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Publication Listing for the MeSH term adducts. Found 6 abstracts

Saeed M, Rogan E, Fernandez SV, Sheriff F, Russo J, Cavalieri E. Formation of depurinating N3Adenine and N7Guanine adducts by MCF-10F cells cultured in the presence of 4-hydroxyestradiol. International journal of cancer. 2007 Apr;120(8):1821-4.
Afshar CE, Katz AK, Carrell HL, Amin S, Desai D, Glusker JP. Three-dimensional structure of anti-5,6-dimethylchrysene-1,2- dihydrodiol-3,4-epoxide: a diol epoxide with a bay region methyl group. Carcinogenesis. 1999 Aug;20(8):1549-53.
Ferry KV, Fink D, Johnson SW, Nebel S, Hamilton TC, Howell SB. Decreased cisplatin damage-dependent DNA synthesis in cellular extracts of mismatch repair deficient cells. Biochemical pharmacology. 1999 Apr 15;57(8):861-7.
Joseph P, Xu YH, Jaiswal AK. Non-enzymatic and enzymatic activation of mitomycin C: Identification of a unique cytosolic activity. International journal of cancer. 1996 Jan 17;65(2):263-71.
Shibutani S, Suzuki N, Matsumoto Y, Grollman AP. Miscoding properties of 3,N-4-etheno-2'-deoxycytidine in reactions catalyzed by mammalian DNA polymerases. Biochemistry. 1996 Nov 26;35(47):14992-8.
Lambert B, Jestin JL, Brehin P, Oleykowski C, Yeung AT, Mailliet P, Pretot C, Lepecq JB, Jacqueminsablon A, Chottard JC. Binding of the Escherichia-Coli Uvrab Proteins to the DNA Monoadducts and Diadducts of Cis- N-2-Amino-N-2-Methylamino- 2,2,1-Bicycloheptane Dichloroplatinum(Ii) and Cisplatin - Analysis of the Factors Controlling Recognition and Proof of Monoadduct-Mediated Uvrb-DNA Cross-Linking. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1995 Sep 08;270(36):21251-7.
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