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Sorenson E, Lambreton F, Yu JQ, Li T, Denlinger CS, Meyer JE, Sigurdson ER, Farma JM. Impact of PET/CT for Restaging Patients With Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer After Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation. J Surg Res. 2019 Nov;243:242-8.
Huo J, Chu Y, Chamie K, Smaldone MC, Boorjian SA, Baillargeon JG, Kuo YF, Kerr P, O'Malley P, Orihuela E, Tyler DS, Freedland SJ, Giordano SH, Vikram R, Kamat AM, Williams SB. Increased Utilization of Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) Imaging and Its Economic Impact for Patients Diagnosed With Bladder Cancer. Clin Genitourin Cancer. 2017 Jul 26;.   PMCID: PMC5878135
Miller MP, Kostakoglu L, Pryma D, Yu JQ, Chau A, Perlman E, Clarke B, Rosen D, Ward P. Reader training for the re-staging of biochemically recurrent prostate cancer using fluciclovine (18F) PET/CT. J Nucl Med. 2017 Oct;58(10):1596-602.
Weber WA, Gatsonis CA, Mozley PD, Hanna LG, Shields AF, Aberle DR, Govindan R, Torigan DA, Karp JS, Yu JQ, Subramaniam RM, Halvorsen RA, Siegel BA. Repeatability of 18F-FDG PET/CT in Advanced Non-small Cell Lung Cancer: Prospective Assessment in Two Multicenter Trials. J Nucl Med. 2015 Apr 23;56(8):1137-43.   PMCID: 4699428
Gu XJ, Jelen U, Li JS, Jia X, Jiang SB. A GPU-based finite-size pencil beam algorithm with 3D-density correction for radiotherapy dose calculation. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2011 Jun;56(11):3337-50.   PMCID: PMC3144726[Available on 2012/6/7]
Xu QY, He ZJ, Fan JJ, Hamilton RJ, Chen Y, Ma CM, Xing L. Registration of on-board X-ray images with 4DCT: A proposed method of phase and setup verification for gated radiotherapy. Physica Medica. 2010 Jul;26(3):117-25.   PMCID: Not required
Chen Z, Ma CM, Paskalev K, Li J, Yang J, Richardson T, Palacio L, Xu X, Chen L. Investigation of MR image distortion for radiotherapy treatment planning of prostate cancer. PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY. 2006 Mar;51(6):1393-403.
Konski A, Doss M, Milestone B, Haluszka O, Hanlon A, Freedman G, Adler L. The integration of 18-fluoro-deoxy-glucose positron emission tomography and endoscopic ultrasound in the treatment-planning process for esophageal carcinoma. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 2005 Mar 15;61(4):1123-8.
Bagheri B, Maurer AH, Cone L, Doss M, Adler L. Characterization of the normal adrenal gland with F-18-FDG PET/CT. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2004 Aug;45(8):1340-3.
Chen L, Price RA, Nguyen TB, Wang L, Li JS, Qin L, Ding M, Palacio E, Ma CM, Pollack A. Dosimetric evaluation of MRI-based treatment planning for prostate cancer. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2004 Nov 21;49(22):5157-70.
Finlayson C, Hoffman J, Yeung R, Kessler H, Guttmann M, Shaer A, Clair M. Intraoperative ultrasound does not improve detection of liver metastases in resectable pancreatic cancer. American Journal of Surgery. 1998 Feb;175(2):99-101.
Das IJ, McGee KP, Fein DA, Milito SJ, Shammo G, Curran WJ, Coia LR. Use of Multiplanar Reformatted Radiographic and Digitally Reconstructed Radiographic Images for Planning Conformal Radiation-Therapy. Radiographics. 1995 Nov;15(6):1483-8.
McGee KP, Das IJ, Fein DA, Martin EE, Schultheiss TE, Hanks GE. Picture Archiving and Communications-Systems in Radiation Oncology (Pacsro) - Tools for a Physician-Based Digital Image Review System. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 1995 Jan;34(1):54-62.
McGee KP, Das IJ, Sims C. Evaluation of Digitally Reconstructed Radiographs (Drrs) Used for Clinical Radiotherapy - a Phantom Study. Medical Physics. 1995 Nov;22(11):1815-27.
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ct computed-tomography Pet drr dose-escalation simulation therapy portal images cancer radiotherapy radiation-therapy Oncology: Lung prostate-cancer non-hodgkin lymphoma contrast enhancement Neoadjuvant chemoradiation system scanner field placement errors Oncology: GU repeatability Imaging meningiomas Radiopharmaceuticals Rectal Cancer online modification imrt treatment plan optimization dose patients treatment planning fiducial markers radiation treatment 1-amino-3-fluorocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid graphics hardware Positron emission tomography-computed tomography Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging Radiology Fdg pet quality assurance phantom 4-dimensional computed-tomography therapeutic radiology Setup verification re-optimization Biomedical Engineering positron emission tomography respiratory motion therapy simulation patient setup quantification endoscopic ultrasound fdg-pet brain-tumors online portal image medical image iii randomized-trial standardized uptake value CT esophageal cancer 18f-facbc calculations adaptive radiation-therapy carcinoma time tumor-tracking verification technology ultrasonography lung-cancer deformable image registration adrenal gland F-18-FDG-PET decision-making Positron Emission Tomography computed tomography interfractional anatomic changes Registration optimization virtual simulation 4DCT involvement display geometric distortion stage Complete pathologic response impact edge-detection image processing Bladder cancer prostate cancer reproducibility palliation films
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