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Frank A, Montgomery RC, LeVoyer TE, Goldberg M. Pleural incarceration of the gastric graft after trans-hiatal esophagectomy. Annals of Thoracic Surgery. 1999 Jul;68(1):250-2.
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Hall EJ, Schiff PB, Hanks GE, Brenner DJ, Russo J, Chen J, Sawant SG, Pandita TK. A preliminary report: Frequency of A-T heterozygotes among prostate cancer patients with severe late responses to radiation therapy. Cancer Journal from Scientific American. 1998 Nov;4(6):385-9.
Hoffman JP, Sigurdson ER, Eisenberg BL. Use of saline-filled tissue expanders to protect the small bowel from radiation. Oncology-New York. 1998 Jan;12(1):51-4.
Lattanzi J, McNeely S, Hanlon A, Das I, Schultheiss TE, Hanks GE. Daily CT localization for correcting portal errors in the treatment of prostate cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1998 Jul 15;41(5):1079-86.
Sokol DB, Hudes GR. Cisplatin-based chemotherapy for testicular cancer in a patient with spinal muscular atrophy: a case report. Am J Clin Oncol. 1998 Aug;21(4):420-1.
Das IJ, Lanciano RM, Movsas B, Kagawa K, Barnes SJ. Efficacy of a belly board device with CT-simulation in reducing small bowel volume within pelvic irradiation fields. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1997 Aug;39(1):67-76.
Algan O, Tabesh T, Hanlon A, Hogan WM, Boente M, Lanciano RM. Improved outcome in patients treated with postoperative radiation therapy for pathologic stage with endometrial cancer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1996 Jul 15;35(5):925-33.
Fein DA, Hanlon AL, Corn BW, Curran WJ, Coia LR. The influence of lymphangiography on the development of hypothyroidism in patients irradiated for Hodgkin's disease. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1996 Aug;36(1):13-8.
Hoffman JP, Lanciano R, Carp NZ, Merrick MA, Rosenblum NG, Hogan WM, Sigurdson ER, Litwin S, Eisenberg BL. Morbidity after Intraperitoneal Insertion of Saline-Filled Tissue Expanders for Small-Bowel Exclusion from Radiotherapy Treatment Fields - a Prospective 4-Year Experience with 34 Patients. American Surgeon. 1994 Jul;60(7):473-83.
Mak AC, Rich TA, Schultheiss TE, Kavanagh B, Ota DM, Romsdahl MM. Late Complications of Postoperative Radiation-Therapy for Cancer of the Rectum and Rectosigmoid. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1994 Feb;28(3):597-603.
Shipley WU, Zietman AL, Hanks GE, Coen JJ, Caplan RJ, Won M, Zagars GK, Asbell SO. Treatment Related Sequelae Following External-Beam Radiation for Prostate-Cancer - a Review with an Update in Patients with Stages T1 and T2 Tumor. Journal of Urology. 1994 Nov;152(5):1799-805.
Bruner DW, Lanciano R, Keegan M, Corn B, Martin E, Hanks GE. Vaginal Stenosis and Sexual Function Following Intracavitary Radiation for the Treatment of Cervical and Endometrial Carcinoma. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1993 Nov 15;27(4):825-30.
Herbert SH, Solin LJ, Hoffman JP, Schultz DJ, Curran WJ, Lanciano RM, Rosenblum N, Hogan M, Eisenberg B, Hanks GE. Volumetric-Analysis of Small-Bowel Displacement from Radiation Portals with the Use of a Pelvic Tissue Expander. International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics. 1993 Apr 02;25(5):885-93.
Keller SM. Current and future therapy for malignant pleural effusion. Chest. 1993 Jan;103(1 Suppl):63S-67S.
Pegues D, Axelrod P, McClarren C, Eisenberg BL, Hoffman JP, Ottery FD, Keidan RD, Boraas M, Weese J. Comparison of Infections in Hickman and Implanted Port Catheters in Adult Solid Tumor Patients. Journal of surgical oncology. 1992 Mar;49(3):156-62.
Schultheiss TE, Stephens LC. Radiation Myelopathy. American Journal of Neuroradiology. 1992 Jul;13(4):1056-8.
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complications radiotherapy therapy carcinoma morbidity pelvic irradiation minimize small-intestine injury dose-escalation prostate cancer radiation irradiation rectal cancer therapeutic use rectum small-intestine computed-tomography radiation therapy adenocarcinoma prevention toxicity volume injury neck irradiation thyroid-dysfunction breast-cancer Male commentaries antibiotic treatment ii carcinoma oncology patients prostatic neoplasms external irradiation intracavitary radiation Sclerotherapy Antineoplastic Agents cancer gene vaginal irradiation diabetes rectal- small-bowel complications rectal-cancer Lung Neoplasms experience tomography CT-simulation 3DCRT hypothyroidism Adult postoperative irradiation high-risk endometrial cancer atm patterns enteritis stage-i therapy and cancer surgery sexual function lymphography Cisplatin Spinal Muscular Atrophy uterine cervix Punctures prognostic factors prostate-cancer subgroup A-T heterozygotes belly-board device system computed- Pleura Non-Small-Cell Lung Carcinoma treatment outcome postoperative radiation-therapy small intestine organ motion cardiac effect abnormalities lung volume ataxia-telangiectasia chemotherapy children dexon mesh staging laparotomy mutations in ATM gene lymphangiogram damage survival Sclerosing Solutions small bowel patient conformal radiation-therapy pediatric oncology patients Hodgkin's disease Testicular Neoplasms venous Human open table-top brachytherapy spinal-cord breast movement markers vaginal stenosis Case Report fields premenopausal women right atrial catheters pulmonary-function Treatment Failure external pelvic irradiation access motion radiation enteritis matching study heart volume radiosensitive bladder optimization genetic predisposition irradiated lung catheter infection impact devices surgical-management management dna device radiosensitivity drug therapy adjuvant radiotherapy tangential Drainage cells postoperative xrt late effects mesh Malignant Pleural Effusion conservative surgery mutations gel-electrophoresis therapeutic radiology Germinoma
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