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Roscoe F, Xu RH, Sigal LJ. Characterization of Ectromelia Virus Deficient in EVM036, the Homolog of Vaccinia virus F13L, and Its Application for Rapid Generation of Recombinant Viruses. Journal of Virology. 2012 Dec;86(24):13501-7.   PMCID: PMC3503138
Chen Y, Weeks RS, Burns MR, Boorman DW, Klein-Szanto A, O'Brien TG. Combination therapy with 2-difluoromethylornithine and a polyamine transport inhibitor against murine squamous cell carcinoma. International journal of cancer. 2006 May;118(9):2344-9.
Treat J, Johnson E, Langer C, Belani C, Haynes B, Greenberg R, Rodriquez R, Drobins P, Miller W, Meehan L, McKeon A, Devin J, von Roemeling R, Viallet J. Tirapazamine with cisplatin in patients with advanced non- small-cell lung cancer: A phase II study. Journal of Clinical Oncology. 1998 Nov;16(11):3524-7.
Taylor JM. cis-acting signals on the RNAs of hepatitis delta virus. Seminars in Virology. 1997 Jan;8(3):212-20.
Look KY, Blessing JA, Adelson MD, Morris M, Bookman MA. A phase II trial of merbarone (NSC 336628) in the treatment of recurrent epithelial ovarian carcinoma - A Gynecologic Oncology Group Study. American Journal of Clinical Oncology-Cancer Clinical Trials. 1996 Feb;19(1):7-9.
Obasaju CK, Johnson SW, Rogatko A, Kilpatrick D, Brennan JM, Hamilton TC, Ozols RF, Odwyer PJ, Gallo JM. Evaluation of carboplatin pharmacokinetics in the absence and presence of paclitaxel. Clinical Cancer Research. 1996 Mar;2(3):549-52.
George AJ, Jamar F, Tai MS, Heelan BT, Adams GP, McCartney JE, Houston LL, Weiner LM, Oppermann H, Peters AM, Huston JS. Radiometal Labeling of Recombinant Proteins by a Genetically- Engineered Minimal Chelation Site - Tc-99m Coordination by Single-Chain Fv Antibody Fusion Proteins through a C-Terminal Cysteinyl Peptide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 1995 Aug 29;92(18):8358-62.
Lazinski DW, Taylor JM. Regulation of the Hepatitis-Delta Virus Ribozymes - to Cleave or Not to Cleave. Rna-a Publication of the Rna Society. 1995 May;1(3):225-33.
Corn BW, Lanciano RM, Boente M, Hunter WM, Ladazack J, Ozols RF. Recurrent Ovarian-Cancer - Effective Radiotherapeutic Palliation after Chemotherapy Failure. Cancer. 1994 Dec;74(11):2979-83.
Joseph P, Sharma MC, Jaiswal AK. Inhibition of Nad(P)H-Quinone Oxidoreductase(1) in Ethacrynic Acid-Resistant Human Colon-Carcinoma Cells. Biochemical pharmacology. 1994 Jun;47(11):2011-5.
Lazinski DW, Taylor JM. Expression of Hepatitis-Delta Virus-Rna Deletions - Cis and Trans Requirements for Self-Cleavage, Ligation, and Rna Packaging. Journal of Virology. 1994 May;68(5):2879-88.
Netter HJ, Gerin JL, Tennant BC, Taylor JM. Apparent Helper-Independent Infection of Woodchucks by Hepatitis-Delta Virus and Subsequent Rescue with Woodchuck Hepatitis-Virus. Journal of Virology. 1994 Sep;68(9):5344-50.
Lazinski DW, Taylor JM. Relating Structure to Function in the Hepatitis Delta Virus- Antigen. Journal of Virology. 1993 May;67(5):2672-80.
Ryu WS, Netter HJ, Bayer M, Taylor J. Ribonucleoprotein Complexes of Hepatitis-Delta Virus. Journal of Virology. 1993 Jun;67(6):3281-7.
Taylor JM. Genetic Organization and Replication Strategy of Hepatitis- Delta Virus. Seminars in Virology. 1993 Oct;4(5):313-7.
Mannan RH, Mercer JR, Wiebe LI, Somayaji VV, Chapman JD. Radioiodinated 1-(2-Fluoro-4-Iodo-2,4-Dideoxy-Beta-L- Xylopyranosyl)-2-Nitroimidazole - a Novel Probe for the Noninvasive Assessment of Tumor Hypoxia. Radiation Research. 1992 Dec;132(3):368-74.
Ryu WS, Bayer M, Taylor J. Assembly of Hepatitis-Delta Virus-Particles. Journal of Virology. 1992 Apr;66(4):2310-5.
Speicher LA, Barone L, Tew KD. Combined Antimicrotubule Activity of Estramustine and Taxol in Human Prostatic-Carcinoma Cell-Lines. Cancer Research. 1992 Aug 15;52(16):4433-40.
Taylor J, Negro F, Rizzetto M. Hepatitis Delta-Virus - from Structure to Disease Expression. Reviews in Medical Virology. 1992 Sep;2(3):161-7.
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