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Xiong Y, Jeronis S, Hoffman B, Liebermann DA, Geifman-Holtzman O. First trimester noninvasive fetal RHD genotyping using maternal dried blood spots. Prenatal diagnosis. 2017 Apr;37(4):311-7.
Karlan BY, Thorpe J, Watabayashi K, Drescher CW, Palomares M, Daly MB, Paley P, Hillard P, Andersen MR, Anderson G, Drapkin R, Urban N. Use of CA125 and HE4 serum markers to predict ovarian cancer in elevated-risk women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2014 Jul;23(7):1383-93.   PMCID: 4082470
Merali S, Barrero CA, Bowler RP, Chen DE, Criner G, Braverman A, Litwin S, Yeung A, Kelsen SG. Analysis of the plasma proteome in COPD: Novel low abundance proteins reflect the severity of lung remodeling. COPD. 2014 Apr;11(2):177-89.   PMCID: 4497366
Jiang WD, Huang RC, Duan CH, Fu LW, Xi Y, Yang YB, Yang WM, Yang DZ, Yang DH, Huang RP. Identification of Five Serum Protein Markers for Detection of Ovarian Cancer by Antibody Arrays. Plos One. 2013 Oct;8(10):e76795.   PMCID: PMC 3792870
Paliwal A, Temkin AM, Kerkel K, Yale A, Yotova I, Drost N, Lax S, Nhan-Chang CL, Powell C, Borczuk A, Aviv A, Wapner R, Chen X, Nagy PL, Schork N, Do C, Torkamani A, Tycko B. Comparative Anatomy of Chromosomal Domains with Imprinted and Non-Imprinted Allele-Specific DNA Methylation. Plos Genetics. 2013 Aug;9(8):e1003622.   PMCID: PMC 3757050
Egleston BL, Scharfstein DO, MacKenzie E. On estimation of the survivor average causal effect in observational studies when important confounders are missing due to death. Biometrics. 2009 Jun;65(2):497-504.   PMCID: PMC2700847
Egleston BL, Wong YN. Sensitivity analysis to investigate the impact of a missing covariate on survival analyses using cancer registry data. Statistics in medicine. 2009 May;28(10):1498-511.   PMCID: PMC2741403
Abramowitz MC, Li T, Buyyounouski MK, Ross E, Uzzo RG, Pollack A, Horwitz EM. The Phoenix definition of biochemical failure predicts for overall survival in patients with prostate cancer. Cancer. 2008 Jan;112(1):55-60.
Wang Y, Ikeda DM, Narasimhan B, Longacre TA, Bleicher RJ, Pal S, Jackman RJ, Jeffrey SS. Estrogen receptor-negative invasive breast cancer: imaging features of tumors with and without human epidermal growth factor receptor type 2 overexpression. Radiology. 2008 Feb;246(2):367-75.
Yuan QA, Robinson MK, Simmons HH, Russeva M, Adams GP. Isolation of anti-MISIIR scFv molecules from a phage display library by cell sorter biopanning. Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII. 2008 Mar;57(3):367-78.
Pannier AK, Ariazi EA, Bellis AD, Bengali Z, Jordan VC, Shea LD. Bioluminescence imaging for assessment and normalization in transfected cell arrays. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2007 Oct;98(2):486-97.
Smith MR, Joshi I, Jin F, Al-Saleem T. Murine model for mantle cell lymphoma. Leukemia. 2006 May;20(5):891-3.
Diratzouian H, Freedman GM, Hanlon AL, Eisenberg DF, Anderson PR. Importance of physical examination in the absence of a mammographic abnormality for the detection of early-stage breast cancer. Clinical Breast Cancer. 2005 Oct;6(4):330-3.
Paskalev K, Feigenberg S, Jacob R, McNeeley S, Horwitz E, Price R, Ma C, Pollack A. Target localization for post-prostatectomy patients using CT and ultrasound image guidance. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 2005 Jan;6(4):40-9.
Cairns P. Detection of promoter hypermethylation of tumor suppressor genes in urine from kidney cancer patients. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2004 Jun;1022:40-3.
Chen ZJ, Tew KD. Amplified differential gene expression microarray. Methods Mol Biol. 2004 Jan;258:95-106.
