 and Is Rapidly Degraded after Mitosis. Journal of Cell Biology. 1995 Aug;130(3):507-18.
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