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Alvarez P, Jensen LE. Imiquimod Treatment Causes Systemic Disease in Mice Resembling Generalized Pustular Psoriasis in an IL-1 and IL-36 Dependent Manner. Mediators of inflammation. 2016 Jan;2016:6756138.   PMCID: PMC5183767
Bass SB, Wolak C, Greener J, Tedaldi E, Nanavati A, Ruppert K, Gordon TF. Using perceptual mapping methods to understand gender differences in perceived barriers and benefits of clinical research participation in urban minority HIV+ patients. AIDS Care. 2016 Nov 17;28(4):528-36.
Bass SB, Wolak C, Greener J, Tedaldi E, Nanavati A, Ruppert K, Gordon TF. Using perceptual mapping methods to understand gender differences in perceived barriers and benefits of clinical research participation in urban minority HIV+ patients. AIDS Care. 2016 Jan;28(4):528-36.
Bennett C, Moayyedi P, Corley DA, DeCaestecker J, Falck-Ytter Y, Falk G, Vakil N, Sanders S, Vieth M, Inadomi J, Aldulaimi D, Ho KY, Odze R, Meltzer SJ, Quigley E, Gittens S, Watson P, Zaninotto G, Iyer PG, Alexandre L, Ang Y, Callaghan J, Harrison R, Singh R, Bhandari P, Bisschops R, Geramizadeh B, Kaye P, Krishnadath S, Fennerty MB, Manner H, Nason KS, Pech O, Konda V, Ragunath K, Rahman I, Romero Y, Sampliner R, Siersema PD, Tack J, Tham TC, Trudgill N, Weinberg DS, Wang J, Wang K, Wong JY, Attwood S, Malfertheiner P, MacDonald D, Barr H, Ferguson MK, Jankowski J. BOB CAT: a Large-Scale Review and Delphi Consensus for Management of Barrett's Esophagus With No Dysplasia, Indefinite for, or Low-Grade Dysplasia. Am J Gastroenterol. 2015 Apr 14;110(5):662-82.   PMCID: 4436697
van Esterik JC, Vitins AP, Hodemaekers HM, Kamstra JH, Legler J, Pennings JL, Steegenga WT, Lute C, Jelinek J, Issa JP, Dolle ME, van der Ven LT. Liver DNA methylation analysis in adult female C57BL/6JxFVB mice following perinatal exposure to bisphenol A. Toxicology letters. 2015 Jan 05;232(1):293-300.
Cancer Genome Atlas Research N. Comprehensive molecular profiling of lung adenocarcinoma. Nature. 2014 Jul 31;511(7511):543-50.   PMCID: 4231481
Peng J, Xu X, Mace BE, Vanderveer LA, Workman LR, Slifker MJ, Sullivan PM, Veenstra TD, Clapper ML. Estrogen metabolism within the lung and its modulation by tobacco smoke. Carcinogenesis. 2013 Apr;34(4):909-15.   PMCID: 3616670
Daly MB. The impact of social roles on the experience of men in BRCA1/2 families: implications for counseling. J Genet Couns. 2009 Feb;18(1):42-8.   PMCID: PMC2629810
Yeung AT, Patel BB, Li XM, Seeholzer SH, Coudry RA, Cooper HS, Bellacosa A, Boman BM, Zhang T, Litwin S, Ross EA, Conrad P, Crowell JA, Kopelovich L, Knudson A. One-hit effects in cancer: altered proteome of morphologically normal colon crypts in familial adenomatous polyposis. Cancer Res. 2008 Sep 15;68(18):7579-86.   PMCID: PMC2562578
Le Marchand L, Guo C, Benhamou S, Bouchardy C, Cascorbi I, Clapper ML, Garte S, Haugen A, Ingelman-Sundberg M, Kihara M, Rannug A, Ryberg D, Stucker I, Sugimura H, Taioli E. Pooled analysis of the CYP1A1 exon 7 polymorphism and lung cancer (United States). Cancer causes & control : CCC. 2003 May;14(4):339-46.
