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Publication Listing for the MeSH term crystal-structures. Found 7 abstracts

Maitra M, Gudzelak A, Li SX, Matsumoto Y, Eckert KA, Jager J, Sweasy JB. Threonine 79 is a hinge residue that governs the fidelity of DNA polymerase beta by helping to position the DNA within the active site. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2002 Sep 20;277(38):35550-60.
Lubkowski J, Dauter Z, Yang F, Alexandratos J, Merkel G, Skalka AM, Wlodawer A. Atomic resolution structures of the core domain of avian sarcoma virus integrase and its D64N mutant. Biochemistry. 1999 Oct 12;38(41):13512-22.
Schalk-Hihi C, Markham GD. The conformations of a substrate and a product bound to the active site of S-adenosylmethionine synthetase. Biochemistry. 1999 Feb 23;38(8):2542-50.
Glusker JP. Directional aspects of intermolecular interactions. In: Weber E, editor. Design of Organic Solids. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag; 1998. p. 1-56.
Biradha K, Nangia A, Desiraju GR, Carrell CJ, Carrell HL. C-H center dot center dot center dot O Hydrogen bonded multi- point recognition in molecular assemblies of dibenzylidene ketones and 1,3,5-trinitrobenzenes. Journal of Materials Chemistry. 1997 Jul;7(7):1111-22.
Sharma CV, Panneerselvam K, Shimoni L, Katz H, Carrell HL, Desiraju GR. 3-(3',5'-Dinitrophenyl)-4-(2',5'-Dimethoxyphenyl)Cyclobutane- 1,2-Dicarboxylic Acid - Engineered Topochemical Synthesis and Molecular and Supramolecular Properties. Chemistry of Materials. 1994 Aug;6(8):1282-92.
Markham GD, Bock CW. Structural and Thermodynamic Properties of Sulfonium Ions - an Abinitio Molecular-Orbital Study. Journal of Physical Chemistry. 1993 May 27;97(21):5562-9.
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