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Publication Listing for the MeSH term assignment. Found 3 abstracts

Adkison LR, White RA, Haney DM, Lee JC, Pusey KT, Gardner J. The Fibronectin Receptor, Alpha-Subunit (Itga5) Maps to Murine Chromosome-15, Distal to D15mit16. Mammalian Genome. 1994 Jul;5(7):456-7.
Sassani R, Bartlett SP, Feng HS, Goldnersauve A, Haq AK, Buetow KH, Gasser DL. Association between Alleles of the Transforming Growth Factor- Alpha Locus and the Occurrence of Cleft-Lip. American Journal of Medical Genetics. 1993 Mar;45(5):565-9.
Roth SM, Schneider DM, Strobel LA, Vanberkum MF, Means AR, Wand AJ. Characterization of the Secondary Structure of Calmodulin in Complex with a Calmodulin-Binding Domain Peptide. Biochemistry. 1992 Feb 11;31(5):1443-51.
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