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Publication Listing for the MeSH term Viral Proteins. Found 10 abstracts

Saribas AS, Coric P, Hamazaspyan A, Davis W, Axman R, White MK, Abou-Gharbia M, Childers W, Condra JH, Bouaziz S, Safak M. Emerging From the Unknown: Structural and Functional Features of Agnoprotein of Polyomaviruses. Journal of cellular physiology. 2016 Oct;231(10):2115-27.   PMCID: PMC5217748
Kagawa S, Natsuizaka M, Whelan KA, Facompre N, Naganuma S, Ohashi S, Kinugasa H, Egloff AM, Basu D, Gimotty PA, Klein-Szanto AJ, Bass AJ, Wong KK, Diehl JA, Rustgi AK, Nakagawa H. Cellular senescence checkpoint function determines differential Notch1-dependent oncogenic and tumor-suppressor activities. Oncogene. 2015 Apr 30;34(18):2347-59.   PMCID: 4268095
Xu RH, Cohen M, Tang Y, Lazear E, Whitbeck JC, Eisenberg RJ, Cohen GH, Sigal LJ. The orthopoxvirus type I IFN binding protein is essential for virulence and an effective target for vaccination. J Exp Med. 2008 Apr 14;205(4):981-92.
Isken O, Baroth M, Grassmann CW, Weinlich S, Ostareck DH, Ostareck-Lederer A, Behrens SE. Nuclear factors are involved in hepatitis C virus RNA replication. RNA. 2007 Oct;13(10):1675-92.
Seeger C. Salient molecular features of hepatitis C virus revealed. Trends Microbiol. 2005 Nov;13(11):528-34.
Gudima S, Chang J, Moraleda G, Azvolinsky A, Taylor J. Parameters of human hepatitis delta virus genome replication: the quantity, quality, and intracellular distribution of viral proteins and RNA. J Virol. 2002 Apr;76(8):3709-19.
Davis DL, Edwards AV, Juraszek AL, Phelps A, Wessels A, Burch JB. A GATA-6 gene heart-region-specific enhancer provides a novel means to mark and probe a discrete component of the mouse cardiac conduction system. Mech Dev. 2001 Oct;108(1-2):105-19.
Moraleda G, Dingle K, Biswas P, Chang J, Zuccola H, Hogle J, Taylor J. Interactions between hepatitis delta virus proteins. J Virol. 2000 Jun;74(12):5509-15.
Seeger C, Mason WS. Hepatitis B virus biology. Microbiol Mol Biol Rev. 2000 Mar;64(1):51-68.
Seeger C. The hepatitis B virus X protein: the quest for a role in viral replication and pathogenesis. Hepatology (Baltimore, Md). 1997 Feb;25(2):496-8.
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Viral Proteins metabolism physiology genetics Virus Replication Molecular Sequence Data Viral RNA US Gov't Support-PHS virology Base Sequence Non-US Gov't Support Mice Animal biosynthesis Human chemistry isolation & purification Hepatitis Delta Virus Transcription Factors Protein Binding Cultured Tumor Cells pathogenicity Hepatitis Antigens Hepatitis B Virus Phosphorylation Hepacivirus Polyomavirus Infections Developmental Gene Expression Regulation Enhancer Elements (Genetics) Liver Neoplasms prevention & control Virulence Virus Assembly deficiency Atrioventricular Node Immunocompetence CD Antigens Transgenic Mice DNA-Binding Proteins Liver etiology Infectious Ectromelia Post-Transcriptional RNA Processing Genetic Complementation Test drug effects Viral DNA cytology Cultured Cells Tissue Culture Techniques Amino Acid Sequence Retinoblastoma Protein Thermodynamics Antibody Formation Cell Nucleus Viral Cell Transformation Recombinant Proteins JC Virus Lac Operon immunology Esophageal Neoplasms DNA Heart Conduction System Interferon Type I Ectromelia virus Hepatitis D Hepatitis delta Antigens Hepatitis B Protein Conformation Dominant Genes Subcellular Fractions Interferon Receptors Genetic Transcription Squamous Cell Carcinoma Polyomavirus Endocardium Marmota Dimerization Notch1 Receptor Virion Natural Immunity Esophagus pharmacology Transforming Growth Factor beta Peptide Hydrolases Tretinoin RNA Viral Genome Integrase Virus Receptors Recombinant Fusion Proteins Open Reading Frames Amino Acid Substitution Keratinocytes Signal Transduction Cell Cycle Checkpoints Peptide Fragments Sequence Deletion Viral Gene Expression Regulation Vaccination pathology Conserved Sequence Viral Regulatory and Accessory Proteins Affinity Chromatography Untranslated RNA embryology Viral Genes Cell Aging Gene Deletion
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