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Publication Listing for the MeSH term bispecific antibody. Found 5 abstracts

Larrick JW, Parren P, Huston JS, Pluckthun A, Bradbury A, Tomlinson IM, Chester KA, Burton DR, Adams GP, Weiner LM, Scott JK, Alfenito MR, Veldman T, Reichert JM. Antibody engineering and therapeutics conference The annual meeting of the antibody society, Huntington Beach, CA, December 7-11, 2014. Mabs. 2014 Sep;6(5):1115-23.   PMCID: 4622443
Clark JI, Alpaugh RK, vonMehren M, Schultz J, Gralow JR, Cheever MA, Ring DB, Weiner LM. Induction of multiple anti-c-erB-2 specificities accompanies a classical idiotypic cascade following 2B1 bispecific monoclonal antibody treatment. Cancer Immunology Immunotherapy. 1997 Jul;44(5):265-72.
Weiner LM, Holmes M, Adams GP, LaCreta F, Watts P, De Palazzo IG. A human tumor xenograft model of therapy with a bispecific monoclonal antibody targeting c-erbB-2 and CD16. Cancer Research. 1993 Jan;53(1):94-100.
De Palazzo IG, Holmes M, Gercel-Taylor C, Weiner LM. Antitumor effects of a bispecific antibody targeting CA19-9 antigen and CD16. Cancer Research. 1992 Jan;52(20):5713-9.
De Palazzo IG, Kitson J, Gercel-Taylor C, Adams S, Weiner LM. Bispecific monoclonal antibody regulation of Fc?RIII-directed tumor cytotoxicity by large granular lymphocytes. Cellular Immunology. 1992 Jan;142(2):338-47.
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