Stoyanova R, Querec TD, Brown TR, Patriotis C. Normalization of single-channel DNA array data by principal component analysis. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England). 2004 Jul 22;20(11):1772-84.
von Mehren M, Capo-Chichi CD, Rula ME, Smedberg JL, Vanderveer L, Parmacek MS, Morrisey EE, Godwin AK, Xu XX, Seeger C, Adams GP, Weiner LM, Haluszka O, Tokar JL, Greenwald BD, Tseng M, Hernandez T. Review Perception of differentiation cues by GATA factors in primitive endoderm lineage determination of mouse embryonic stem cells Salient molecular features of hepatitis C virus revealed Monoclonal antibody therapy of cancer Endoscopic oncology Comparison of intakes of US Chinese women based on food frequency and 24-hour recall data. Clinical advances in hematology & oncology : H&O. 2004 May;2(5):321.
Wang L, Jacob R, Chen L, Ma C, Movsas B, Feigenberg S, Konski A. Stereotactic IMRT for prostate cancer: setup accuracy of a new stereotactic body localization system. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 2004 Jan;5(2):18-28.
Wang L, Movsas B, Jacob R, Fourkal E, Chen L, Price R, Feigenberg S, Konski A, Pollack A, Ma C. Stereotactic IMRT for prostate cancer: dosimetric impact of multileaf collimator leaf width in the treatment of prostate cancer with IMRT. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics. 2004 Jan;5(2):29-41.
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Sensitivity and Specificity Female methods Reproducibility of Results Male Middle Aged Aged diagnosis 80 and over Aged genetics metabolism pathology Adult Prostatic Neoplasms mt [Methods] Algorithms blood Comparative Study Computer-Assisted Radiotherapy Planning Survival Analysis Oligonucleotide Array Sequence Analysis X-Ray Computed Tomography Predictive Value of Tests Breast Neoplasms Human rt [Radiotherapy] Statistical Models CA-125 Antigen Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay Flow Cytometry Three-Dimensional Imaging ra [Radiography] Genetic Predisposition to Disease Antibodies Radiotherapy Dosage Equipment Design surgery Immobilization Kidney Neoplasms Biometry classification Conformal Radiotherapy Case-Control Studies Radiosurgery analysis Pilot Projects mortality DNA Methylation Mammography Ovarian Neoplasms Statistical Data Interpretation Computer Simulation Blood Proteins Tumor Biomarkers is [Instrumentation] Neoplasm Staging di [Diagnosis] Gene Expression Profiling Equipment Failure Analysis Genome-Wide Association Study Proteomics statistics & Molecular Cloning Stents Ovary Mothers Platelet-Derived Growth Factor alpha Receptor Antigen-Antibody Reactions China [Instrumentation] Bacteriophages Microarray Analysis Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction mo [Mortality] epidemiology Age Factors Gene Amplification su [Surgery] Genotype Differential Diagnosis Questionnaires Cyclin D1 Forced Expiratory Volume Recombinant Fusion Proteins Non-US Gov't Research Support Peptide Library Mantle-Cell Lymphoma Fetal Diseases DNA Primers Local Neoplasm Recurrence Neural Networks (Computer) Cell Line Intestinal Obstruction Early Detection of Cancer mt Genomic Imprinting SEER Program Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Epidemiologic Research Design Proportional Hazards Models Prostatectomy Cross-Sectional Studies Animal Disease Models Registries Radiometry Antibody Specificity Rh-Hr Blood-Group System therapy etiology Treatment Outcome is Analysis of Variance Sample Size Mental Recall US Gov't Support-PHS Cell Separation Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases Haplotypes Retrospective Studies [Methods] European Continental Ancestry Group Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylases Calcinosis Proteins Renilla Luciferases Subtraction Technique United States Neoplasm DNA Gastrointestinal Endoscopy immunology Dried Blood Spot Testing Tumor Suppressor Genes Image Enhancement Immunoglobulin Fc Fragments radiotherapy Transfection Polymerase Chain Reaction Fetal Proteins Long Noncoding RNA Postoperative Care BRCA1 Genes Genotyping Techniques Biomarkers Non-US Gov't Support chemically induced urine Physical Examination Genetic Models Drug Dose-Response Relationship Computer-Assisted Surgery
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