Evans AA, Chen G, Ross EA, Shen FM, Lin WY, London WT. Eight-year follow-up of the 90,000-person Haimen City cohort: I. Hepatocellular carcinoma mortality, risk factors, and gender differences. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2002 Apr;11(4):369-76.
Carlini EJ, Raftogianis RB, Wood TC, Jin F, Zheng W, Rebbeck TR, Weinshilboum RM. Sulfation pharmacogenetics: SULT1A1 and SULT1A2 allele frequencies in Caucasian, Chinese and African-American subjects. Pharmacogenetics. 2001 Feb;11(1):57-68.
Tseng M, DeVellis RF. Fundamental dietary patterns and their correlates among US whites. J Am Diet Assoc. 2001 Aug;101(8):929-32.
Tseng M, DeVellis RF. Research and professional briefs. Fundamental dietary patterns and their correlates among US whites. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 2001 Aug;101(8):929-32.
Dresler CM, Fratelli C, Babb J, Everley L, Evans AA, Clapper ML. Gender differences in genetic susceptibility for lung cancer. Lung Cancer. 2000 Dec;30(3):153-60.
Schnoll RA, Harlow LL, Brower L. Spirituality, demographic and disease factors, and adjustment to cancer. Cancer Practice. 2000 Nov;8(6):298-304.
Myers RE, Ross EA, Wolf TA, Balshem A, Jepson C, Millner L. Behavioral interventions to increase adherence in colorectal cancer screening. Med Care. 1991 Oct;29(10):1039-50.
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Sex Factors Female Male Aged Adult genetics United States Middle Age Human Smoking Adolescent pathology US Gov't Support-PHS Middle Aged Risk Factors epidemiology Age Factors metabolism Lung Neoplasms Inbred C57BL Mice psychology Mutation Polymorphism (Genetics) Logistic Models Urban Population Food Habits Funding Source Alcohol Drinking Mice ethnology Social Stigma Life Style clinical trials Energy Intake adverse effects HIV Infections minorities Minority Groups Case-Control Studies Odds Ratio HIV Seropositivity Cytochrome P-450 CYP1A1 Hiv Communication Barriers Whites Non-US Gov't Support Perception DNA Methylation Socioeconomic Factors Surveys and Questionnaires Trust Genotype Patient Acceptance of Health Care toxicity perceptions aids Attitudes Health Knowledge-Practice perceptual mapping Clinical Trials as Topic Young Adult Focus Groups Motivation Adenocarcinoma statistics & numerical data Statistics Maternal Exposure Liver Colorectal Neoplasms pf [Psychosocial Factors] standards Exons Patient Compliance Genetic Counseling Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylases Diagnostic Reagent Kits Phenotype Phenols Intestinal Mucosa CpG Islands pc [Prevention and Control] Chi Square Test Aminoquinolines Tobacco Esophagoscopy Gel Electrophoresis-Two-Dimensional Caucasoid Race BRCA2 Genes Social Adjustment Esophageal Neoplasms Knockout Mice Multiple Logistic Regression Alleles Genomics Energy Metabolism Polymerase Chain Reaction Mass Screening Mongoloid Race Body Temperature BRCA1 Genes drug effects Neutrophil Infiltration Meat Consensus Psychological Stress Watchful Waiting diagnosis Hepatitis B cytology Psoriasis Factor Analysis Psychological Adaptation Immunologic Adjuvants Isoenzymes Interleukin-1 Type I Receptors Vegetables chemically induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cancer Patients China therapeutic use Squamous Cell Carcinoma Psychosocial Adjustment to Illness Scale Developmental programming Gestational Age Catechol O-Methyltransferase Interviews Barrett Esophagus methods Neoplastic Cell Transformation Prenatal Exposure Delayed Effects Genetic Predisposition to Disease Neoplasm Staging Religion and Religions Biopsy Esophagus Men's Health Genetic Databases Western Blotting Computational Biology Proteome Benzhydryl Compounds Environmental Pollutants Exercise Smoke Cluster Analysis Research Instruments Life Purpose Health Education Adenomatous Polyposis Coli Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation
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